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  1. ImAnEagle

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    I have rounds 20+ on some maps, I think Ascension is one(I know, I suck D:). Anyways, I have absolutely no way to provide proof of this, so if an associate of codz could add GhostxNoble and check my rounds, that'd be great
  2. ImAnEagle

    MW3 Prestige edition, what shuld it have?

    Yes back on topic I think they will include some multiplayer skins. It's been rumored that MW3 will have customization of character ON PAR with Halo: Reach. That's A LOT of stuff. So I think it would be cool if they threw in that Ghost uniform. And some others : "Cliffhanger" MacTavish: You play as MacTavish in the same outfit he wore on the Hangar raid- Arctic Maps Only Shadow Company Mercenary: Play as a mercenary from Sheperd's Shadow Company-Desert and Urban levels only- Great for clans Corporal Dunn- Play as "Of their own accord" Dunn- Urban levels only- Description: HOOOOOLY SHIT! Weapon Skins: White Tape: The "fantastic" White Tape camouflage, as seen on the MW2 Museum level "Just Like Old Times" Black Vector: The illusive Black, silenced Vector used on the mission "Just Like Old Times" This perk I've had in my brain for a while, not the right spot, buut I'll just throw it out SOPMOD: Lets you have 3 attachments on your primary.
  3. ImAnEagle

    MW3 Prestige edition, what shuld it have?

    MASSIVE CUSS DROP INCOMING You're not going to come into MY THREAD, DISRESPECTING MY IDEAS. If so, GET THE FUCK OUT, FUCKER. I obviously have more brains than you, and not to sound like a douche, but that puts me in dominion. You're not gonna march in here and call me a fool and a disrespectful fuck, got it? I pay for all of my own games, dipshit, and my mom died in a house fire when I was 7. Bet you feel like an inconsiderate shit now, don't you? I don't beg to my dad to get me games. SO LEARN SOME SHIT BEFORE YOU COME MARCHING IN MY THREAD, FUCKER. YES, YOU JUST GOT TOLD BY a 14 YEAR OLD WHO KNOWS HOW TO SPELL BETTER THAN YOU, YOU DUMBASS.
  4. ImAnEagle

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    What if we don't have cameras? Could I get, say, Alpha and some other CoDz-ers in a game and one of them can take a picture?
  5. So since World at war(I think Mw1, though), every call of duty has had a prestige edition. So i ask, what should the prestige edition of MW3 have? my thoughts: the ability to unlock 3 weapons and 3 attachments from Day 1( 3/4 of max level and up blocked from unlocking to avoid overpower) Soap or Price(or both)'s Dog tags. Face it guys, we've all gotta die someday. Plus, price is over 50. An exclusive level. Preferably one where you use a SOPMOD. A BIG BOX. I loved unboxing my Legendary Edition of Halo Reach( GET OUT WITH YOUR TROLLING) I love CoD and Halo equally. The photgraph(Something about Devil man or something. it has TF 141 on it) at the end of MW2 campaign. Seriously. That's Cool. Not the end, i need tothink more about this Now, Here are some things that probably wont happen, but I wish DID: EVERY MAP from MW1 and MW2 in DLC A replica of the knife used to kill Shepard Early access to next CoD A tattered flag of the country you bought it from. Probably definitely wont happen, because in America mistreating a flag is illegal. Its a stupid law from my viewpoint. DONT FLAME ME FOR THAT PLEASE. Why a tattered flag? because on the MW3 pre order poster, the TIME magazine part says "world stands on the brink." A strategy guide of the game. A Neon sign saying MW3 Please leave your feedback to my ideas, and list your ideas. Thanks. ALSO DONT FORGET!!! I NOW HAVE A PS3! MY USER IS ImAnEagle
  6. Nikolai also says something about the Troika(or something) and that it needs 3 people. He then added that his 3rd wife was SO BIG that she could take up 2 places. I think this person is ROMERO. You must do some "dance" with him??? I don't know. I just think the BIG PERSON is Romero and that the long gold stick(although its not gold), is Romeros stage lights.
  7. Paul jackson in Call of Duty 4. If they didn't go and save that stupid chick(ONE PERSON!), they wouldn't have died, but they did, and she died anyway.
  8. ImAnEagle

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    Im not sure if this has been posted or not, I have to go to bed so I can't read them all, but: A shirt that has a picture of a death machine then an addition sign, then a white-silhouette then an equal sign then it should say JACKPOT aka: Deathmachine(pic) + zombie(white-silhouette)=JACKPOT
  9. A few of the letters the say they collected, but they say they didn't collect all of them: H I R M T L U E Alright, I'm sorry if this didnt quote, but what I noticed in those final letters is HITLER [H] [T] [L] [E] [R] U M. i dont know what the other two mean, though. Also, in the picture telexion posted with Arrows and letters, I plotted the letters, went to an anagram solver, and as I was browsing results, I noticed a result where the first word was... YURI. I don't know. You guys tell me. But, yes, I do know who Yuri is.

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