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  1. thesavage5118

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    The darkness sets in and the screams get louder Boards tear from the windows, its about to get wilder I got my .45 up yeah you know all about her 6 shots and a stab bitch that's a downer Oh hell were overrun but I still got my gun My teammate to my left and we ain't close to done Now we're surrounded and its about to get fun I juke a cut back to the left and put 5 in his chest These zombies are trippin they know I'm the best But they still take swipes and put me to the test I open up the door and cover my partner We have a drop but I think its a carpenter No turning back, its time to attack Click click boom take that meat sack.
  2. thesavage5118

    The Nazi Zombie RP, Game Thread

    That's all you got? You better throw in 15-20 shrieker zombies, and george Romero!
  3. thesavage5118

    The Nazi Zombie RP, Game Thread

    Then the savage arrives on scene and kills all the zombies and saves the day.
  4. thesavage5118

    Game Battles

    Nice, Phx, we will have to play a bit tonight.
  5. thesavage5118

    Game Battles

    Just like I taught you everything you know about zombies? I'll have to join y'all one of these nights and see what's up. Invite me tomorrow if you have room and I'm not already playing.
  6. thesavage5118

    Game Battles

    Never mind, saw your n PS3. Add thesavage5118 if you would like to scrim. My team and I prefer CTF or domination. I would love to just chat choke points and map control as well. :mrgreen:
  7. thesavage5118

    Game Battles

    Awesome, dude! Are you on ps3? I would love to scrim with you.
  8. thesavage5118

    Game Battles

    Anyone here do MLG game battles? My clan and I started the season 2-1 last night. Lost a laggy game on dome :oops:
  9. thesavage5118


    You got one buddy :P
  10. thesavage5118


    Whoops, add thesavage5118, I'll slay the undead with you.
  11. thesavage5118


    What about the Grim Reapers? The same. Add thesavage5118. I'll slay the undead with you Im on ps3
  12. thesavage5118

    Do You Want To Run CoDz?

    I would be very willing to back Jook with a few bucks a month just so I could continue to read CODZ. If it was something he is truly interested in.
  13. thesavage5118

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Deleted for content.
  14. thesavage5118

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    This little puppy can't run with the big dogs So he tucked his tail between his legs and called in the mods A lowdown move, but what should I expect From a flea ridden pup that ain't dropped his 2 nuts yet Alright, Im done picking on him. He is incapable of fighting back, I shall choose a more worth opponent.
  15. thesavage5118

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Meh, you still can't rap.

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