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  1. I like how you combined them together so smoothly. Very nice work.
  2. Good kill streak sequence: UAV, predator, chopper. Reaper, pave low, osprey gunner Predator, chopper, reaper For tough teams: UAV, care package, predator. Every little bit helps in tough game. Those are some of my favorites.
  3. Large map offense: ACR impact, silencer. Extreme conditioning pro, quick draw pro, dead silence pro. Concussion grendade, frag grenade. No kill streaks, I play GB variant. Large map defense: ACR impact, extended mag, slight of hand pro, QuickDraw pro, dead silence. Concussion grenade, frag grenade. Medium map offense: UMP 45, kick, extended mags. Extreme conditioning pro, QuickDraw pro, dead silence pro. Second option, substitute MP7, red dot sight, range. Medium map defense, same as long range defense. Small map offense: MP7, silencer, range, concussion, frag grenade extreme comditioning pro, QuickDraw pro, dead silence pro. Substitute UMP45 kick, extended mag, or MP7 red dog, range.
  4. Nice, Phx, we will have to play a bit tonight.
  5. Just like I taught you everything you know about zombies? I'll have to join y'all one of these nights and see what's up. Invite me tomorrow if you have room and I'm not already playing.
  6. Never mind, saw your n PS3. Add thesavage5118 if you would like to scrim. My team and I prefer CTF or domination. I would love to just chat choke points and map control as well. :mrgreen:
  7. Awesome, dude! Are you on ps3? I would love to scrim with you.
  8. Anyone here do MLG game battles? My clan and I started the season 2-1 last night. Lost a laggy game on dome :oops:
  9. I would be very willing to back Jook with a few bucks a month just so I could continue to read CODZ. If it was something he is truly interested in.
  10. I like my level 20 cheeky smoke When I get good and high-if you take offense to that you obviously shouldn't be reading this thread-I become a beast at zombies, or multiplayer. I feel like I can totally focus all my energy to just my hands, and my mind. Now playing drunk, like 5 crown and red bulls, with beers on top drunk, I suck. Cant hit the broadside of a barn, or juke to save my life.
  11. Close range-MP7, range, silencer. Extreme Conditioning. QuickDraw. Dead Silence. Frag, Slow Bang. Long range-ACR, silencer, impact. Sleight of Hand, QuickDraw, dead silence. Frag, slow bang. Kill streaks-attack chopper, pave low, osprey gunner, MOAB 8-)
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