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  1. Speaking of fractures. Primis Richtofen enters a rift to give his younger self the Blood vials. Not only that, he reads the Kronorium which contains knowledge of all timelines. Giving his younger self some object from another dimension should have caused some fractures ? Not only that reading the Kronorium is a curse. As explained by one of the comic ciphers He also meets with his future self. His future self tells him the location of the Summoning Key, I mean it doesn't matters at that point since the Kronorium reveals the actions of the past, present an
  2. Not really new, those ciphers are the Revelations ciphers of Sam room.
  3. Ciphers: Solved by oxin8 Solved by Nieno69 From the timeline: + The Summoning Key allows you to manipulate the Aether, holding power over reality. The MPD appears to do the same thing according to a Buried quote by Evil Richtofen. Evil Richtofen can manipulate the Aether too, thus meaning he holds power over reality itself. The Summoning Key can preserve souls and I believe the MPD is capable of that seeing as how Evil Richtofen moved Victis from Tranzit to Die Rise The MPD receives its energy from the Dark Aether as that cipher expla
  4. What's this ? I would like to answer your question with Monty Origins radio: "the order in which you experience things doesn't necessarily reflect the order in which they happened." There's your answer, if you check the timeline you would see 4 symbols connected to each other. They represent a set of characters or a specific character and it tells the story in the order you experienced it. Each symbol has a starting point which looks like this: Ultimis starts from Shi No Numa and goes to Der Rie
  5. Sorry for bumping this. The new comic actually have some interesting points regarding this. The Tranzit crew accessed the Empty Earth which is another dimension. Once they apply the blood samples that allows them to access that dimension, the zombies eyes turns to yellow while Zombie Richtofen is still same (Orange) https://i.redd.it/d9hvw92yb0ty.jpg So basically the eyes were blue but once they accessed that dimension, they turned yellow. What's more interesting is that this dimension is special because human life never occurred and the buildings and everythin
  6. I have just found something interesting. The women that talks in Shangri-la radios is called Sally or something like that. https://soundcloud.com/funmw2/vox-gene-sall-shangri-log-4-8 Is this a coincidence or is this Sally from IW Zombies ? Incase the link doesn't work, she says:
  7. US have Broken Arrow, an organization that is similar to Group 935. However thanks to a cipher in Gorod Krovi, we know that Group 935 have staff members in Broken Arrow which means they have influence over that organization. This cipher is clearly talking about Broken Arrow as it mentions the Americans and the drill. Not to mention our Tranzit Crew, SS = Samuel Stuhlinger, MJ = Marlton Johnson, AB = Abigail Briarton (Misty), R = Russman. What's also interesting is: Harvey is talking about the password which is KRONOS (Kronorium) and it's related to Die Glocke
  8. This is the last page of the first issue of the comic. If you look carefully at the device, you would notice it looks similar to the Bell or Die Glocke. It makes sense with Harvey letter from Gorod Krovi Die Glocke research had to do something with Nuketown. What do you think ?
  9. Is it me or this cipher is describing the events after Revelations EE ? Richtofen says that the war is in the infinity (SOE scrap) and Revelations is the infinity or the aether or the reality beyond. This cipher makes sense with how we end up becoming PRIMIS in the end. It's like from that moment we become the wards of all universes, but the cipher continue to show that the Apothicons will return. Makes even more sense with how the Shadow Man says that PRIMIS will fail at stopping them. "Many others have failed", is he referring to other versions similar to
  10. Hmmm, it's getting complicated But wait, that unknown woman mention an agent with research about time travel and different dimensions and stories about our Origins characters. What if that agent is Mr.Rapt aka Shadow Man ? (static) = "I'm not even sure what he's getting into" ?
  11. That doesn't makes sense with this cipher if they went backwards. "killing all on board including the famous explorers Brock and Gary". Brock and Gary aren't the only members of the expedition crew. "This comes weeks after their announcement about the location of Shangri-La" They announced the location weeks before the flight in the new timeline, they can't be from the 2000s. Like I said, I believe they have been travelled through time and space as the cipher says "freak atmospheric event". They survived the crash, people near the area saw the plane and found the survivors and arrested
  12. I made a reddit post not so long ago about this cipher from Gorod Krovi: Thanks to @LemonSQ33ZY as he knows how to speak Zulu, this is better translation than Google. As google mention it as "strange plane" when it's "strange flight". Anyway I believe this is a letter from Brock and Gary as their plane crashed and somehow travelled through time and space and found themselves in Shangri-la post 2000s. What do you think about it ?
  13. Not to mention he have to manipulate things, like he didn't actually create the perks.
  14. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Revelations_(map)/Radios_and_Wisps#Aduio_Reel_.233
  15. So this quote is interesting. It's not the "Apothicon Sun", nah it's the line where it says "Your spirit will be absorbed into ..etc" Does this means that 115 is the spark of life (the purest form of energy that ever existed) ? Is the "Apothicon Sun" a big ball of life forces from all the dimensions the Apothicons absorbed or destroyed ? This could explain something about the situation of Samantha and how she ended up talking with Origins Maxis and the crew.
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