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  1. This topic is very interesting. Why was buried change? Then.
  2. This is great idea I would to see a map like this.
  3. They have two years so maybe they do a remaster collection if a lot of people ask for it.
  4. I really hoping they come back in the next treyarch game
  5. More options in custom matches and private matches also bring back weapons and past maps. And can we get more gamemodes also increase how many people can play in one match like 8 players zombie matches
  6. i m just hoping they fill the gasp of the story and more ways to have more weapons that u can create out of scrap
  7. The random perk machine gave so far mule kick, double tap 2, dead shot, speed cola
  8. Samatha is in control i m very excited for this map
  9. Maybe Rictofen knows about the robots but he has kept a secret or he travel to der riese to control the robots
  10. Assault Riffle Ak 47 Sub Machine gun MP5 Shotgun Skateout Sniper Riffle DSR 50 R SVU Special Crossbow Tactical Gersh Devise Wonder Weapon Wave Gun
  11. this might be the other gun that will to all the maps like the mark 2
  12. perks mostly because people will go down in round 1
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