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  1. Emanuel?Don't I know you from somewhere? Regardless,I think it's a little unlikely.Maybe Maxis use a robot?Yes,maybe.But why use a robot when you can just jump over from human body to human body,and why use a robot when you can unlock Agharta?It isn't clear for me why he would use a robot,but anyway,the idea was fine. haha yeah... I'm exactly the same Emanuel you're thinking haha... Well, we don't have any proof that maxis can control humans (Richtofen can, but Maxis, we actually don't know for sure). And, I just came up with this idea because I've seen a topic that was saying about this quote of maxis, saying he could use a robot, so why not use a giant robot? And Maxis can control robots so I just put two and two together. And I really don't understand how the aether will help maxis reaching agartha, I just think that he wanted to control the aether because if he didn't, Richtofen would mess up with his plans, but I don't have any proof because the map pack doesn't came out yet, so let's just wait and see what Treyarch is preparing.
  2. wow, throw this guy another medal for best contribution yet Der Reise 'The Giant' was a place in real life where Nazi wonder weapons were worked on but thats more super-weapons and time-travel and perk-machines in Zombies. Three giant robots are seen on the poster(?) for Origins I don't think three giant robots could've been hidden at Der Reises facility. Maybe the giant robot wasn't produced in Der Riese, but, it could be the reason why it is called Der Riese.
  3. What's up guys? So I think everybody knows that Der Riese means The giant. So in the Apocalypse trailer we can see a giant robot, what if this giant robot was made in this facility known as now "Der Riese"? And do you remember when maxis said he couldn't be in the material world... yet? Some people said that he would use a robot, because, he can control some electronics. he would use this giant robot to reach Agartha (in the future, not in 1917) So.. discuss and sorry for my bad english :/ EDIT: Do you remember that radio in Shi no numa? " The giant must remain *static* at all costs, repeat, Der Riese must be contained at all costs." What if he wasn't talking about the Der Riese factory, but, the "Der Riese Robot", or, in english, "The Giant robot"? Peter should contain this giant robot at all costs, because if he didn't, Germany would win WW1. That's why I believe this giant robot from "origins", Der Riese and Group 935 are all connected, but we'll only be sure on August 27th
  4. Thanks guys! thedinobot I play on Xbox. :mrgreen:
  5. Hey guys, my name is Emanuel, I'm 16 and I'm from Brazil. I play zombies since Black ops 1. I discovered this forum 2 years ago but I was just looking your theories (BTW your theories are amazing) and I want to do my part on this now. So, that's it, and sorry if I made some gramatical mistakes, my english is not very good. :roll:
  6. It looks like it's from Samuel's perspective, and he is saying that he is becoming a zombie.
  7. Guys, I know that these things of "anagrams" have already been discussed a lot here, but I just would like to share this, I just come up with this idea and it worked. I didn't add nuketown zombies to this anagram because it is a survival map. It would be like putting Farm, Town and Bus depot to this anagram. I'm really sorry if I'm discussing something you're tired of saying the same thing over and over again, and I know this is not something you say "whoa, this is something very interesting" but, like I said, I just would like to share this with you guys
  8. hahaha I have no idea of what this anagrams can mean, and i don't think it can add very much (like I said) but who knows, Treyarch can also, troll us, like they always does :lol:
  9. That's ok. And I know it is not a very good theory, and I may be looking too much on this, I just had this idea and it kind worked :lol:
  10. I counted Tranzit because in my "theory" the anagram it's for the maps, not for map packs like on BO1.
  11. Hello guys, this is my first post here on the forum, but i've been here for a time. I'm from brazil, so if I make some gramatical mistakes, my apologies :oops: . So, let's start. I'm not going with the "FEAR RUSS" Stuff. obviously because the 3rd map pack isn't going to start with a S but with a V. So, we have, until now, 4 maps for zombies: Tranzit, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, and now, the new "Buried". But what if we take every last letter of these maps? Think with me guys. TranZiT - T Die RisE - E Mob of the DeaD - D BurrieD - D ???Y - Y What if it's "FEAR TEDDY" I know it sounds crazy and it doesn't add much, but who knows?
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