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  1. Alright I know you will mock me because I don't know who this "Benn Downing" is but who is he and why is he so bad? I mean I know he is PTG and I am not that fond of PTG but what is it that makes you all hate him, I am really curious Also Stop Mocking, I completely agree with you on how the team works their asses off and do not get recognition, I hope they get the praise they deserve
  2. Yeah I too think origins are for those people who are angry and obsessed that they didn't get their o' so precious O4, I love them as much as the next fan but seriously can we just have one game without them.
  3. For me Turned is a great mode but not for online, I only use it for playing with friends that I can have a laugh with. I want to see more of this mode in future.
  4. I hope that this is true because 3arc obviously had big plans for them but the 4 was not well received and it was all Tranzit's fault but it all seems like a waste of story.
  5. I like to think that someone in Argartha maybe Samantha keeps dropping names into Arlington's mind because he is the only one who can remember but I don't know what help he could from the cycle.
  6. I'm sure alot of you hate the Tranzit 4 but they was never really terrible, I mean sure I hated Misty and hoped she died in Buried but there is so much to explain about their past and what they would do after the EE. For me I think if we had one amazing map with them I would like them more, but if they just died in Buried that kinda seems like a waste for Treyarch implementing new characters. Personally I loved the group (apart from Misty) and they could do so much more. BTW, Don't know if there already is a topic on this because I could not find any
  7. I totally think this too I did not enjoy this season either because I liked the N4 they grew on me and don't get me wrong I like the O4 as much as the next guy but they had their game full maps while The N4 had 3! and why? because people were bitching over them not appearing for 5 maps come on this was ridiculous! :x
  8. I think since we never saw the Dempsey toy, the cam was Tank's POV. but still you made me laugh! What I think really happened was the game is from Samantha's perspective and Edward is a child in her mind because of his childish personality and what she thinks is a game is affecting the real world and this all takes place in argartha. btw this is not the whole theory as the person who came up with this theory deleted it after the chat but that's along the lines. full credit goes to killertauntaun. but it could always be another reality where it was all a game! :evil:
  9. Very interesting indeed. I have no idea whats goin on because I just came back from camping. :oops:
  10. My guess is Richtofen got bored with his army and decide he wants a new toy so in order to do so he has to get rid of his old toy. only joking I highly doubt this will happen.
  11. THANK YOU! I am glad I am not the only one who noticed the rip was gone! :P
  12. I think the name "Devil-Dog" that has been bouncing around reminds me of a certain Devil-Dog in Mob or the return of the hounds? Who knows? In the words of Richtofen-"only time will tell"
  13. Gentlemen if you excuse me I have some love making to do with my Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 disc. But on topic this trailer makes me sooooooo happy! :!:
  14. The whole virtual reality thing sounds like saints row 4 to me. :lol:
  15. Dude i apologize man. You are rite, i saw the trailer again and there is no date mentioned. As for the B part you blew my mind. I SHIT YOU NOT, i never thought about it that way or knew that the three characters represent the three sins. Now lets see here, 2 blood viles belonging to Sal who committed adultery and Finn who lied, both in the hands of Richtofen who actually committed both the sins. But he also murdered , so there is the flaw in my theory , but that aside thanks for enlightening me with this dude. And i apologize for being rude and shooting you down like that. Sorry not trying to be mean or anything but when did Richtofen commit adultery? (I never looked at the bio in WAW)
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