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  1. So, Moon and Nuketown are happening at the same time. We've known that for 3 years already but many people have said that they have taken place in 2025 which doesn't really make sense. Take these factors into consideration: - These are the primary events leading up to nuketown: Nuke testing begins / BO1 multiplayer match finishes (1960s) , nuke denotates, CIA or CDC arrives to investigate, outbreak at Area 51 begins. Now, if a nuke JUST went off in the 1960s, and we know that Moon is at the same time, how could these maps be in the future? What sense does that really
  2. Seriously, are we every gonna figure out what the hell is going on the comic screen or at least who is doing the excavating, or how they managed to build a giant floating spaceship thing to drill 115 from the Sedan Crater? Sure, it could be the U.S. but how exactly do we know WHEN they're doing this? It's in Origins, shown as a concept essentially, so if it's dating back to 1918 then how many times has it been used?
  3. Haha I did? But that's certainly one theory I haven't heard of before, but I like it. I think you may be on to something here, I'm intrigued to see if anyone can pose a good argument against this. Yeah, I believe MMX referred to you as pointing that out in his Ultimate Nuketown Loading Screen thread. I hope this gets a good discussion going!
  4. Has someone pointed this similarity out already? If you don't see what I'm getting out, note the bubble thingies coming out of both the... guy, and the excavator, they look identical. Also note the craters in the background of the excavation, it suggests that it's happening on the moon... yeah... but we don't know much about the actual location of the Nuketown loading screen comic book. Something else I'd like to note is the hue of the background in both panels, which features a very light blue with distinctive brighter patches around it. We can really only ASSUME that it is
  5. super mutant ninja frog ballista jumbo jets with a bit of trumpet on top

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Sounds... (giggles) treba-ble!

      Get it! Because of the trumpet! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHI need to do something with my life....

    2. Bauerklos
  6. Bauerklos

    Moon Base theory?

    True, I mean I doubt any the technology shown in Nuketown 2025 is even available to the general public. Isn't it a nuke testing site? It's all made by the government, and what was the government apparently capable of doing in the 1960s at Groom Lake?
  7. Bauerklos

    Moon Base theory?

    Yup, besides a theory of POSSIBLE displacement, I realized it wouldn't make sense that the mushroom cloud of the atomic blast would also be displaced, unless the bomb had 115 in it... but isn't the whole point of the loading screen of Nuketown showing the Americans want Element 115?
  8. Bauerklos

    Moon Base theory?

    It is not safe to assume that the map of moon takes place in 1962, why? Because MANY things point to it being set in the 2000s. But now you've opened the can of worms.... Eh, I disagree. You can't disregard the fact that NTZ is stated to happen AFTER the original Multiplayer map. Although it is possible that Nuketown was displaced due to the 115 under the crater (NTZ Comic Page), I don't think that the mushroom cloud could teleport ALONG with Nuketown to 2025. I am open to both theories but to be honest I think Nuketown being in the 1960s makes a bit more sense. This also ties the r
  9. This happened to me back in 2011, I think? Solo on Der Riese, got the power turned on, Ray Gun acquired and was going through some rounds. Not sure what round it was (not that high) but I finished a regular round, so I thought, but I couldn't find the last zombie. I don't think I could hear it either. Waited a solid five minutes waiting near the catwalk and then I turned my XBOX off and went to play some piano. I thought it only happened to me....
  10. Bauerklos

    Moon Base theory?

    Bringing closure to this topic, and also being my first post here, here we go... Now that we know Nuketown and Moon occur simultaneously, it's safe to assume that Moon takes place in 1962. The Sedan Crater, which was formed right next to Nuketown and is not present until after the nuke is detonated and also before Nuketown Zombies even begins, the events of Nuketown and Moon take place some time after July 6, 1962 with TranZit happening right after due to Marlton being in the bunker.
  11. Welcome to the forums Bauerklos :)

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