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  1. ​This probably doesn't mean anything but doesn't Marlton mention "The Incident" in the Buried opening cutscene?
  2. Alright, so you know how when you're on the main menu of Black Ops, it shows options for Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies and Options? Everything is pretty normal in the context of the story-line for the game, but when you hit "Zombies", there's this really strange sound, and then all of the sudden the screen turns red. Now, this would be normal to me if it weren't for the TV screens. They show solders shooting at zombies, both Nazi and American, along with the Nova crawlers, and some footage of scientists running and soldiers around them. This is all from the campaign, to be exact, one of the missions with the Ascension group I believe. There is footage of a huey dropping bombs , and people throwing body bags onto what appears to be some sort of ship. Now, what if when we hit the option to go to the Zombies mode, Mason is somehow switching realities. What if tests were done to him in the Black Ops timeline (BO1 -> BO2) that somehow caused his being to switch into the time period in which the Pentagon is being overrun with Zombies, thus Hudson or Weaver suddenly banging on the interrogation room window screen? In this reality, the soldiers on the TV who would be Mason's team during the campaign in the Ascension group mission, aren't shooting Russians, but Zombies. Now, I can't explain the helicopter bombing stuff though, or how that plays in context with anything else as of right now. I might just be over thinking this, and it's probably just effect for the mood done by Treyarch, but I think it's an interesting topic.
  3. Hmm, maybe we should look at another thing, the sort of style of TranZit, if its a few decades after Earth got destroyed like Maxis says, then nothing really should have changed in the terms of furniture or style. One thing I'd like to point out is that the style of TV in TranZit and Die Rise is that of a bunny ear antenna sort or style, so if anyone can pinpoint when then the TVs were made maybe that could be something?
  4. Welp, I realized I never made an introduction last month so here it goes. I like music, specifically VGM from titles like SM64, Pokemon, etc. (a lot of Nintendo stuff), and I post it on YouTube but that's something totally unrelated, I've wandered here on this site for maybe 3 years but I never actually made an account until recently, because I didn't really have much to post, I was a learner but not a teacher, if you will. So I got back into actually playing Zombies, and realized that there were still questions that needed answers, with things like the comic book, *cough* Nacht der Untoten comic, I'm looking at you... >:/, and 3arc's CoD title approaching on the horizon later this year, so it's probably the perfect time to discuss with others. I'd also like to say thanks to all the existing members for being really damn cool. It's been a while since I've seen a forum where everyone is all chill and stuff. Bye bye!
  5. It sounds more like he is being interviewed about his inspirtation for the movie, while on set so possibly before everything went down. Heres an interesting question, when did the zombies wake up and start to attack, also why? Good point. Could it have to do with the O4 teleporting there? Perhaps she foresaw it and just started controlling the dead there even before they got to the outpost?
  6. Well here's some support for this theory (I guess?): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR2KtIzJF90 Notice how he's describing the events in past-tense.
  7. Yeah, I did realize that when he referred to screen, he didn't state it as being plural, afterwards. Good point. The remodeled WaW Classic Maps were in development at the same time as Kino for Black Ops, right? So the comic was made at the same time as, well, everything else. I guess it could mean something but no one has really explained why the comic appears on Nacht's loading screen.
  8. Alright so while playing Kino as Richtofen I heard him say a very peculiar thing. This played after I turned on the power, I believe it's called "vox_plr_3_egg_room_screen_0". Here's the actual audio clip I found of this. http://youtu.be/MgL1EbLo8MQ?t=1m50s (If it doesn't load from that quote for whatever reason, just skip to 1 minute and 50 seconds). Now I find this a bit strange because although we don't see anything related to implanting any instructions in Kino der Toten, I remembered the Nacht der Untoten loading screen. Now, what do we see, particularly in the panel farthest down, right above "zzzzzzzzz!" To me, it looks just like what Richtofen said. Seats? It looks like the "people" (although they look like clones to me), are sitting down... screens? There are plenty of screens there. Implanting mindless instructions? Well it looks as if that's what is going on at the bottom panel, and at the third panel on the top horizontally, just directly below "....silence....", we see what I believe is the group of individuals carrying out whatever tasks they were programmed to do. Notice the V-neck garments they wear while walking down... somewhere as a single file line. It looks almost as if various patients were brainwashed into doing something? But by who, I really don't know because from what I can see this comic doesn't have anything to do with the map... yet? I mean, we already have people pointing out the similarities between the Crazy Place Portals and the teleporter-thingy that the dark figure is walking out of, which I will admit is a very uncanny resemblance. That topic, started by @PINNAZ can be found here: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/177051-crazy-place-portals-nacht-der-untoten-loading-screen/ What do you guys think? Just something I'm missing here or something more?
  9. super mutant ninja frog ballista jumbo jets with a bit of trumpet on top

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Sounds... (giggles) treba-ble!

      Get it! Because of the trumpet! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHI need to do something with my life....

    2. Bauerklos
  10. Bauerklos

    Moon Base theory?

    True, I mean I doubt any the technology shown in Nuketown 2025 is even available to the general public. Isn't it a nuke testing site? It's all made by the government, and what was the government apparently capable of doing in the 1960s at Groom Lake?
  11. Bauerklos

    Moon Base theory?

    Yup, besides a theory of POSSIBLE displacement, I realized it wouldn't make sense that the mushroom cloud of the atomic blast would also be displaced, unless the bomb had 115 in it... but isn't the whole point of the loading screen of Nuketown showing the Americans want Element 115?
  12. Yes, but surely it can't be the only misplacement in Hanford Washington, right?
  13. Bauerklos

    Moon Base theory?

    It is not safe to assume that the map of moon takes place in 1962, why? Because MANY things point to it being set in the 2000s. But now you've opened the can of worms.... Eh, I disagree. You can't disregard the fact that NTZ is stated to happen AFTER the original Multiplayer map. Although it is possible that Nuketown was displaced due to the 115 under the crater (NTZ Comic Page), I don't think that the mushroom cloud could teleport ALONG with Nuketown to 2025. I am open to both theories but to be honest I think Nuketown being in the 1960s makes a bit more sense. This also ties the rocket impacts from Moon with TranZit somewhat. I mean, Maxis says he's been looking for a group like the N4 for decades right? Notice the 1950s-1960s era style music on the loading screen of Green Run? How would that fit in with 2025? In fact I'd think it's more plausible that TranZit is in the 80s, then the "Great Leap Foward" occurs which brings them to the more present 2000s.
  14. This happened to me back in 2011, I think? Solo on Der Riese, got the power turned on, Ray Gun acquired and was going through some rounds. Not sure what round it was (not that high) but I finished a regular round, so I thought, but I couldn't find the last zombie. I don't think I could hear it either. Waited a solid five minutes waiting near the catwalk and then I turned my XBOX off and went to play some piano. I thought it only happened to me....
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