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  1. That's two things. I like just one thing. That's why.
  2. Also change of plans going to migrate codz streaming to Youtube.
  3. I'll be playing all weekend, just might need some sleep after the first 25 hours
  4. Congratulations, nothing soothes an upset baby more than the purr of an SMG You sexy SOB, you've done it again!
  5. Being able to adjust peoples mics individually on discord is a huge help. Skype is/was terrible.
  6. I was then, but now back in Pennsylvania, US. Its like a put California in the PAP, but it spat out a china lake.
  7. @InfestLithiumBoi wtf, weird days man.
  8. I did the sliquifier exploit on the Die Rise Elevator to get shotguns I jumped in @Covert Gunman's ZNS EE run on the last step to get the achievement and never returned to the map I liked Tranzit
  9. You and I were both still orange in those days.
  10. No one is even close to hitting 4.5K posts. We've got nothing but time. Might as well wait and see if there are new character banners that could be added along the way.
  11. I had a McChicken today, it was passable. Also I pinned this topic, due to its historical significance.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Don't fuck it up.
  13. Why did we get rid of this? Should it stay?

    1. Boom115


      The chat box is still on the back page like you suggested.

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I dunno but maybe I’ll come back for a while and help out a bit more than i have.


      just to see these statuses, i like a status.

    3. The Meh

      The Meh

      "Get back to work, ya old geezer!"


      (jk... don't hurt me)

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  14. Really great detail here, really interested to see how the lore from all the different cultures plays into the overall story line. Based on the initial Voyage of Despair trailer is seems to carry overs. Also when they are inhaling the vapors is it possible that they are inhabiting the bodies of their ancestors? Just speculating but maybe their families have been brought together for centuries to fight this battles. Whatever is may be. Yeah I'm calling him Mumbo Jumbo, it's been decided.
  15. Holy shit I can do 7 days on my head. This is amazing!
  16. Bish we all busy. Stop with the excuses and start with the action
  17. So the thing with a time paradox (although theoretical and not factual) is there is not a single point of origin. Similar to the Chicken and the egg paradox physicists now say per the peculiar nature of quantum mechanics both events can occur without a set order. If we followed one linear timeline we would face the grandfather paradox. These events could not run parallel and could simply not occur. However, as show in the timeline. We are dealing with multiple DIMENSIONS and our characters have the ability to travel in between different dimensions. So we have multiple Richtofens interacting with each other from the same and different dimensions. So the real question I'm hung up on is: Is this a paradox at all? Timeline excerpts for reference Primis Richtofen instructs Undead Richtofen to pursue Victis and recover their blood vials.>>Zombie Rick gets blood>>RicK receives blood from zombie>>Rick give blood to himself in Origins>>Richtofen secures the blood samples of Sal and Finn>>Richtofen takes the crew to Dimension 63 to collect "their blood" for the "insurance policy.">>Monty discovers that Primis has consumed the blood of souls from dimensions that no longer exist.
  18. Do you just mean like people in general playing CoD or something else?
  19. Agreed nice to have available, but not much of a point to it if we can't get in the account. Looking into the CoDz tube already its a solid maybe. Agreed again, noticed in an old version of the layout figured we tried it out. It is a better fit for the bottom of the forum.
  20. I can cosign on this, even when his downs start on round 5
  21. @RadZakpak @The Meh I will be on ze Xbox lets squad up.
  22. That's right fam, CoDZ will be hosting a 25 hour live stream for BO4 launch on October 12th! I know what you're thinking: Why 25 hours? Because I'm sure everyone else will be doing a 24 hours stream and we need to stay one step ahead of competition (or one hour in this case). As of right now it's just your old pal Boom hosting, but I'm opening up the invite to anyone who would like to participate. If you can play, host, jump in a call, or even just support from the chat get in here. Let me know down below if you're game. I'm realistic, our community is much smaller these days and I don't have any delusions of a massive turn out. What I do believe is that we can have a lot of fun and document it all on twitch! Let's take this Zombies season by storm!! When: October 12th 12AM EST (will adjust to exact launch time when announced Where: CoDZOfficial Youtube Who: Errybody in herrr
  23. @RequixEclipseDid you try @Covert Gunman? I believe he was the one that set up that account. Although I think they may have discontinues the email service used previously so it might not matter one way or another. Also @NaBrZHunterwas all up in that youtube last season.

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