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Everything posted by Boom115

  1. Happy Berfdai little fella
  2. I've played BO2 on XB1 many times and used the bank without issue.
  3. The warden isn't supposed to spawn when you camp on the gondola. That's one of the perks of that camping spot. I've never heard the sound go off when camping there though, strange for sure.
  4. I fly a lot for work, I have a set of bose quiet comfort headphones, a baseball cap, and sunglasses. No one every bugs me.
  5. Welcome @DescentIntoDarkness, theorize away. Some folks are initially concerned with not having all the intricate story details will result in down votes or negative comments. Here was just talk through it. Its great!
  6. I would say welcome, but you've already been here. So thanks for hanging out with us! ;)
  7. Map Creator: TheFilthySandwich 1. Turn the power on. In this map you will need to build power by locating the parts in three locations. A) The fuse is located on top of the roof in spawn B) The box or panel is to the left of the trial podium C) To find the switch, open the door to the left of the nuke teleporter and it will be on your left as you enter. You can't miss the power symbol on the ground 2. Link the three main teleporters on the top level of the map to the telepad in spawn. You should be able to run there with plenty of time to spare. A) You will also need to link the teleporter at the train station to the pad adjacent to jugg at some point, but it is not needed right away. 3. Shoot the numbers located around the map A) 1 is to the right of crusaders ale B) 2 is right behind jugg C) 3 is next to the power switch D) 4 is on the left side of the power house E) 5 is to the left of mule kick F) 6 is to the right of the cow in the back of the map 4. Shooting all the numbers will open the metal door to right of crusader ale where the teleporter panel device can be obtained. 5. Interact with the nuke to gain access 6. You can now fix the security code by interacting with the control panel outside of power which will need to be linked with the control panel next to the cordite wall buy. 7. Travel to the train station teleporter to travel back in time. Interact with the computer to open a door 500 points. 8. The computer opens a door in the train station. Interact with the panel for 2500 to open another door. 9. This gives you access to the pannel next to gobblegum which costs 15000 to buy 10. This gives you access to the final control console located to the left of madgaz moonshine. Obtain the teleportation code here. 11. Interact with the panel to teleport the nuke away 12. You now have access to a 500 point zap gun, gobblegum and a buyable ending for 65,000
  8. Its not enough to make it across, but it does help with having to break the ice less.
  9. Alright so I've seen a lot of guides that are sort of correct. I've now verified the correct strategy to get to the secret area. If this is later discovered to be wrong I would be shocked as I've completed it now 8 times on my first try each time. As far as I know this can only be done once per game. Repair the Flinger at the facility Have at least two players move around the perimeter of the flinger (don't run and it does not require all players in the game) Circle the perimeter 6 times The player that is last in line will be flung into the secret area Swim into the cavern. Once your health drops on 50 pull out your specialist (this will return you to full health and give you armor HP as well) As long as you didn't get lost you are there. If you don't click the boat to get back you will eventually be teleported automatically
  10. I would actually like an series within aether. When MOTD came out it wasn't intended to be linked to the greater story. It was self contained with its own lore, and thats great. This would allow story elements to be included in the map without carrying the weight of 10 years of story. I don't know that the theory community would love it, but hey that's just my two cents.
  11. I'm still holding a minuscule level of hope that we will get DLC5 with ZC2 (even if it does take place in the dark aether). They could add in a ton of lore including making most of the areas Group 601 facilities.
  12. I've just recently jumped back into custom zombies and have to say that there are so many maps that are just top notch. I'm going to use this thread to share maps that I would highly recommend you play if you get a chance. Obviously it will take some time to build this out, I'll try and include some videos as a play through. Operation Loucher by Madgaz >>> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1688246509 Return to Bus Depot by Xela >>> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866140702
  13. Boom115


    Ey get out of our clubhouse!
  14. Find all 4 of Pablo's sock puppets around the map. Locate each puppet and hit it with a snowball 1.) Samantha - Sunken Path - On the rock in front of the fire, on the broken boat, on jagger rock on the coast 2.) Eddie - Lighthouse - Level 1 on post out window, Level 3 on conduit outside of the window, Level 4 on the broken stairwell 3.) The Margwa' - Geological Processing -on top of machine, on top of electrical box in the dark corner, on the shelf containing 115 samples 4.) Fluffy - Sun Deck - on the zipline crane, on the speakers, on the smoke stack Find 3 blue flame campfires around the map Each fire is a soul box (10 souls each). You have completed it when the fire has been put out. 1.) Beach (Original CotD spawn) 2.) Boathouse 3.) Frozen Crevasse Collect the Spleen 1.) Enter the cliffside facility, head to the upper catwalk (adjacent to geological processing 2.) There is a tank holding Pablo's spleen. Break the glass with your gun and quickly collect the spleen on the ground. 3.) Once collect, you will begin to hear a timer sound . You must return the spleed to the hermit before it gets too warm (If you fail, you can simply go back and pick it up again and try again). You cannot walk directly to the lighthouse, you have to periodically enter the icy water to reset the timer. So, pick it up, run to the zipline down to spawn, take it in the water and cool it down, then take the zipline up to the lighthouse. The hermit will lower down yellow snowballs and all snowball locations on the map will now be yellow. The yellow snowball is a one hit kill on zombies until round 35.
  15. I think we are still missing the legit steps to get there. Folks are just getting blown over there by the thunder gun or randomly launched by the the flinger. Aside from looking cool there doesn't seem to be anything there, unless it just hasn't loaded in. Could just be a nod to Pablos radio, seems like a lot of effort just for that.
  16. Awesome! No light in its mouth. Symbolic? Whose to say?
  17. I see the heat pack as the single most important buildable for TDT. The heat pack allows unhindered movement when traveling through water (walking or swimming). With the pack equipped you will not freeze in the water and more importantly stop the character reactions from going off every damn time you enter the water. Prerequisite: Make sure the Lagoon, Frozen Crevasse, and Sunken Path areas are open 1.) Head over the the Facility Entrance. If you need a guide to get there check out step 1-2 on my "Samantha Strikes" guide.. Place Dynamite Bomb on the debris for the Outer Walkway 2.) Collect the Gearbox that is adjacent to the Outer Walkway Flinger. 3.) Head to the top floor of the lighthouse (level 4) and place the broke gear box on the hermit's pulley After a few moments the hermit will lower a repairs gear box 4.) Return the repaired gearbox to the flinger on the Outer Walkway Stand on the Left, Middle, or Right side of the Flinger to be flung to one of three destinations. You will land (and subsequently break open three crates) and be able to collect three parts. Left - Frozen Crevasse Middle - Lagoon Right - Lighthouse Cove Craft the Heat Pack at any of the buildable tables
  18. The riot shield can be found in 3 areas with 3 random spawn in each Dock - (Pallet in mound, Pump on bridge, Boat) Frozen Crevasse/Lagoon - (Highest ice cliff, Left MB spawn, to the right of the giant ice berg) Lighthouse - (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 - against railing Craft the Riot Shield at any of the buildable tables.
  19. In Tag Der Toten Dynamite is required to open the barriers with the red X on them throughout the map. There are several of these barriers throughout the map. Each time you raft dyanmaite you only get one charge, so if you want to open more barriers you have to repeat the process below. 1). Kill 3 fire zombies with snowballs and collect the pieces for the bundle. It normally takes 3 snowballs to kill a zombies under round 10,. As far as I know the fire zombies just randomly spawn in. 2). The Dynamite bundle can be crafted at either the Lighthouse station or Gangway work bench.
  20. Guide for claiming a free Wunderwaffe DG Scharfschütze 1). Shoot or melee an icicle and collect it when it has dropped (3 locations) 2). Place this icicle in the pot at the front of the boat (Forecastle) After a few moments the icicle will melt and you will be able to pick up a key 3). Head to the cliff-side facility. If you need a guide on the check step 1-2 on my Samantha Strike guide 4). Interact with the safe in Specimen Storage to unlock the Vril Device Charge the device with 10-15 zombie kills. The device will emit green orbs when it is fully charged. 5). Give the Golden Rod to the Hermit, he will give you a key to unlock a crate on the same floor. The Wunderwaffe DG Scharfschütze is inside and available for one player.
  21. I thought this was really tastefully done. I was genuinely concerned we might see a boss fight. I'm glad that wasn't the case. George A. Romero Tribute 1.) Enter the Lighthouse Station, interact with George's glasses (no indicator). on your left as you enter. 2.) Your character will say something about George and then you will be rewarded 500 points. Russman: Man who word these was a trailblazer. Russman salutes him. Misty: Rest in piece old fella, you were a true original. Marlton: These glasses belonged to an icon. We walk in his foot steps. Stuhlinger: Whose glasses are these? Richtofen: A great man, sammy. He shined a light in the darkest corners of our souls.

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