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  1. I know the difference, but many people just want everyone else to just accept their laziness and unhealthy lifestyle and say its "beautiful" when it's pretty disgusting.
  2. Well, acceptance should be a thing, but definitely agree that glorfiying it isn't a good thing Totally agree as far as how sensitive people are. People get offended way too easily, which sucks. Especially when people misinterpret something that you say. Now, if someone legitimately has a health issue with gaining weight then its totally understandable. I'm talking about the people who eat way too much, and then when people try to tell them theyre unhealthy they get butt flustered and mad at everyone saying "fat shaming" is a thing and blah blah blah.
  3. - I think Fat acceptance is a bad thing and people shouldnt glorify overweight, unhealthy people. - Society and the public in general has become way too sensitive and too many people have a victim complex. -Country music is horrible. -PS4 is stronger than X1, BUT only by a very VERY small margine. -All platforms should get all DLC at the same times, across all games. -Cats are 100 times better than dogs.
  4. No buildables please. They're awful and a horrible idea.
  5. Since there is the 1,000 ft. tall robot in Origins and such I can now see TranZit easily being in the 60's with the bus driver there. EDIT: I do still hold the belief it's in the future however. Don't want people getting the wrong thought here.
  6. Vyhl

    Die Rise Note?? (Final)

    Now I understand this links up with MotD being set during the prohibition era and everything, but how exactly is this important? Also, with this line from your post DIED. A51 CDC DIED It now seems we may know what happened to the CDC crew at Nuketown. As if it wasn't expected already that they would just die. Or could this just be referring to the people at Jackass Flats? Either way great research. Just more dots to connect :)
  7. The "Stop rus" thing is dumb. I highly doubt it means anything. Russman is somewhere in his 60's and has 0 main prevalence to the story. Why would we stop him? He's not attempting to gain control over the zombies or do anything!

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