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  1. I just hope the XP progression system has no hinderence on gameplay like the ability to do EE's or anything. All I want is for it to allow us to unlock aesthetic changes only. Maybe different starting pistols or different camos for PaP. I really can see them doing something like this though. Since in BO3's MP there is very big focus on how you can have just about every attachment on every weapon now. Even rapid fire on sniper rifles ( just decreases bolt length for bolt actions). What if we could unlock attachments as we level up and have them equipped to our character persay, so that whenev
  2. They already confirmed that the shadow man is the announcer for this map and anot Samantha. I'm sure the box will be Cthulhu inspired and maybe like a treasure chest or something.
  3. Its only one type of zombie in AW thats like that. I'm sure runners will be the same as in previous maps.
  4. I know the difference, but many people just want everyone else to just accept their laziness and unhealthy lifestyle and say its "beautiful" when it's pretty disgusting.
  5. Ah, thanks everyone for being polite about letting me know. Could've sword me and my friends have each had full trains at the same time though. Oh well. Still wishing for 36 zombies on screen.
  6. That shot had me excited before BO2 came out and then I got real disappointed. There was way more than 24 on the map at a given time yes, but only 24 could be on screen at one time. Like, 2 people could each have a train of 24 at totally different sides of the map but if another zombie came close to either players pov then another one would die out because the game would otherwise crash or lag a ton with so many on screen at one point.
  7. Well, acceptance should be a thing, but definitely agree that glorfiying it isn't a good thing Totally agree as far as how sensitive people are. People get offended way too easily, which sucks. Especially when people misinterpret something that you say. Now, if someone legitimately has a health issue with gaining weight then its totally understandable. I'm talking about the people who eat way too much, and then when people try to tell them theyre unhealthy they get butt flustered and mad at everyone saying "fat shaming" is a thing and blah blah blah.
  8. - I think Fat acceptance is a bad thing and people shouldnt glorify overweight, unhealthy people. - Society and the public in general has become way too sensitive and too many people have a victim complex. -Country music is horrible. -PS4 is stronger than X1, BUT only by a very VERY small margine. -All platforms should get all DLC at the same times, across all games. -Cats are 100 times better than dogs.
  9. NO4 as in the New Original 4 for origins group.
  10. I guess that does make sense, or at least lets me feel better about their decision to not include those things by thinking about it like that NBZ.
  11. So Widows Wine is our new perk-a-cola huh? I think it's most likely going to have a poison affect as well, I do like the look of it.
  12. We should have to forego historical accuracy because some peoples feelings may get hurt or others might get offended.Feelings should never be more important than facts. Right, so you want 3arch to lose out money from a slight inaccuracy because a lot of people (including whole countries) are sensitive about this subject? It would be a slight amount of money, so yes. I hate how sensitive people have become.
  13. We should not have to forego historical accuracy because some peoples feelings may get hurt or others might get offended. Feelings should never be more important than facts.
  14. I'd love to have the ability to do this. Much respect for it man.
  15. I guess if the buildables are better this time around and more useful that'd be nice. I guess I hate them mostly because the nav cards and table idea was so poorly executed. I didn't intend to sound like they were taking over persay, but this time around acitivision certainly put a lot more effort and time and help to the zombies part of of the game. I think at this point its safe to say that members, or even different parts of the campaign team has at least helped in the past (motd and origins) and has now been fully signed on to help with zombies all year round. And considering Jimmy
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