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  1. Not really. I still have to change my password every time I wan to log in.
  2. A lot of my deaths on this map have occurred from being blocked by the thrasher. Sometimes they even spawn under you when you are running. I don't know if they have patched that yet.
  3. 31 solo unfortunately I used the civil protector which helped me a lot Trained in the room before Pack-a-Punch
  4. Hi guys, i have been having a loggin problem for a couple months now. I have tried to send a message using the contact us option but I have not been replied to. When i try to log in it says my password was wrong even though I just changed it. Every time I want to log in I have to reset my password even though I know what I changed it to.
  5. I have been seeing talk on these forums about Maxis being in shadows of evil. Does anyone have a link to a video about this? I have not found any indication of him, although I don't play this map as much as other people.
  6. I never thought about it like that. It could make sense. I hope they will clear up this detail in another dlc. Knowing 3arc they might not.
  7. Does anyone have a theory as to why in the pre game screen the characters are in a forrest? I remember the snapchats about a forrest. I don't know if that just pertains to the campaign- it might.
  8. I was hoping that someone else would notice the phone calls. I first noticed them after doing each ritual. The phones would be in the ritual rooms. I want to try to listen to all of them in the same game.
  9. Ok, thanks for telling me. He was mentioning that it was a buildable on his vids, but since his channel is a multiplayer cod channel and not a zombies focused channel I should have taken it with a grain of salt lol.
  10. I was watching an Ali A video on Youtube today and a he was showing off the Shadows of Evil map. I thought that he mentioned that the pack a punch machine will be buildable in this map. I don't know how I feel about this. i didn't like that in Tranzit you had to build it and go through the trouble of finding the parts. How do you guys feel about this?
  11. I don't understand how they could be in the same timeline. In origins, maxis's brain is in the drone. Doesn't that mean that he died? Richthofen locked him and Samantha in the teleporter in Dir Riese. Maxis had to be alive to have a daughter. There is no way that his wife could have had her during the time of origins. Since Samantha is in the aether she could probably go back in time to warn them all. Could someone please explain this theory to me? Is there some information that I have gotten wrong?
  12. I have a feeling that the gumball abilities would be a one time thing and only last for a short period of time otherwise they may be too OP. Anything can happen though.
  13. I agree. Wonder weapons should be overpowered. Otherwise they would just be regular weapons with nothing wonderful about them.
  14. Does anyone else besides me want the thunder gun back in Black Ops 3? It was really good for getting out of tight situations like getting surrounded by a horde or randomly getting stuck on an invisible barrier. I know this gun is very noob-friendly, but it was also good for saving teammates who recently went down and need to make a run for Jug.
  15. I highly doubt we will get another map. With The Giant being dlc, I don't see another map coming until dlc pack 1. Shadows of Evil may be broken up into sections in other game modes like Tranzit was. I would definitely be happy to see another map since I am only getting the standard edition.
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