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  1. Big shout out to the codzers I've been grouping with the last couple months, definitely been on so fun rides! looking forward to ZC!

  2. 3  codzers looking for 1 more for shangri la EE tonight on Xbox,  any takers? :) 

    1. Smok3y


      You're already in our group lol ?!?! Hahaha

  3. keep calm! The world will keep turning!! X 

  4. Why does everyone hate on the multi EE reward, full clip mr6 for max start points and rk5 to deal with noob window stealers ?!?! lovely!

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    2. Spider3000


      I would've also liked something cosmetic for the characters, perhaps the Primis costumes. Sure, the RK5 and MR6 ammo can make setting up that much easier. But for completing every Easter egg, it's a terrible reward. I understand the reward can't be too OP, but if you had told me a year ago that the reward for completing all EE's would've been a starting room pistol I would've laughed. Zombies has been very hit or miss this year, and I definitely count this as a "miss".

    3. Smok3y


      AFAIK there was no persistent reward for completing the trio of main EE maps from BO1, lighting the spires for either maxis or Richtofen gave a one of reward that you needed other people to activate. I think this time round is a step in the right direction. For those that enjoy playing zombies your setup became easier for every other game after.

      The only alternative I could think off that is big enough would be access to the staffs but you would need to limit it to revelations and even then there would need to be a process in game to obtain as you couldn't start with it and therefore if you have to do a process anyway, defeats the object. hear what your saying though. I think if there had been a decent 10 minute cut scene filling in a lot of blanks story wise that would have been more than acceptable.

    4. Rissole25


      I don't hate it, but I wish it had a toggle switch. Sometimes I just don't wanna start with an RK5 and full MR6.

  5. @Hells Warrrior we need to talk, im having serious site issues & I think it could be spreading or now include a data breach, what is best email or time to hop into chat to discuss?

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Can you PM me with the details, screenshots and anything you think that could assist me replicating or resolving the issue.

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I'm not aware of anything and no breach has occurred but we have changed how to site runs on the server but should effect anything front end.



  6. Ahh the weekend, been putting it off too long, finally going to go back to redoing the SOE EE. Pray for my sanity. (& good teammates!)

  7. For what its worth, I finally got round to growing my first imprint plant last night. Although everyone was suggesting use water, I stuck without any water & shot each round for 3 rounds with the KT4 (Not masamune). I grew 3 plants at once. Of the 3, 2 became imprint, go figure.
  8. yes that's what I had read, however I take everything on reddit with an industrial bag of salt, the post had said there was a 33% chance if you didn't use water based on the possible outcomes & that the blue plant reduced your odds of getting one as there were more rewards on offer. As someone who has yet to even create a bloody revive plant I'm very keen to know!
  9. Im hearing reports that it is better to NOT water the seed at all but shoot it with the KT4 each round & that this apparently has a higher probability of generating the imprint plant because the alternative is a bad plant rather than a number of rewards? However hearing you guys above say you have had better results with purple is would likely render this untrue?
  10. @NaBrZHunter Congrats chief, well deserved! Your dedication to the cause is one of the highest I've seen!

    1. NaBrZHunter


      Thanks, pal! :)

  11. Great work, very much looking forward to it, this site is become more and more the complete resource for all things zombies with each passing day. Keep up the good work.
  12. Cant believe ive only just seen this, yes & yes! had some of the most fun on tranzit of all places, leaving people behind on the bus was pretty funny for our group at the time.
  13. This has made my month! & there is a strong possibility i even sack off playing ZNS! Now to find bandful of merry men that want to do the EE's! looking forward to playing with some of you oldschoolers & really looking forward to the public Nacht lobbies haha
  14. Pfft Cryptokeys? Ill have my own 2XFun weekend on blops1!

    1. NaBrZHunter


      I love this mindset. :D

  15. The first one immediately makes me think of the various memories of the different richtofens bleeding together and him referencing when Sam was in the mpd. the second one possibly when he had control of the mpd but that makes me question him having access to the 'power of the ancients' and their/it's part to play in the grand scheme of things. Maybe the power of the ancients is related to the something far worse in here quote in relation to the mpd?
  16. Hit the nail on the head, I'm hoping that this will hopefully prolong the game life for the console users as I wont allow myself to get sucked back into PC gaming & the treyarch iteration of cod is pretty much the only one i get anymore, purely for zombies, here's hoping!
  17. Cheers for the response mocking, appreciated. maybe there are a lot of unsolved smaller side quests that will add more lore in this map, kinda like the plunger but with a bit more intrigue or info attached. Either way looking forward to playing it next month.
  18. I only want to know one thing. is it soloable !?!?
  19. When feeling up for the extra work i will just knife until i can get the HVK as the first gun but not going via the mule kick machine, standard route through sams room. usually setup is: 1st dragon, shield part, open to power, 2nd shield part, anti grav, 3rd shield part, 2nd/3rd Dragon, HVK, Jug then Double Tap. I have unfortunately become a product of the system and because of BO2 I never buy QR unless doing an EE! I should really pick it up more.
  20. it is 4, i believe you can do up to killing the shadow man part solo (someone correct me here) but the giant worm wont spawn? I think it may also be possible to do it with 3 on the basis that you had 4 at some point but 1 may have been disconnected, you cant however bring someone else in but if you can do the last part with 3 ive heard it would work. But yeah, 4 is the number for this one :)
  21. A good bunch of solid tips up above, if it makes you feel any better it took me close to 30 attempts to get this done. I highly encourage you to do it solo, not that i have tried coop myself but generally feedback is that more players makes it harder, the trade-off being that outside of QR you can get revived. Id go with Ragdos combo, I had exactly that minus the plunger but with a raygun & mule kick. I had started to take mule kick as my previous failed attempts with 2 guns was an ammo issue at one point, however it was my lack of understanding that saw me burn too much ammo, I think storm bow & drakon is fine. Danger closest was the singular difference on my successful attempt as the panzers were simply not a problem allowing me to constantly run circles, which I encourage & don't burn ammo on skeletons. Just focus on getting good loops keeping the skeletons together, once you feel a bit of breathing room you can just keep an eye out for the lightning and when you put the DGs down. One thing im not sure of is whether or not having fireworks kill some skeletons when i had to helped recharge my DG faster or not but it did seem to always be available when I needed to slam it down. When the keeper does his lightning attack, hide behind a pillar and a charged storm shot at your feet will keep you safe. Make sure to get a fresh shield before going in! Good luck & If im free, im happy to help you out on xbox :)
  22. Smok3y


    mine? While it was not from there, i do seem to remember that phrase being in there somewhere! Was also the name of an album for a group known as the prodigy, Im actually not sure where I got it from to be honest!! been gaming too many years now :) I think Im going to get on SOE later now just so I can get the sword out!
  23. Smok3y


    I really enjoy the upgraded sword, cant say I've used it for high rounds as I've only ever used it during the EE & haven't been back to SOE in a while but i always enjoyed the actually process of upgrading them with the multiple margwas!
  24. Smok3y


    Welcome! Your avatar drew me in! feel free to add me up for EE's old or new.
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