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  1. I didn't like it when either consoles receives dlc later than the other. It ruins it for me as I like to me amongst those searching for Easter eggs which are all found by the time we get the dlc now.
  2. Kind of sucks that Xbox has to wait for dlc for 1 whole month. I'm excited to play this map now but sadly don't own a PS4 ... Damn exclusive deals
  3. I haven't experienced it myself as I have an Xbox one but it's seen it from start to finish and it's very disappointed and the boss fight looks easy compared to Der Eisendrache. My explanation above was the 'gist' of the Easter egg like I said so it's not a guide in any way it's just a this is basically what happens. Yes there's loads of videos of the ending and now even the boss fight. If you want to see Takeo's fate then YouTube it :) Finally, yes it's doable on solo.
  4. Hey all, for those of you who don't know the Zetsubou No Shima Easter egg has been complete (very quickly) and seems somewhat simpler than Der Eisendrache's. The rest of this post will contain spoilers so I've hidden it :) Does anyone have any thoughts/updates on this?
  5. With Der Wonderfizz on this map we could be seeing a return of the perks from Origins?
  6. Not sure why my reply keep disappearing. The clock may be a scripted object but so is the electric generator (which you use to turn the electric on) and this does not disappear. Both the clock and the electric generator have animations attached to themselves but the only way of knowing if they are referenced in the code is by checking the code itself.
  7. I did the east egg at round 18 I think, will have to check out Theatre mode. Fingers crossed someone finds a relevant step in the Giant east egg, although now we know the clock is an interactive item that should speed things up?
  8. I'm guessing no one will be interested that last night when I did the perk-a-cola Easter egg on the Giant map al the lights on the mainframe control panel went yellow one by one instead of green. We got Richthofen to use the monkey bombs in the teleporters. Is this every time now or still a little odd?
  9. I do really hope we've missed something and that there's a big Easter egg on the Giant. Saying that they did a big Easter egg for SOE so it's unlikely.
  10. I can only hope then. I wonder if they updated the textures on the bottles as you can't see the labels ingame (from what I can tell). I suppose as the coasters with the Juggernaught edition are updated versions of the logos for the 4 original perks they would have? :)
  11. Hey all, I don't suppose anybody has the PC version of Black Ops 3 and would mind uploading the zombie texture files? Wondering if they textures have been updated e.g. the Jugger-nog bottle used to say Juggernaut. Also it's possible that PhD Flopper may be around and give hints to if it'll return? Thanks in advance.
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