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  1. Same here I play The Giant more than any other map mostly for the simplicity, and being able to hop in a random game. I'd love to see Town, and Farm come to BO3 zombies. Extremely simple maps, but so much replayability.
  2. Honestly I thought I was the only one! I miss the old crew as well...
  3. Gosh I can't believe later this year in November Black Ops 2 will be four years old already! Does anybody miss it? I still play it occasionally, but the community is pretty small now. It's really when I got into zombies! I played the other COD's, but BO2 was really the first COD where I sunk my teeth into the zombies mode, and multiplayer as well. I also remember how blown away I was when Mob of the Dead came out! It's hard to believe MOTD has been out for over three years... I played that map like crazy! I don't think I've played a map as much as I played MOTD, or have become excited about a map as much as I was for MOTD. I think BO3 is pretty good don't get me wrong but I've been pretty disappointed by the first two DLCs in my opinion. I always hear there is nothing like your first COD... I've been playing since WaW but mostly for the campaign, and multiplayer once in awhile, but damn BO2 was just awesome. I met so many good friends, great times, and awesome memories playing BO2!! I also enjoyed the zombies community, it wasn't as big on YouTube, and now it's just exploded since!
  4. Generally I fill up spawn room and KT4 room on round 8, and than wait until I get the parts for the KT4 to finish the last two skulls well I was doing one of them and this isn't the first time but as I shot the liquid on the ground and I generally run around, and well I shot at the ground I had a shield on my back and as soon as I shot my second one on the ground I went down for no reason?! this has happened before sometimes like when you shoot a spore and a spider got me down, I am confused to what triggers this, do spiders have some effect with the KT4 that I am not grasping?
  5. I came across a challenge where you have to kill three zombies that are mutating, I used the spores and killed one... Trying to repeat the step again, and the orange mist is going around the zombie but I haven't been able to kill the other two... Anyone know when to shoot? Did it three times and wasn't able to replicate the first kill.
  6. So I looked through two different games on my theater mode I built the WW in the Waterfront, and the next game was at Footlight, and stumbled upon some dialogue when you build it but for the life of me cannot understand what it is saying... I don't think it was rubbish in anyway must be in a different language. Few things I noticed when I built it in the Footlight and Waterfront whatever it is saying it sounds the exactly the same for both locations, kind of sounds like it's saying the guns name but cannot tell... I never noticed this before because when you pick it up from the table it makes a noise as you put it on, I actually stumbled upon it going near the table where you build it and switching the camera to free roam and you won't hear the sound as you pick up the gun, just talking. Perhaps a clue?
  7. I use to think the Apothicon Servant couldn't be upgraded after the patch but finding out about the Lil Arnies being upgrade able I am beginning to think there is a way to upgrade it. I know Glitching Queen said that she heard a scream like the one when you upgrade the Tomahawk in MOTD for the Lil Arnies, I wonder if you have to get a certain amount of kills in a specific location.
  8. I highly doubt you can PAP the gun. Considering wall weapons can kill with infinite damage, I use blast furnace on my guns and if you horde them up, will take out the whole horde. Seen people in the 100s Vesper PAP w/Blast furnace so it's safe to say the gun cannot be PAP, if they wouldn't have patched the gobblegum than I believe it could be PAP. Using wall guns/box with PAP upgrades is cool because you don't have to hit the box to recycle the gun, but at the same time pretty lame, the servant is an awesome WW, I'd love an upgraded version.
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