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  1. I agree, that probably is the reason I appreciate the feedback though
  2. Anyone else having problems buying the MP40 off the wall next to the excavation site? I basically have to kiss the board to buy ammo.

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    2. way2g00d
    3. InfestLithium


      Pretty sure it was to avoid accidental buys.

    4. InfestLithium


      Pretty sure it was to avoid accidental buys.

  3. Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it? I was at home when I first played zombies and it was the year of World at War's release. What was the first map you ever played? The first map I played was Nacht. What was the first "strategy" you ran? The first strategy I ever ran was back when a few of my friends got Shi No Numa when it was released and we would camp around the box area and the comm room door. But I think everyone knows that one When did you know you were hooked? The first map where I legitimately knew that I was hooked was without a doubt
  4. S3R05T

    Hey :)

    Hello! . I've actually been on Codz for a little while now under a different username and never did get round to doing one of these introductory posts . So in brief summary I have played Zombies since Nacht on World at War up to Origins on Black Ops 2 and have completed all of the Easter eggs in between. I also have a fairly decent grasp of the storyline behind Zombies and have chosen to follow the Richtofen Easter eggs for Black Ops 2. Well that pretty much wraps that up and will hope to see you around!
  5. Hating that the World at War leaderboards have frozen. Again.

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    2. S3R05T


      Ouch! must be frozen at a higher round than mine though, being 5 because of a double whacking zombie :/

    3. Boom115


      Some are stuck in the low twentys . Which is unfortunate because I have gone well above them. Have you tried contacting Activision?

    4. S3R05T


      Can't say I have. Doesn't matter though half the World at War leaderboards are filled with modders these days anyway.

  6. Mine was easily the time when I was trying to escape the Panzer by running through mud pit to find that the robot was coming so I ran out the other side only to get grabbed by the Panzer's claw and reeled back under and crushed
  7. Hey when I was playing Origins a while ago and was going to Pack a Punch I noticed that Richtofen stated about when they discovered the PAP machine it shimmered and shifted out of reality itself. The only other map where machines do that is Mob of the Dead however that map theoretically took place outside of reality or hell if that's what you prefer. Could Origins be the same? Also I have no idea why the other perk machines or PAP don't display the phasing effect as whereas Mob of the Dead does although he also could have also been referring to the generators not be active, also it could
  8. S3R05T

    New Find?

    I think it's a light but I was referring the drawing/map in the background of the picture :D
  9. S3R05T

    New Find?

    Hey Just wandering if anyone had seen this before or if it is of any importance, it can be found by lying inside the audio log to the left of the workbench opposite the map that can be shot down.
  10. Yeah all of the staffs where in their corresponding locations, I'll attempt it again later to see if I can salvage any gameplay footage with it, the most irritating part is this happens every time without fail :(
  11. Hey On the recent couple of games when attempting the Easter Egg it constantly seems to break on this particular step or I'm doing the step wrong but I doubt it as it works with 3 players. Once you get to the step where you have to place the staffs into the robots the stands simply won't disappear after putting them all in. This makes it impossible to progress onto the next step as you can't reach the button behind the stand. It only seems to do this in solo and with 2 players it works fine with 3 or 4, it's became a huge inconvenience when trying to help my friend get it as I alrea
  12. Hmm bizarre :? only really noticed it after the update but the patch notes didn't mention anything to do with it.
  13. Ok I apologise if this has already been heard or has always been there but I have searched and found nothing relating to this song. It began playing when every other player except myself had died, two players died on the bridge one by generally going down and the other who wasn't at their controller failed to revive themselves in afterlife. Meanwhile back at the prison my friend had gone down due to zombies and ended up dying causing this song to play, Whether or not this is important but I was playing as Sal. Here's a link to the song Feel free to discuss :D
  14. When playing Tranzit on solo I was in town and decided to play around with the bizarre traffic light aura that I have no idea how it was triggered, I tried multiple things on it such as the EMP's and the Ray Gun although nothing seemed to be happening I continued to try the lights on the door and again nothing happened so I decided to try killing zombies beneath the traffic light that wasn't lit. As I killed zombies under both traffic lights Misty said something along the lines of "that sounds important" however I didn't hear any sounds at the time and she had only began saying this after
  15. Yeah have heard this, I have posted a video of this audio on youtube
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