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  1. Anyone else having problems buying the MP40 off the wall next to the excavation site? I basically have to kiss the board to buy ammo.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. way2g00d
    3. InfestLithium


      Pretty sure it was to avoid accidental buys.

    4. InfestLithium


      Pretty sure it was to avoid accidental buys.

  2. S3R05T

    How did it start for you?

    Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it? I was at home when I first played zombies and it was the year of World at War's release.   What was the first map you ever played? The first map I played was Nacht.   What was the first "strategy" you ran? The first strategy I ever ran was back when a few of my friends got Shi No Numa when it was released and we would camp around the box area and the comm room door. But I think everyone knows that one    When did you know you were hooked? The first map where I legitimately knew that I was hooked was without a doubt Shi No Numa.   What was your favourite weapon in WaW? Must have been the Thompson.   Do you remember your first down? I can't be 100% sure with this but I believe it was on my first attempt when I was in a 2 player game and we decided to open the stairs by round 3 or 4 and I ended up getting backed into the corner with the grenades with no ammo.   First ever Easter Egg Discovery? I can't be sure with this one either but I believe it was the note on Der Riese inside the box opposite Double Tap.   What was your first Easter Egg Song? Lullaby for A Dead Man    
  3. Hating that the World at War leaderboards have frozen. Again.

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    2. S3R05T


      Ouch! must be frozen at a higher round than mine though, being 5 because of a double whacking zombie :/

    3. Boom115


      Some are stuck in the low twentys . Which is unfortunate because I have gone well above them. Have you tried contacting Activision?

    4. S3R05T


      Can't say I have. Doesn't matter though half the World at War leaderboards are filled with modders these days anyway.

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