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  1. My friends and I did all 3 EE's on the Richtofen side. Then later in the week went into a game and entered the court house on round 1 and pushed the button.
  2. I'm not sure. The box will spawn in the maze locations during Fire Sales. I made it to round 58 on Buried last night and didn't have 1(!) Fire Sale drop the entire game... Wassup wid dat??!!??
  3. "The gateway to the ruins, or excavation site. I wonder what that object is on the left. You might say it's some kind of telescope or something, but I don't think such an object would belong there. This looks to be the entrance way before descending into darkness." That is a Transit Level used to create a map of the dig site and spatial data which records exact locations and heights of specific points.
  4. I'm sure it depends on the map but I've noticed some people get to higher rounds solo where others achieve high rounds with good teammates. I was just curious what the consensus was.
  5. I've already done ToB, HM and MG ALL Rictofen!! What have I done?!? I actually was wondering what to put down as a subject title for my intro post when the question popped into my head. I must have subliminally entered the text. Oh no! The voices!! kkrrshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (static)
  6. Hello. My name is Flatty and I'm a Zombieholic. What's up everyone? This is my first post. I'm a 3rd generation zombie player (started at Black Ops 2) who has been "infected" by this amazing game mode. I've been into FPS for a while now but never ventured into the Call of Duty series. That was until my younger brother bought me the game for my birthday this past spring and haven't looked back (unless its to play Black Ops 1 zombies ) By day, I work in an office but spend my slow/downtime researching strategies/theories/story line via YouTube and this forum. By nightfall, I warp all over the Earth, shredding zombies all the while trying to mend the Rift! I am very happy to have found you! It has given me piece of mind knowing that there are people out there who are as addicted to and intrigued by (if not more) all that is Call of Duty Zombies! I think this place is pretty amazing and have learned so much here, from story line to tips and high round strategies. I'm still perfecting technique but recently improved my Mob of the Dead high round from 11 solo to 36 solo (still working on getting the "Redeemer".) Die Rise from round 15 solo to round 25 solo. I'm still a skull rank but am working on at least a knife (I had a TON of downs on Nuketown before I had any clue about rank or played with better players who taught me how to hoist. I am always down for making new friends so hit me up! XBL gt = Gamehendge Jedi.
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