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  1. In my opinion moon wasnt perfect but it is my number 2 map the open spaces the easter egg and the weapons made it amazing although the astronaught is still a pain in the ass the map was fun.
  2. Die rise was a bug the entire map had bugs everywhere not as worse as origins but die rise had more exploitable glitches*cough*Galvaknukcles*cough*
  3. I have heard you can get a ray gun mark 2 from this although it is a 1% chance.
  4. I have heard you can get a ray gun mark 2 from this although it is a 1% chance.
  5. I can help i have done every zombies easter egg and have done the origins one about 3 times.
  6. While me and my friends where doing the easter egg one of our staffs had vanished.None of our teammates had the electric staff i looked up on YouTube and the relaxing end had this happen to him if anyone knows of this reply below.
  7. Hey cjog have you got the sounds when the earth explodes im working on something.
  8. Thx for the textures dude!
  9. I am looking for players who are experienced at extinction. The first 4 messages or replies i get i will stick with that team. Requirements: Over prestige 3 You don't have to have a mic. And have fun!. Xbox:zombikilla007 My Stats: Prestige:19 lvl25 Max Relics:9 Missions Completed:58 Revives:532 Aliens Killed:56319 Escapes: POC:20 NF:1 MD:14 Awakening:22 I do not have a mic due to it being broke but bear with me on that. Anyway reply below or send me a friend request on xbl.
  10. In my opinion Buried is the easiest map due to may things for example the bank and the box it seems like the box is unbalanced getting weapons like the rgmk2 is very easy and only requires like 5 spins. Leave your opinions below.
  11. Recently ive been thinking about awakening and i feel like infinity ward are copying and pasting the same concept from point of contact. Infact the map is lazy in most ways for example the mammoth is just a reskin of the rhino and the scenery has been done before in other games. The last dlc needs to be lengthy and unique and it needs a new mechanic hopefully they take this into account .
  12. zombikilla007

    The Earth

    Has anyone been able to no-clip out to the destroyed earth? I have seen some videos of people doing cinematics with noclip and i was curious about this.
  13. Welcome to the forums zombikilla007 :)

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