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  1. Hey Guys, We decided to devote some time into producing a high quality short documentary type video linking some "apparent" real life events with things that have happened in Zombies. (There are a few cool map idea's in there as well) Feel free to check it out, Hopefully you will enjoy it, Thanks CodeNamePizza Video Link -
  2. Wait.... Is it just because I've woke up and slightly delusional but isn't there a page visible on the left of the shangri la and moon image which isn't there on call of the dead and ascension ?? What is that page ??
  3. What's up guys, Hope you're all good, We've recently been looking over the Origins end cut scene to see if we missed anything at all, Taking a closer look at the posters on Samantha's bedroom walls we see a poster which looks like an attack helicopter, The first attack helicopter was first flown in 1966, Midway through the cut scene we hear Dr Maxis telling Samantha and Eddie to lock the windows before coming down to the basement and the sound of an air raid siren in the background, This is clearly inserted to make us believe this is in the World War 2 era, ( How could we be in World War 2 if there is an attack helicopter on the wall?? ) These siren's have also been used to warn people of tornadoes but more interestingly nuclear attacks. I don't believe all the story line in the past 16 Zombies maps we have been playing for the past 5 years has been nothing more than Samantha in her bedroom with a bunch of toys, In the story line we find out that the MDT is capable of time travel. During World War 2 we all know the Nazi's were up to some crazy shit, trying to create devices to bend space and time, Could the MDT on Samantha's bedroom floor be based on the real thing and if so doesn't this open up a world of possibilities of what time frame we are going to be playing in next November when the next installment gets released?? I've probably missed out quite a lot of stuff I wanted to say in this post but it's pretty late here at the moment, Let me know what you guys think anyway, Thanks for reading, Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  4. Thanks for the feed back ... We are starting to think it could be faked... due to how easy some of you guys say it is to mod the game ... Also thanks for the comment about the title, We have renamed it to ... BO2 Microtransactions Shangri La Leak??? Thanks Again Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  5. Hey what's up guys, We have received a couple of emails about a certain video, We have analysed it, and would love a second, third, forth...... opinion, anyway, check out this and let us know what all you intelligent people think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2cjV5rkIVI Thanks Alot ... Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  6. What's up guys, We think we may have just discovered the next step after the Little Lost Girl Achievement .... Check it out, let us know what you think.... Please no hate www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1FwklxmQRA Peace! Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  7. Hey Guys, Ok so once you get the Golden Shovel ... keep digging and you will finally get "The Golden Helmet" basically you cannot get downed when the giants step on you, its pretty cool... anyway don't take my word for it... check it out www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ONO0hs8mP4 Peace! Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  8. Hey guys, So if you search around the map you come across little pieces of paper, very much like the ones in mob of the dead that link together to create a bigger image, We have gone through the map several times and found 8 so far, We believe we are missing either 2 or 3 little pictures, But check out what we have so far.... and if you have any ideas send us a message www.youtube.com/watch?v=x39V9_T9R0ov Peace! Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  9. Some of these "words" in the code do translate to other words in different languages ....... the words we managed to get were "Love" "Good" "Points" "Could" "Complementary" "Egg" "Called" "Beach" Hope some of these help, Keep working on this guys, would be awesome if we could crack it ! Peace! Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  10. Hey guys, We found a secret code inside one of the giants (Thor) (The one that walks over the second tank station), We have no idea what it says but we're sure one of the intelligent people on the forum can work it out!... Anyway check it out and let us know what you think, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4JkEOW8J44 Peace! Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  11. Hey Guys, Hope you are all gooooood, Here is our submission for the new avatar, Hope you like it http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=qrnifc&s=5 Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  12. Hey guys, Hope your all good, Just a quick one, Just a reminder that the cutscene for Origins is being released today We're pretty excited, Hopefully we can have a big discussion about it when we've all seen it Speak Soon, Peace! Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
  13. Hey Guys, Hope you are all good! We are CodeNamePizza ( Ben & Joe - Also known as Caspa and Stop Inn ) We have been playing zombies since the release of World at War and have loved it every since, Our passion for zombies led us into creating a Youtube channel which we have been uploading to for around a year now, We currently have 108 videos all to do with zombies and 1500 subscribers which we are very proud of, We are also partnered with Machinima Some of the videos we get amazing feedback for are " Myth Busting Mondays " This is a show that we put out every Monday where we bust myths in the zombie community which our subscribers leave in the comment section of the video. " Wonder Weapon Wednesdays " This is a show where we dedicate one show a week to a specific Wonder Weapon, Explaining in great detail everything you need to know about that Wonder Weapon ( The Creator, The Date it was created, The Location it was created, What its powered by... exc) We are also doing the series in order that we see the wonder weapons in the story line, which gives the newer players to zombies a chance to catch up " Zombiepedia " This is basically the same concept as Wonder Weapon Wednesdays but everything you need to know about specific maps, Once again doing the series in order starting from Nacht Der Untoten and working our way right up to where we are now, Again giving newer zombie players the chance to catch up " Theory Thursday " This is a show mainly for our hardcore subs, This is a show where we explain our in-depth theory's about the storyline, Future DLC.. Exc, So guys that's basically what we do and who we are in a nut shell, If you want to see more here is the link to our Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/CodeNamePizza We are also going to be contributing to the forum by uploading a text version of our Theory Thursdays episode every week So thankyou for reading guys, Peace Out! Ben & Joe CodeNamePizza
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