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  1. I'm on ps3 and it still dies off on me. Someone said awhile back that if you keep the zombie from crossing a lava pit that it'll stay alive but I haven't tested it. Running through the fog keeps the zombie spawns at a minimum. As long as you keep moving forward typically it isn't a problem setting up during a round. Once you grab what you need from an area just haul ass into the fog. The zombies will respawn but theres only a couple trouble locations where they spawn in front of you, leaving power until you get goin up the hill into the sun and just before you get to bus depot from bridge. Other than that as long as you keep moving there aren't any spots that aren't manageable in my opinion.
  2. I got this glitch the other day. That same battery can then be used on the electric trap. Other than that it's useless. PaP built with only 2 parts and left over with a random battery. I don't think this is intentional, I think it's some sort of glitch.
  3. A group of zombies = a horde The grouping of zombies together = hording I swear but there are a few words I do not use such as Twat, Rape and Cunt. Each of these were brought up by someone important in my life at some point or another and explained in a way that they were offensive to them and I adopted it. I'm not sure I would back out of a lobby of good players because they say it once or twice but if they are consistently repeating it like someone who praises God for every little thing that happens I would choose my right to censor them by muting or leaving the lobby. I think a post like this says a lot about the people who want to stand up against the social "norms" that have been ushered in as of late and "horde" together to fight off the hatred, racism, and evil that being "ok" with stuff like this fosters. Nothing made me cringe as hard as reading facebook comments during the last election and seeing grown men and women (let alone children)calling Obama a N*gger. I couldn't believe it. By being ok with this type of behavior we create a social norm within that clique of people. It then grows along with the hatred. This is essentially what is wrong these days.. these cliques of norms grow and then clash. I think the OP was right in posting this and I support his right to decide what his "norm" will be. I'd be happy to "horde" some zombies with him.
  4. Is there a timelimit to get back to your body?
  5. I run in the tunnel a lot and use the bus when it comes around to mow down my horde to save ammo. When it comes through in the early rounds I play around and jump into the grill on the front of the bus and it pops you up into the air. I've had a couple lucky bounces that were pretty funny. One bounced me up and I hit my head on the ceiling in front of the pole thing sticking out (that you have to jump over when riding on top of the bus) while up in the air the bus pushed through under me and I landed on the roof and just continued to town. The best one though was when I jumped into the grill, it popped me up and right through the front window of the bus. My buddy was on the bus with the doors closed and watched me come flying through the front window like a zombie. Oh we laughed and laughed. :)
  6. Technically Richtofen was part of the old crew and he most certainly has seen Maxis. (Der Riese) I don't know what to think personally but I would love to see a big collage of all the loading screens (old and new) together in one HD picture that we can zoom in on and analyse.
  7. Interesting. I especially like the piece about "impingement and synchronicity". Maybe this is a hint on how to open the PaP door. Maybe at the clock you're close enough to the door through the wall to trigger the quote.
  8. Backing yourself into any of the sheds with the metal doors, put the electric traps out front, turret behind it and players stand behind the turret. Back yourself into the bank vault with PaP closed. Put your turrets out by the bank keys (closer to the withdrawl side). I put a shield up by the PaP door and stand behind it. I also thought of putting turrets in the diner in various ways. 1: turrets on the roof, players in the diner, e-traps at the doorways, shields to block the paths up the counter to give you extra reload time. 2: same but put one turret in front of the Mp5. (not sure if there is enough room for the corner wall to block the turret from shooting up the counter at you if some how a zombie gets behind you. There's lots of uses, people just don't use them because it takes so long to setup and you really have to put some thought into placement. I can think of at least 5 more ways to use them to hold down a spot.
  9. I believe theres 2 spots. The same places they drop down when you're in town survival.
  10. How many clocks are there total? How many blades are in the ballistic knife? I realize the quote happened to go off when you hit square on the clock I was just saying that she says that same quote when you go into the bank. I've heard the characters say their respective quotes when the bank is already open but your character enters for the first time. Maybe it triggers multiple times? I'm not saying you're wrong or it didn't happen, I'm just stating what I noticed to try to help you narrow it down.
  11. Not positive but I do believe they are separate. The only exception is your bank in solo does save online and can be used in public or custom games. I don't think the local settings communicate with the black ops servers at all but I could be wrong.
  12. Nice job! As far as good training spots... Give good ol Tom a week or two and he'll break it down for us lol
  13. There's the way you have stated, getting a certain number of headshots within a given game, and earning a certain multiplier for consecutive headshots. What numbers suggest this, I am actually not sure. Some players get the green burst within 20 headshots whilst others still obtain nothing after 100. Gotcha. It's pretty consistent with me but I do notice a difference depending on the gun. I've also gotten it on the Voice of Justice which makes me curious if it doesn't have to be a headshot with certain guns because you would think the likelihood of a single shotgun pellet killing two zombies with headshots would be pretty nil.
  14. You have to be very careful when doing this. Make sure you have EVERY zombie. I EMP the last one but you can do it with an entire wave. The other thing thats tricky with multiple zombies is sometimes they will rub up against each other and wake each other up. I'd stick to EMPing the last zombie or two then sitting in a corner with a claymore or two in front of you just in case.
  15. Yea, if the character is saying one of his normal quotes when you get the headshot perk it will over lap. I did it with Rus the other night. You'd think it'd either cut off the original quote or say it after that one is done but it plays at the same time, it's kind of glitchy like that. Lithium: what are the 3 different ways you speak of? I've only ever gotten it by shooting two zombies heads with the same bullet. Granted it seems to stack and you can either get multiple ones or I'm using a different gun and losing it and then regaining it multiple times throughout a game. Are there other ways to get it as your comment suggests?
  16. I've heard her say the trigger finger quote quite a few times when you initially enter the bank before you blow the vault. Each character has one. I'd love to find something with the clocks, there are lots of stuff revolving around time and the presence of so many clocks but I can't think of anything else to try. Any ideas and I'll give it a go?
  17. Thats what I dont understand. Why does anyone "NEED" the hatch on the bus? Can someone Please answer that? Is there really a valid point to puttting it on there and keeping ppl from the knucks? I cant think of 1 reason.... Anyone? It actually helps at some points, like if you pull up to town and don't have the money to buy the bank. With the hatch on the bus you can get out that way. Also, I was playing a game last night with a group of people who refused to run through the fog and instead would mine zombies for points at the power station instead of running off to town. Great player too, stood in the top building and could watch him mow down zombies with the ballistic knife. Just jump off the bus as it is pulling up to town and go around behind it. I use bowie and Galvaknuckles. It doesn't really matter to me unless I want to share money with someone. Ballistic knife is wicked for running through the fog. Combined with staminup its the fastest way to travel.
  18. Very nice job Jeager, that was a thought provoking read and well organized!
  19. Sure you could put it like that and I'm all for defending Treyarch...however this is a company that made over 1 billion in the first week, the first WEEK. I mean Governmental organisations let through 1-2 hackers every year, Yes i know Treyarch and the government are two separate ends of the spectrum, but the software is still there. I know you said this is aimed at everyone who dares to even say that Treyarch is bad in any respect is "bitchy". This being said your whole post had logical fallacy all over it: Claims we are bitchy (which i might add we are just stating the fact that the leaderboards are messed up) so you decide to write a bitchy post exclaiming we are all wrong. I like to think I'm a nice guy to get along with and I'm fine with a counterargument, I'm fine with a discussion...but what I'm not fine with is egotistical people on their high horse then say: "I won't be back to defend this for post after post" p.s I am a huge fan of Treyarch, Yet i do still see past my arm Fair enough. That is certainly one way to see that post but it certainly wasn't my intention. My intention was we should bring these things up and talk them out, report them to Treyarch and show our support and concern in a constructive way. Not post a bunch of threads bitching they screwed up again or broke the game or showing doubt in them at the drop of a hat the way people have been doing over this last update. I am in no way on a high horse and your way of misunderstanding it as such is a great example of how some people jump when they think they understand something but clearly don't. The comment about not defending this post over and over was simply to say I'm not trying to start a bitch fest here which some people tend to try to pull others in to when their opinion differs from theirs and have to monitor this to defend myself for having an opinion. Admittedly I should have left that out and simply ignored any comments. I guess I was trying to spawn some positive support rather than encourage the negative bitchiness I was reading which lead to my reply. I've never done anyone here wrong, and I'm fine with an opposing view. I just like to see it constructive and informative. You can try to make me out to be whatever way you like with misquotes such as "this is aimed at everyone who dares to even say that Treyarch is bad in any respect" but the fact remains that I'm for Treyarch and them fixing errors and glitches and I will continue to support positive constructive critism instead of posting "bitchy" negative comments and showing that if someone screws up then you'll jump ship. Back on topic, I hope they fix the glitch where you can climb levels without shooting any zombies. This was obviously not their intention as it defeats the purpose of the game.
  20. The millions comment was just to say that other non gaming companies have the same problems with hackers and spend millions to fix or prevent it just to come to work the next day and find out it's been hacked again. There could be any number of justifiable reasons they left the player on the NML leaderboards. Maybe they did try to fix it but it became a bigger issue, who knows. It could have been glitched in the code in a way that something would have to be rewritten that would cost a stupid amount of money and/or time to fix. I personally would want them to pick a point of no return and then spend their resources on moving forward. I'm just saying that I don't agree that they "broke the game." As a loyal customer I choose to be patient and wait for them to fix what went wrong. I'd also hope that those who agree would speak up just as all of the ones who jumped on the bandwagon of butt hurt did and show their support.
  21. Too long to get setup? You should never be given time during a zombie apocalypse to get "setup" to begin with. That's just lazy. Glitched leaderboards. There will always be those guys out there that will find ways to glitch the leaderboards. Companies spend millions of dollars to secure their software and then one hacker comes along and "breaks" it the next day. This is a very time consuming process and if you can code in a way that can't be hacked then email them and tell them how you would fix it. Contrary to some belief that Treyarch doesn't do anything at all to fix the leaderboards is a retarded statement. Actually monitor them from a release to a few months in and record the names of the people cheating and watch them disappear and reappear with different names. Treyarch is constantly "fixing" up the leaderboards and always have been. The problem lies in the inability to make them fool proof in a way that hackers can't find their way in to exploit them and this will NEVER happen. Hackers will ALWAYS find a way. Period. Come on here spreading your hate because you don't remotely have a clue about what it takes to create, code, test, and fix a game is ignorant. This may only be my opinion and so be it but you bandwagon of haters are a type of troll that I personally don't want to listen to. Disagreeing with choices Treyarch has made in a constructive way that isn't intended to draw people on to your bandwagon or pull fans away from the game is always acceptable. It's called constructive crit. Posting bitch threads everytime Treyarch does something new before fully understanding what is going or the reasoning behind it, in my opinion is disloyal and ungrateful. You're entitled to your opinions but come on, stop whining and give it a chance. When there is a glitch give them enough time to fix it. There are legal processes to these things, they can't always turn around and fix something they messed up on, sometimes it takes time. There are a million different things that can go wrong with a software update or release that the average person doesn't even think about. Just like there is a million things that could go wrong if you were having surgery. Does whining and crying about it fix it? Does being patient and waiting for the doctor to diagnose and fix what went wrong help? Absolutely. This isn't aimed at anyone in particular except the first line, I'm speaking to the whole. Or the hole... in the wall.. likely. I won't be back to defend this for post after post, I've said my piece about it and plan to stay loyal to a company who has given me more hours of pleasure than pretty much any other game on the planet. I'll be respecting that they will fix and do what needs to be done in due time, and I will be going out tomorrow to buy the season pass. Good day to you sirs.
  22. Something tells me that we're gonna need this in the tight corridors of Die Rise.
  23. Richtofen has quotes in blops 1 that point to him being in some of the maps before the O4 showed up. (in other words he warped there did what he did and then left only to return with the O4) I get the feeling in Shangri la for example Richtofen was some kind of deity or god to the locals at some point (prolly cuz he just poofed out of thin air by teleporting and had the rod ie: all 8 perks)he hid the rod and warped back to where ever. Then when he needed the rod again for the thing on moon he took the O4 to go get it. He also shows in the COTD EE that he's been there before because he tells the actors the steps to follow from inside the locked room. How would he know what was outside the door if he only teleported in and out of that locked room during the lapse of the EE. He was there before. Whats my point? I dunno if I have one but when talking timeline I don't recall hearing anyone make this point (I could be wrong, don't shoot!) Is it possible Richtofen has been to Green Run before? Long ago before everything went down? Has anyone done a Richtofen specific timeline before? I'd be interested in seeing if if they have.
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