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  1. We all.... no?! Where.... be da!? Learn to spell... But lets get to the point... a rocket never hit nuketown, nuketown is located next to Sedan crater in Area 51 in U.S.A Sedan crater is know as the largest man made crater in the Northen America, possibly even the whole world. And no rocket hit nuketown it would be completely gone, just its small meteors hitting it. Also with green run, if a rocket hit it it would be completly gone... Its just small meteors slowly destroying the place. So you are completely wrong with that. And also i did not understand what are you trying to say at all Just tried to tell you that. actually yes a rocket did hit Nuketown when you get a gameover you see the rocket hit
  2. Maybe somehow redirecting the waves from the teleporter on moon to take them to the building instead of Area 51
  3. Interesting theory mines was tht the rockets them selves were either filled with 115 or hit areas that had alot of 115
  4. LOL i wouldnt want to either and my theory for Russman is he lived in the secret cabin in the woods possibly eating denizens and for Stulinger from quotes that can be heard by Russman it sounds like he could have been with Russman while Russman taught him how to survive.
  5. Shi No Numa was in part of Japan that is now modern day china. What your saying could be true thought guess well have to play to find out. ;)
  6. Its just a game dont expect everything to be logical. And Shi No Numa was in Japan (now part of modern day CHINA)
  7. I thought Area 51 or at least the part of Area 51 with the the teleporter got completly blown off of the earth seeing how you can see earth from the teleporter.
  8. True very true but how could people find the time to redesign the scyscrapers when they are struggling to survive against zombies.
  9. In the trailer for Die Riese the buildings looked modern. Were we wrong about the timeline was Moon actually set in the future perhaps?
  10. If anyone has seen the trailer for the revolution map pack you may have noticed Marlton was no here to be seen. In the beginning of the part for Die Riese if you can pause it fast enough you will see a zombie who looks ALOT like Marlton same white shirt rolled up sleeves but the zombie was wearing a tie and Marlton had more hair and a beard but it is a zombie. Also the picture that Marlton keeps in his shirt pocket can be seen underneath the zombies tie. Has Marlton turned or is Treyarch doing what they did before were they only showed three characters in the trailer for one of the maps in Black Ops 1?
  11. I think that Sameul may also eat zombies because of his "lets go shoot us some lunch" quote and if you kil a lot of zombies he will say "what im a big man i need my protein."
  12. Yes i totally agree it is hard to determine whether one team is good or evil. Samuel could be diffrent but on PC there is a radio or quote that talks about only one person in a group who was hearing a voice in his head who shot and killed some of his partners and wounded the rest.
  13. Ok so i have this theory on the four characters in tranzit that they arent four characters surviving together but possibily two teams of two simpily using each other to survive. The two teams being Misty and Marlton and Russman and Stulinger and the reason i say this is because of the quotes the characters say Marlton is always talking about about Russman but never only says good things about Misty Misty is always talking about how Stulinger stinks but ive only heard her say good stuff about Marlton Russman talks bad about Marlton but always asks Stulinger for ammo and complimints him Stulinger calls Misty a slut a broad and a bimbo but i dont remember him saying anything about Russman. Also I think Russman and Stulinger may be the bad guys. In the bus depot the "STOP BUS" sign has a blood stain covering the lower part of the B to were it looks like "STOP RUS". And Stulinger is the only one who can hear Richtofen and he confinces the other three to carry out Richtofens Evil plans.
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