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  1. Really? not gonna happen guy. Just buy it dang!!!
  2. The rank really dont mean much. I have gone a whole week with out playing zombie and got deranked pretty bad. And that kinda sucks but in reality you can get back to the emblem you want with maybe 3-4 high round games. I dont worry bout the rank stuff too much. When I started playing again after 7 days I had the skull. (played with randoms by the way) After 2 matches on nuketown(35 1st time and 40 the 2nd) I got back my shottys. SO nuff said about the gay rank system.
  3. I have tried for about 2 weeks now to hack a freaking Hunter Killer. I never even have got it to notice the Drone. Can this really be done? If so.. How do you go about doing it for the best results? If this can be done then it is obviously hard to do so I think instead of doing this you should just try and make it to the closest house.
  4. High jacked and Nuketown 2025 for chaos mode. (Demilition, Headquaters, Domination) Chaos is pretty much what I play all the time. But for Team Deathmatch and other game modes I like Standoff pretty good. As for my worst map, it would have to be either Cargo or Meltdown.....No I'm sure it would be Cargo. For all you xbox users.... Are the new multiplayer DLC's any good? I hope they are. I'm pretige 4 right now, and cant wait to get the new multi maps
  5. This is funny. The resemblance is CRAZY dead on... :lol:
  6. There are alot of people that say different things about the system but to put it frankly, just play at your best every game. Stop playing with randoms so much. And try your best for the rounds 30+. The better you do in every game you play will help you get there.
  7. Oh yeah lets try to convince ppl to quit just before they go down. NOT!!! Thats the dumbest thing Ive heard on here to date. If ppl take this kind of advice I can see no one making it to a respectable leaderboard stat. The rank means nothing really. I have had the shotguns then went on vacation and when I got back home I had the skull with 2 tallies. So yea the ranking is pointless. I have played with ppl with crossbones and they turn out to be a better player than the guy with the knifes. Quit before you go down.....WTF?
  8. Yesterday I was playing headquaters on nuketown and ran with a rpg as my secondary. Got a triple kill with rpg hacked claymore through the wall and got a double kill all the got to hack a sentry gun through the wall also. Then went on and killed 4 players before I died.....Talk about points! haha :D
  9. On PS3 all you have to do is buy the season pass and download that. Then after it downloads you can go to the in game store and download the nuketown zombies for free.
  10. Get a job at 3arch (lol) :roll:
  11. Maybe theres not anymore to nuketown maybe it is just the songs. Then thing that keeps making me think that we are missing something is the Bunker quote's. Plus the fact that the bus honks...IDK...Maybe after somemore time passes and nothing has came up then I'll feel safe saying there's nothing more to do on Nuketown but not now. I just dont think it's been investigated fully yet. Just me though... Also Sorry bout posting here about Nuketown this ain't the thread for that...
  12. I hate rage quiters as much as you but thats just part of playing random matches. Just play with friends when your going for high rounds and EE. If you got ppl on your friend list that rage quits delete them. Problem solved, Right? I dont see 3arch doing anything like what your saying. No Offense
  13. I don't know why I didnt think of this earlier but there really probably isnt a x3 ray gun bc if there was someone would have already made an entire thread about it. So never mind about that....Still gonna try to upgrade it though ;)
  14. But what about a Nuketown EE. Now that the Die Rise is complete can we get ppl to focus on nuketown in depth? Or is it still to soon since everyone LOVES Die Rise so much. (lol) Am I the only one out there that still thinks theres more to Nuketown than just 3 stupid songs?
  15. So? When you say raygun busted do you mean that when you pap multiple times it dont change names (3x) or that when you should the bunker it does nothing? Sorry but that post confused me alittle not sure what you meant
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