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  1. I always run around on the inside. I run a clockwise loop making sure I run across all 4 wheel wells. Seems like it works with 10 seconds every time.
  2. Part of the reason of the post was to clear up the "spawned" posts. Eg does not spawn in the reactor. Now.....on to more theater mode in the power room. So far I have noticed I can get to anywhere on the map I can get to in theater mode. In theater mode, I am able to get over the crates on the right before you walk down the stairs after you drop in through the outhouse and into the door way. I have not been able to get there while playing. But.........I have not tried to use the jet gun to fly over the crate to see if it will get me there. Has anyone tried to fly over those crates?
  3. That is what I saw, and I wonder the same thing. How did he become trapped inside the reactor?
  4. The electric guy(eg) does not spawn in the reactor when the power is turned on. Eg is there from the start of the game and is released when the power is turned on. I was in theater mode checking out where eg spawned(use to think he spawned) when the power was turned on. What I noticed was eg was already on the inside of the reactor slowly turning around. When the power was turned on, eg rose up and was released from his holding cell.
  5. There are a lot of members who need to read the code of conduct because it is not being followed. viewtopic.php?f=136&t=23297
  6. I do not believe you will be able to control the words that someone uses to start their posts. You can edit them and change them. What are your moderator duties here? I use mine to manage the threads, such as editing the titles, checking the content and moving them ton the correct forum. Instead of requiring x amount of posts before you can start a thread, you can create private catagories in the forums that are viewable or hidden. You could have these rank based, donating member based, or whatever. In one of my forums, I have 5 different hidden categories, and access to them depends on what usergroup a member is in. There are lots of options
  7. Leave the ranks the way they are. Create a new usergroup that new members go into when they register. Make it so they do not have permission to start a new thread, except for in the welcome center, and then after 5(your choice) posts(replies) they rank up to the regular usergroup. This is phbb and not vBulletin.....so I am not 100% sure how the software operates.
  8. Heres a solution that will clear up a lot of these posts. Use the forum software ranking system and custom usergroups. Have a usergroup set up so that a user can not start a thread until they have "x" amount of posts. They will only be able to reply to a thread. After they have "x" amount of posts, the user will rank up to a new usergroup and be able to start threads. It will also prevent someone from reregistering just to start a bitch thread. The admin is also able to view ip addresses and if he chooses can search ip addresses of new members and old members and can see who you are. You guys with forums should know all this already.
  9. Actually I use vbulletin. We need to take in the nature of this website and the average age of the members it attracts. I am sure there are members registered here who are under 10. Everyone gets excited when they think they have found something that may be the next step, and are only trying to help. People get cornered when they get put on the spot to show proof. Not every knows how to make a YouTube video. Perhaps you or someone here will do a tutorial on how to do it. One for each system(ps3, xbox, wii, and pc) would be nice! There are others who are bs'ers, and have only posted just to post. The posts are what they are. It is your choice on whether you view it or not. Look at the username before you view the post you are unsure about. Its less clicks to hit the back button instead of calling someone out on their post. Oh wait......thats not fun unless you are trying to shame someone. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin the whole crop. We all need to work together or the hate mongers will drive members away.
  10. Should I register a new username to reply or go with the one I have? I wont hide my name, I will use the one I registered with. Lets talk about discussion forums. I have owned discussion forums since 2001. The best thing for any discussion forums is posts. Posts creates activity on forums, and activity brings in new members. Being a website owner, you want as much activity and as many members as you can get. This is where the advertising dollars to pay for a website come from. I own several websites and know exactly how much it costs every month to run it. The "next step" from the person you called a "troll" in your post, could be the answer everyone is looking for in the next step in an Easter egg. Like it or not.....it's good for this website! Replies that say "Use the search feature" is one of my biggest pet peaves. In all of my years of being an owner, I have never told anyone to use the search feature, and all of my moderators have been instructed to never say it. The "use the search feature" reply throws up a red flag and the member that posted the original post will go into defensive mode. Besides....someone else may have came along after the original post and may have another answer. Discussion forums get members of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Everyone needs to work together as a community. When someone posts something, they should not get a response like "there is no fucking pyramid". Seriously.....would you like to be treated that way. Treat others the way you would like to be treated! This website is not the only fish in the sea. There are lots of other websites out there that would like your members!
  11. This should be good for a few laughs. What are some of the dumb things you have done in a game? I got zapped by my own electric trap one time. Forgot I had it and grabbed a turbine. It set the electric trap in front of the turbine table when I grabbed a turbine. Turned around, set the turbine down, turned back around to pick up the trap and it zapped me. Note to self....never set turbine down that close to a trap you intend to pick up. I had been playing a two player game with a for 5 1/2 hours and we were on round 40. I had not gone down yet. While running through I reached down with my right hand to grab a drink. Yup.....denizen jumped no my head and before I got my glass set down to kill it, it killed me. Damn the bad luck. We ended up dying on 41.
  12. I got zapped by my own electric trap one time. Forgot I had it and grabbed a turbine. It set the electric trap in front of the turbine table. Turned around, set the turbine down, turned back around to pick up the trap and it zapped me. Note to self....never set turbine down that close to a trap you intend to pick up! :lol:
  13. I have done the Richtofen EE, and not the Maxis. The other day in theater I was checking out the tower and all 4 corners at the base were glowing. Not sure why......but each one looked like it had an energy orb. When I am playing and visit the tower they do not glowing.
  14. Good point to remember. Have a wall gun and do not hit the max ammo drops.
  15. In the sound clip it sounds like he says to activate the spires power. Is the spire the church?
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