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  1. I can never seem to get it to work until my second visit to the bridge. Maybe it has to do with round number, I'm not sure. Last game I was playing solo, went to the bridge at the end of round 7 with 1 zombie left. Killed the boss and the zombie with the retriever. Played through rounds 8 and 9 with only the retriever, firing no rounds, no grenades, and no claymores at all. Came back at the end of 10 and it wouldn't work. Went back on round 15, ran just one round with the retriever, and when I killed the last zombie of the round I heard the sound effect (some say that sound effect has nothing to do with it, but it my experience it always does). Came back at the end of the next round and threw it in the pit no problem.
  2. Has anyone ever had Electric Cherry glitch out and just... stop working? Because that just happened to me. Round 44, got surrounded, started spamming the VW... first reload or two shocked the zombies, but after that, nothing. Ended up going down and dying. I'd be really freakin' annoyed if I wasn't planning on ending on round 45 anyways. Still... typical Treyarch. I would post a video, but of course the game didn't record at all in Theater.
  3. In the one trailer there was a zombie that appeared to have yellow eyes and everyone freaked.... but if you pay attention, a couple seconds later you get a view of that same zombie from straight-on and he obviously has red eyes like the rest of the zombies. It was just a trick of the lighting or something... there's nothing more to it.
  4. I highly doubt Zombies will be ending any time soon... it's way too popular and there are too many people like myself that will buy a CoD title just for Zombies at this point. That said, MotD has proven that they can do an offshoot of the story successfully. What I mean is, they could possibly have an epic end to the current storyline and start with a completely new one or a kind of spinoff for Black Ops 3 or whatever the next Treyarch title is called.
  5. Actually, that is interesting. Somehow I never actually wondered that... if the warden was into some kind of occult activity, what was his angle? Immortality is a good possibility. Kind of the whole legend that if you make a deal with the devil there's always a catch. Perhaps he wanted immortality, but the catch was that he became a zombie, and ended up spreading the infection to the rest of the prison? Then again, I still like the theory of the map taking place in more of a purgatory-esque state, so I'm not sure what to think.
  6. I'm kind of working on a theory that I think could tie everything together. How the supernatural/religious/mythological elements introduced in Mob could play a major role in the storyline, the origin of the Element 115 meteors, how the zombies took over the world after Moon, why we keep being presented with this idea of cycles, what the "rift" is that we need to mend... kind of a "universal" zombies theory that's a bit out there but would explain many things. I posted a bit of it in a thread in the Asylum forum, but I don't know if someone didn't like my post or if nobody is even approving posts in that forum (it's been almost a week and it never showed up)... but I need to brush up on my zombies history a bit anyways. Maybe after I research and sort my thoughts out a bit more I'll post a more complete version somewhere else, because even though it's a crazy theory I think it makes a lot of sense.
  7. Are you sure you aren't shooting one single bullet? Just go to the bridge, kill all the zombies with a weapon in the round you are. The next one, just use the Retriever and when it's over go back to the Island. That always works for me. Yes, it just doesn't always work. I'm not sure if there's another factor that we're missing or what. I was trying to show a friend how to do it the other night... we went to the bridge at the end of round 8 with 1 zombie left. We both ran rounds 9 and 10 without firing any shots at all (I'm 100% positive) and then returned at the end of round 11 with a couple zombies left, and the pit would not take either of our retrievers. The next day I tried again... on a solo run I went to the bridge on round 7 with 1 zombie left. Killed that zombie, Brutus, and everything until the end of round 10 using only the redeemer. No shots fired, no grenades, no claymores... nothing but the Retriever. Returned at the end of 10 and again the pit would not take my Retriever. Went back a couple rounds later and ran another 2 rounds with the Retriever and it finally worked.
  8. When I first saw footage of the map, I also thought that the "film reel" was probably the plane part. But Mob isn't really a part of the Zombies comic book, its more of an offshoot, and the loading screen isn't the same. So the corner of a page we saw revealed in Die Rise will most likely be the next DLC's loading screen page. And I'm still sticking to it being a film reel. Guess we'll see.
  9. I hate the fact that my first reaction to finding out there was an update to Zombies is "Oh great, what did they screw up now?" So... what did they screw up now? Did they nerf the Vitriolic Withering so it gets half the ammo, only shoots one acid shot at a time, and doesn't attract zombies? Sounds like something they would do.
  10. Do we know exactly when the zombies actually took over the earth? I was always under the impression that pre-Black Ops II maps were all localized outbreaks. If this is the case, what caused the outbreak to go worldwide between Moon and TranZit? The rockets weren't infused with 115, where they? Depending on the answers to these questions (I'm admittedly no expert on the storyline, though I am familiar with it), I kind of had a wild theory. What if the origin of the 155 meteors is... Earth itself? Let me explain... with MotD we are given an entirely new source/controller of zombies; Lucifer. So let's say Maxis launching the rockets caused an apocalypse in quite a biblical sense. The missiles hitting Earth are the catalyst for Judgment Day, creating a rift between Hell and Earth, the dead walk, etc. Now, in Die Rise we can look in the sky and see pieces of the Earth floating in space and meteors coming down... presumably all contaminated with whatever it is that happened to this planet. Now, what if when we finish this big Easter egg and activate the towers, "mending the rift" between Hell and Earth, we somehow create a new rift. A rift in time. And all these meteors are shot back through time itself, falling to an earlier version of Earth... only to be found and experimented on by Nazi and US scientists and dubbed as "Element 115"? Throughout Black Ops II zombies we are again and again given references to time loops and repetition. So what if the entire Zombies storyline is, essentially, a massive time loop? Just a thought I had.... call me crazy.
  11. Nope. They cut it. There's also no M16. I think they should've put the AN-94 in the box though, instead of the AK47. That would be my go-to gun. The PDW is in the box though, isn't it? I'm almost positive I've gotten it before. Personally, I love the AK-47. To OP; what do you mean you don't get Double Tap?! In [email protected] and BO it's usefulness was somewhat debatable, but in BOII it's easily one of the best perks in the game. I'm sorry, I usually roll my eyes when I see someone criticizing another person's perk choices because it often comes down to play style, but I just can't fathom why someone would say "A perk that increases fire rate and makes me fire two shots for every one that I expend, making me kill more than twice as fast and using half as much ammo? Nah, don't care for it." As far as the box, yeah I've often opened it and got a good gun first shot. I've also gotten the RPG twice in a row, then a sniper, then another sniper... I haven't noticed any difference in the likelihood of getting good weapons. I played this map about 15 hours the day it was released and never once got the Death Machine. Speaking of.... Past round 36 the meat grinder wont do much to zombies, if you want to hit high rounds you'll most likely need 4 blundergats and 4 hell's redeemer, along with the golden spork And the average player will probably not be playing to round 36. While I usually don't even pick up the gun when I'm playing solo because I'm usually running, it's by no means a "bad" gun! Depending on how you're playing it can be amazing into the 20's. If you're with a couple friends holding down an area, one of them having a Meat Grinder is a huge benefit.
  12. It's a mix of standing in the right spot, aiming for the right spot, and timing your release with your jump. The first time I got it, it took me 20 tries (luckily I was playing co-op and had a patient friend babysitting a zombie at the time). The next time it took probably 8 tries, and now I can get it the first or second shot. If it helps, this is exactly where I was standing when I got it the first time; 0eP7I2gZ5Cs But since making that vid I have found that getting into the corner can be easier. Someone asked me to make a vid of how to get it from closer into the corner, so if/when I do that I'll edit this post or update the thread with the vid if you want.
  13. My guess is either we will play as them in the final map, or release/return them in the final map and play as them again in the inevitable next Treyarch Call of Duty. Slightly off topic, but I also believe that we may end up with a fifth DLC that will be similar to what Rezurrection was for Black Ops... a few Black Ops zombies maps and a new one. I've had a feeling about this since the game was released... especially since Nuketown was given to season pass holders and then released to everyone. My belief/theory/hope is that season pass holders and those of us that purchased the hardened edition will have it made up to us by getting a free all Zombies map pack (again, similar to how Rezurrection was done) that everyone else will have to pay for. The fact that DLC 2 came out almost a month before anyone expected just reinforces that belief. Kind of seems like they're trying to get the DLC out a bit earlier this time so they can work in an extra one, no? Maybe it's just wishful thinking and I could obviously be wrong, but I really think this may happen... and also means the DLC acronym could be 5 letters instead of 4. FEAR RULER perhaps?
  14. first guy was talking about the newspaper behind the MoTD loading screen it clearly says on the right side wat he was talking about "panic on streets" me and Megatron were talking bout the corner of the die rise loading screen with the tear in pages, they show the next map for the dlc No, at the end of my post I was talking about the fake "leaked" loading screens that people seem to keep falling for, and how we'll most likely be seeing another round of them soon. And yes, according to videos I watch and comments I read, many, many people are fooled by them again and again. That "bridging the gap" one was just awful looking, yet I saw multiple videos of people saying "yeah guys I think this is totally legit. It looks real." and seriously probably a hundred comments on various YouTube zombies vids saying "The next map is Der Kammer!! Look it up the loading screen was leaked and it's REAL!!" It's quite depressing. It truly is baffling how easy this community as a whole seems to be to troll since it happens so freakin' often.
  15. I noticed I put the original man sorry, that's why I didn't connect it or correlate it. But ill make it Johnny Cash. (: thanks It's cool, I didn't mean it to discredit your post in any way... I like your analyzation. Just felt it was worth mentioning for reference. I love both versions of this song... Soundgarden is definitely one of my favorite bands from the "grunge" era, and Johnny Cash definitely put his own spin on the song and made it his own... just like he did with NIN's "Hurt". I couldn't think of a better choice for this map, musically and lyrically.
  16. got a pic please?? (got ps3 cant see) Just pulled that from a quick GIS, so sorry that it's not higher res. I don't think this loading screen is at all related to the next map. Mob (and it's loading screen) seems independent from the other maps for the most part. I think the "STOCK MARKETS CRASH" headline and date are just there to give you a timeframe for the map. What is interesting, however, and I haven't really noticed people talking about it that the next page on the Die Rise loading screen (the torn corner showing the film reel or whatever it is) was apparently not DLC 2/Mob of the Dead and will probably be a part of the next loading screen instead. I'm sure we'll see tons of fake DLC 3 loading screens that fool most of the community any day now. I'm still baffled that the "Bridging the gap" fake ever fooled anyone.
  17. It's almost starting to feel like the same kind of troll we keep getting with Flopper. Like "Yeah, we know you guys all miss the original characters. We're just gonna keep teasing you with them without actually giving them to you. Because pissing off the community is fun!" Off topic, but (assuming you're the same SpeedoMonkey on YouTube) I was just looking at your Mob vids and replied to a comment you made on one of NoahJ's videos. Funny coincidence. I definitely would like to see some pics of your Minecraft Mob of the Dead project when you get it finished. I've been thinking it would be a cool project for someone to do!
  18. Just wanted to point out that the "Hits like a Phillips head into my brain..." bridge part isn't actually in Johnny Cash's version. His cover was more of an abbreviated version.
  19. For a serious high-round run I always prefer solo. I also find it boring as hell. I think every map is a lot more fun when playing with a friend or a few, even if you don't make it nearly as far. It seems a lot of people's cons against co-op have to do with playing with randoms.... I never play with randoms so I can't really speak for that.
  20. IMO the presence of Lucifer, Cerberus, and the "Hellish" look of the prison is due to the fact that with the exception of Ferguson they are all "bad" people. Al killed Ferguson, the rest killed Al, and once they move on from this "limbo" state they will all end up in hell. Ferguson, however, will move on to Heaven/paradise/whatever you want to call it once his business is finished. Lucifer will be claiming their souls, which is why he is sending the undead after them. Ferguson/Brutus doesn't necessarily "work" for Lucifer, he's just out for revenge for his life being taken, and as a good person Lucifer isn't after him. But again, this is just my interpretation based on what we're given about the events and the map itself. It doesn't exactly explain the presence of the perk machines or why Al is hearing Nikolai's name in his head.
  21. One thing that confuses me if this is supposed to be hell is that Brutus sometimes says "I'm stuck here... just like you!" Why would the guard be in hell? In the intro he's shown as a father of a young child and his murder by Al a kind of tragedy. This alone tells me that the entire map takes place in a kind of purgatory. Because he was killed and left behind a young child, his soul is not at rest and he is trapped there with the rest of the crew because he has unfinished business. This is why he is trying to kill them... to get revenge on them for taking his life and make right how he was wronged. They are all stuck in purgatory (or some other kind of in-between state of death and whatever comes after) and cannot move on to their "final destination" until their business is finished. Also note how the prison suddenly transforms in the intro when the zombies begin to appear. I think this is the moment they realize that they are no longer alive, but in some other state of being. The place goes from a normal prison to having hanging bodies and barbed wire everywhere all at once.
  22. Just further proof that the team that made this map is much better than the Zombies team. Though I guess I should cut them a little slack since these guys only had to make the one map and the Zombies team have to make all the rest, including the different modes and survival versions. Still... even the concepts in this map are much better, like not having a buildable tied to a certain table, being able to carry more than one part at a time (how much less annoying would the Tramplesteam have been to build solo if we could pick up the parts all at once), building equipment after collecting all parts instead of building a part at a time.... This map just feels like a lot more thought and work went into it than anything we have seen in Black Ops 2 Zombies so far. Hopefully the other DLC maps match the standard set here, because going backwards in quality from this point will be a HUGE disappointment.
  23. The three workbenches are just for convenience. No buildable is "attached" to one workbench... you can build either at any bench. There are three kind of spread around the map so you can build whatever you want in an area that suits your method of play (running the cafeteria? Build the shield there.) I don't think the cat having 9 lives means anything more than "We have an afterlife mechanic in this map". We've actually uncovered quite a bit in this map already, and I highly doubt there is anything major left to be discovered at this point. Possibly a couple minor Easter eggs, but with hundreds of thousands of people scouring every inch of the map and trying even the most random things for a week now, I think it's safe to say that if there were a big discovery like a Navcard table, we would have found it by now.
  24. There are pieces of torn paper around the map, and when you put them together it is a superhero drawing with notes made all over it. Apparently Al was an aspiring comic book artist, and the editor of whatever comic book company he was trying to work for wasn't happy with his work. Funny thing is, the drawing closely resembles real-life comic book hero "Shock Gibson", who existed around that time.... which has some striking parallels to this map. viewtopic.php?f=149&t=31204 Your theories are interesting, but this seems to be the literal explanation behind the "editor" statement.
  25. If you read anything like this in a freakin' YouTube comment of all places, ignore it. The odds of it being real are about .001%.
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