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  1. That's nice. Before reading it I have not idea how to unlock the Dead Ops Arcade for an iOS Device. Now I have got it how to unlock the iOS device for Dead Ops Arcade.
  2. I have watch the Zombie Map Trailer and it would very nice. The one Map of Black Ops II map impressed me too much and it's awesome. Whatever they have made in the game is more real as life.
  3. Yes, it could pretty interesting. For me its real enjoying things and such things are like whole interesting arena.
  4. That's true, The blowing up zombie is funny only if they land funny or in a funny position. Otherwise, it matters not or not in the affect of whole scenario.
  5. That's very helpful. I have look it around every where because I have been forced to play some other maps. But I have to play the First Strike as I heard it's great one and I haven't play it yet.
  6. I think Future of Zombie is great and nice. As people bring a part of Zombie the popularity of it is increasing and that say how far good the Future of Zombie.
  7. I have never disappointed with it. I am always enjoying too much with it. For me it's a great funny and enjoyment place which I always use as making my self busy.
  8. I like to play the game with Short-Machine-Gun. Whenever I am going to play the game with this weapon then it make me too fun and I am enjoying it too much. So it's great for me.
  9. [quote name=">]Just a question... How do you get images off of the game files? It's not possible to get images of the games. Because whatever you can see in the game are made from the program which they have write. So in game there no images for what you can see during the playing.
  10. I am also looking for the same and terrifying zombie map where I can enjoy the lots. Can any one here who have such map where I can experience the real thrill and adventure ?
  11. There are so many guns which I like to buy but the most favorite one is RPG X 1.36CV. This is the latest one, shoot target up to 300 meters and use the 5.2mm bullets. So you can easily track your target.
  12. No, I have not and I never want this one. Because I never like to play the mentor. It's too boring for me. That's why I like to avoid ir.
  13. Most of the vehicle are match with the real life. That's why people who are enjoying the Black Ops II too much because it's great place for experiencing the real thrill.
  14. For me both are different. That's why people using the both of them to experience the great gaming life and feel the real adventure as well as thrill.
  15. That's a very informative post as you have describe all current records of the WOW Black Ops. So any can try using this criteria for breaking down this current all records.
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