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  1. This is the coolest idea for a zombies map I've heard in a while I've only got afew addition. -The Dragon should be a zombie and work the same way as the robots in Origins, only instead of crushing you he burns you. -The Easter egg would then involve defeating the dragon with all the staves -The Characters should be the 04's ancestors -With them being the 04's ancestors it would explain their immunity to 115 as well as the hidden photo from origins. -Blue eyed zombies? -Can only get modern weapons from the box -New Dragon themed Wonder Weapon -Brutus type miniboss, every few rounds all the zombies will revert to Round 1 stats but only give off 10 points when killed, once this begins THE WITCH will spawn. WALL BUYS -Steam Powered LMG's, just LMG's with a steampunk style. -Dynamite launcher, a basic grenade launcher. -Cannon Gun, this gun would effectively fly through hordes of enemies. BUILDABLES -The Broadsword, the Sword would be a 1 hit kill up to round 20 but only has 50 uses before it breaks and must be replaced PAP'd it'll have infinite uses be much faster and be 1 hit kill up to round 45. Will edit this post as I come up with more ideas...
  3. ^ The N4 died at the end of buried (Maxis ending = world is destroyed) (Richtofen ending = they are killed by zombies)
  4. Lol I feel stupid in hindsight
  5. Alright guys here's a huge community effort that I think would be cool. Everyone in this thread will post PROVEN tips and tricks for Black Ops 2 zombies mode. Including but not limited to: Ways to get tons of points quickly, Box tricks, Maps, Tips on surviving COOP as well as solo, etc Don't spam with "Woah I didnt know that!" and stuff like that please Videos are allowed but less wanted than pictures
  6. Sweet I'll make sure to try that out
  7. No there was no Misty doll but there was one of Sthulingher Russman and Marlton
  8. It's probably a coincidence but Tank and Misty are the only characters who ask the player for ammo, in fact I think she says that as a way of treyarch saying they hear all our theories
  9. So where do you guys think the story is going from here?
  10. I've been wanting to get into making my own map but I have yet to find a good tutorial can someone please help me get started?
  11. I thought it was a metaphor too at first but I'm very sure it is not
  12. My friend says he's gotten juggernog out of the wonderfizz
  13. yah I was thinking the same thing, I mean it's unlikely but it is weird how they all have a melee weapon, but to be honest meleeing zombies looks cooler than shooting so that's probably why they did that
  14. I doubt we'll know even then to be honest :lol:
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