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  1. Do you know if it is even possible to try and help out on the 360? Look on the BO2 Zombie Leaderboards and there's more evidence if you need it, don't take this in offense, but the legit players won't get their spot because of the hackers
  2. Hello people of Treyarch. I have been playing your games since they came put and I have been noticing that whenever I search for Domination in Black Ops 1 or Black Ops 2, 50% of the time, it places me in a hacked lobby. Also, whenever I search to play a zombies game, it's not that often, but I get placed into hacked lobbies. I was wondering if their was a way to apply for the Enforcement team or create an allied enforcement team of 3 other people. I have the software to catch them and can get the evidence fairly easily. I would appreciate it if only staff members post on thei thread, thank you for your time.
  3. Hello people of the fourms! Are you like me? Find Nuketwon just a bit to bland? Look what I have to say about it and forward to the Developers if you like it! Let's get into the content: Doors: You should be able to open up the bunker area in the back of green house. Down there would be Wunderfizz which is their automatically at the start of e game. This door would cost 3000 points to open. There would also be an MP40 on the wall for 1400 points. The Shed behind green would be a good area also. Perhaps it could be opened for 2500 points. Inside would be the KSG for 1750 points. The Sickle would also be inside for 4500 points. Perks: I think that the perks that should be brought back into it are: Mule Kick StaminUp PhD Flopped Weapons: A few weapons that should be added to the box are: MSMC Peace Keeper Skorpion Molotovs Vector I will be making a new thread that is far more in depth later on. I am on an iPad so it is a little bit difficult to type. Any feedback helps, thanks guys!
  4. I think that Mule Kick should be added and maybe a few wonder weapons? I am going to be making a very in-depth post soon
  5. Dylant823

    CodZ Staff

    Thank you so much, helped a lot!
  6. Dylant823

    CodZ Staff

    Hello everyone, I have another question. I was wondering how you would become a Moderator or Technical Support Agent. Any info helps, thanks again guys!
  7. Dylant823


    Thanks man, really helped me out! How do I submit them though?
  8. Dylant823


    I was just wondering, for the awards that you have to reach a certain round, how do the moderators know this in order to give you that award, any info helps, thanks!
  9. Dylant823


    Hello everyone! I am Dylan and I am gonna keep this short and to the point. I am a very avid zombies player and cant wait to get in depth in the fourms. I have many stories and ideas to share with you all. Thanks for reading!
  10. Personally, I think it good get annoying but not that much
  11. Really nice ideas, wish that they would add them in, would be interesting to play with
  12. Welcome to the forums Dylant823 :)

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