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  1. What if #1 was true? Richtofen wakes up from his nightmare in his home in berlin realizing it was all a dream, he urgently phones the local geschtapo just to make sure though. After reciveing an all clear he goes and pours a glass of water. He then goes back to bed, just as he gets under the covers he hears a quiet tapping at the door. He goes to the door to investigate. He opens the door to find the three other characters, zombified at the front door. It then shows a view of his street, with his ear piercing screech echoing as the screen abruptly turns black with a thud.
  2. Y U NO HAVE ASCEND? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bOXzhfz ... ata_player Great poll though, wonder no ones done it before.
  3. I say ship three, four if needed. Whatever it takes to get this freaking idea off the ground. Imagine a Wunderwaffen mixed with a AT bazooka, imagine a magnum mixed with a PM series gun, imagine double CZs plus raygun. With this genius, AND I SAY GENIUS IDEA, people can actually fine tune and create a gun that GENUINELY suits them. The main complaint is time, lack of profit, innovation blah blah blah. I don't think anyone here would hate the idea if it surfaced. I bow in honor
  4. I guess strategy has taken a backseat to constant, instantly gratifying violence. An exception being high rounds, takes more to weather through them than most so called "strategy" games today. I really can't remember the last time a "REAL" stealth game came out.
  5. There's a green button at the top, so far to date you're the only person who has liked the idea, you could hide in weaved baskets and market stalls too. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I think a sandbox mode wouldn't work though, zombies has a certain air of mystery with it that comes with all the features to be discovered. It's like cheating on an RPG, I could understand where it comes from though, if Reach can have it so can we. It just seems that zombies is a game to be discovered rather than tinkered with.
  7. Great ideas! There are so many creative people here!
  8. I am about to post the most relevant and true comment in the history on this forum. LUL THER DOIN THE CONGA DANCE
  9. Watch it be a coupon. Classic activision, look at prototype 2's version. At least their stuffs better than the crap bungie and Bethesda shovel out.
  10. He's sure been acting that way, let's just move on :D
  11. Well it should be a wonder weapon, taking up an entire weapon slot. Twice the range of Bowie knife with double the damage AND it never does the slow, stabbing animation. When Pap'ed it turns into the muramasa blade witch glows bright blue
  12. I'm really terrified for BO2, it may be the last zombies game out there. There's not too much storyline flexibility now that one character has become turncoat and earth in ruins. They really talked themselves into a corner with this one. But knowing Activision zombies will make money so it'll probbably be continued.
  13. Oh god, all the stupid elite kids will have the maps before us! They're then going to flood the forum with their crap. :cry: (who said they havent already )
  14. Maybe gold painted weapons?
  15. I meant just the cavemen, the Dino's aren't there obviously. A pirate ship would be cool.
  16. Well, ive played it at a friends house and I can say CotD is awful, as for this kid, he pretty much follows me to whatever thread I post on and starts throwing mud. I meant no disrespect.
  17. You could pour the stuff on you're gun! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSf9aEET ... ata_player Sorry it's late at night and I can't think straight.
  18. Mw felt like a crappy action movie. Kill terrorists. kill Russians. kill bad guy, terrorists and Russians all at once. That's what happens if you neglect you're campaign.
  19. I think the map was released just to screw with people.
  20. LOLOL we could always use the extra help since our runner has gone hermit on us.
  21. Katana Damage: 5000 Twice the range of a Bowie knife Beheads zombies on kill and never does the stabbing animation. Pap: Muramasa Blade Blade glows blue and hilt has runes on it. Damage: 10000 Range: 1.25 times that of the katana Both take up a weapon slot
  22. Wasteland had its moments, when the game starts sometimes a volley of grenade launches hit our spawn like mortars, super funny. As for derail I liked however to everyone swarmed into the complex at the center, the rest of the map didn't really matter.
  23. Perfect, a rare GOOD perk here. We could see the return of the dragons breath after all. [brains]
  24. You just gave me a great idea for a map! [brains] [brains] [brains] for you
  25. Lol zombies soaked in perk a cola (perhaps from a bottling plant). Juggernaut zombie would be horrible to deal with. The PHD zombies would dive at you.
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