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  1. Does anyone know anything yet about DLC 4? Like around when it might come out, or what it will be like or when they will announce it? If you heard anything or any rumors, please post here.
  2. I have a prediction for the next DLC. So Treyarch needs another big finale for their zombie series, right? So here are some of my ideas/predictions/theories: - The Original Four will return. If you have seen or completed the Easter Egg Mined Games then you will know what I am talking about. - Elena Siegman will return to do an awesome finale song. - The location of the map will be in Agartha. Agartha is a legendary city that is said to reside in the earth's core. - A lot of rumors were passed with Shangri-La that it was in the middle of the Earth. Now here is the reason why I think Agartha is the next zombie map. "The process has begun! Now I can control the Aether's energy! I can, at last, reach Agartha!" — When all Easter Eggs are completed on Maxis' side, and the Navcards are accepted. This can be a hint to the final DLC zombies map. "Attention my commorial friends. You can hear me, yes. Our journey inches ever closer to its conclusion. This location represents a fine piece of a puzzle beyond the comprehension of mortal minds. With your help, we will heal the earth. Energy from the rift is at its strongest this close to the rift. You must harness this energy in order to power the tower seen from this vantage point. In order to achieve our goal. We must venture beneath the surface. I will interpret to monitor and advise your progress, but you must remain vigilant. Richtofen will stop at nothing to achieve his psychotic goals." — Said at the start of the match. So these are my thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Please comment!
  3. Does anyone know anything about the next map pack? Like any news or rumors? Maybe when it will come out or where the map will take place? Summer is here and there should at least be another map pack and one more close to Fall. If anyone knows anything please post so others can see. P.S. Please don't post any leaks, I don't want this thread to be locked.
  4. First off, great map! I'm impressed. I thought Die Rise was alright but this map is really good. The Easter Egg isn't too difficult but I do have some questions. What is up with the hell hound? What is the point of it? Why is it there? How does this map relate to the other maps? What is the back-story and how does it contribute to the story? Do we actually ever see the Warden or is that just in the cinematic? What is the bridge I hear about? Where is it? Where is the pack-a-punch machine? What does the new perk do? How do you get that tomahawk we saw in the trailer? Is that what the new perk is? If I could get some of these answers that would be great and this could help others who also have questions like this. If you have questions please ask and maybe somebody from this forum could help. Thanks. P.S. Don't hang around here too long, the map packs just came out. Go and feed your hunger for zombies!
  5. I found something interesting. Some of you may know this and some of you may not. Maybe you guys forgot this and this is a good refresher. When playing Tranzit, when you reach the farm, go inside the house and hold X/Square on the television. Turn the power on then come back to the farm and play the broadcasts. Here is some of the broadcasts: Dr. Maxis: "What has occured cannot be undone. However I realize the calculations were made in haste and could potentially threaten the entire globe, that was not the intent. I considered a possible plan B should this occur, but this plan would consist of creating global polarization devices that would ... It appears I have difficulty speaking. Devices when the power... (static) shut the power..." Next Broadcast: "Hello hello this is Jack S Flatts calling any human community within broadcasting distance. We're located at standard map coordinance 37 degrees 07 north 116 degrees 03 west. This is a warning to anyone contacted by a group of mysterious voices. Several of our party members began to hear the voices and their competing instructions and incompatible demands drove a wedge down the center of the camp. Half of the camp is carrying out the demands of (static).. only through electronics. (static) .... it's ultimate goal is unclear. The other voice cannot be heard by humans (static).... something, something blue eyes. Neither of these instructions...(static)... Those of us who have not chosen a side have been hunted by both sides. (static) seeking the forces to assist them ..(static)... Oh God They Found Us! (screams)...(static)... Good stuff. Incase you have seen this, this is a good refresher. Please share your thoughts on this below and I hope this provided some insight and new ideas.
  6. GREAT POST! But how do we know this is true? Where did you receive this information? Is this a leak?
  7. Wow guys this is great. I did not expect this. Keep it Up! I did not think of that. Good Thought!
  8. HAHAHA I though that was funny lol. It was a awareness campaign all along. lol
  9. Resolution Initiation Surveillance Excavation/Extinction/Elimination
  10. In Black Ops I the DLC worded out FEAR. I think in Black Ops II it will word out RISE. What do you guys think?
  11. I have some questions on this map and these questions could also be someone elses so hopefully you guys can answer. -Obviously the map is destroyed by a nuke, but is there a story behind the involvement of zombies? And if so, what is it? -What is the green slim around the map? -What do the sirens signify? -When the perks come flying down to the map, is it random or is there a pattern? -Is this map occuring around the same time as moon? I feel like it is due to the radiois -What does the population count on the billboard signifiy? -Any other secrets to this map? If you guys could answer these that would be fantastic and maybe could spur up a good forum discussion.
  12. I think (in my opinion) this would be the greatest easter egg in awhile. So here's my idea on what would be cool to see Black Ops 2 Zombies: So on one of the maps (it does not matter which one) there should be a huge telescope, like the Hubble's telescope or something close to that and if you look in it, you can see the moon and the Griffin Station! You can see zombies infestating it, excavaters breaking in, and maybe even the 4 heroes! I think this would be pretty cool! Ayn thoughts?
  13. ARAS

    Bus Driver

    Oh yeah I completely forgot about the 115 tattoo on his arm. Maybe since James C. Burns likes the zombies so much that the creators decided to add that to his character Frank Woods? Who knows and hopefully we will find out.
  14. ARAS

    Bus Driver

    Yeah I haven't posted in awhile so bear with me. The bus driver is obviously a robot but still is mysterious. Also a guy from Treyarch (I can't remember who) posted that you shouldn't make the driver angry. I think that if you shoot him, he gets angry and reacts like George Romero. He probably just leaves everyone behind and if you're in the bus then you either get thrown off, he drives crazily until you are thrown off, or gets up and chases you like Romero. Those are my thoughts. Please share you're ideas. The letters on the diner sign say "North Highway Diner," but only 6 letters light up, making it say "Now Die." I think it's kinda interesting. Unrelated to the topic above.
  15. The preview was a nice little taste for zombie fans but it also raised some questions and speculations. The zombies were in hospital patient clothes so what could this mean? I think it means they [Tank,Richthofen,Nikolai,Takeo] are either near a hospital, or went to a hospital to patch themselves up, or maybe there is an asylum involved again? How do we know it's the same four people for the map? I didn't see anyone and in the beginning of the video it sounds like an American, not even Tank. The world looks destroyed, probably because of the three rockets hitting the Earth. The place looks like it's still in the 60's. Well let's just hope the world premiere reveals more answers. Discuss!
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