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    Fattening up Zombies

    If anyone talks about more it should by the guy with the MOAR KRABS avatar. Señior reverend captain Alter72 P.H.D. M.S.G. L.O.L. B.B.Q. W.T.F. MOARologist Okay, let's start out with an analogy. Halo = Normal person that lacks intelligence and is weak in mind. Battlefield = Super snobby elitist who thinks he's superior to everyone else and a total dibs**t Fallout = Psycopath wearing Oblivion's skin draped around his body whom he killed with a cattle prod. Cod = 1000 pound man who has to be lifted out of his house with a forklift and rolls around trying to flatten the other 3 who are pretty much innocent. Is MOAR better? Let's wait 6 months and see. I'm just waiting to see the flack I get from those comparisons. All I'm saying is you probbably have better things to do than zealously defend battlefield.
  2. Alter72

    You're Banned!

    Lol I remember that episode Your banned for not having a picture of MOAR krabs as an avatar
  3. Alter72

    What do I do in skyrim after EVERYTHING is done?

    Finally someone in the world who doesnt think skyrim is the best game ever. You should sell it though, not to a store but a friend because the store will give you around 10$.
  4. Alter72

    You're Banned!

    You're banned for not suffering through moon yet.
  5. Alter72

    What do I do in skyrim after EVERYTHING is done?

    Actually I prefer the simplicity and lightheartedness of oblivion. Xbox may seem like the obvious choice but on pc you can get all sorts of mods and even make you're own!
  6. Watch it be a coupon. Classic activision, look at prototype 2's version. At least their stuffs better than the crap bungie and Bethesda shovel out.
  7. Alter72

    CoDz Word Association Game

  8. Alter72


    TROLOLOLOL nice one :lol:
  9. Yeah, people should have options, just as lingling said, even though all perks and PaP would tear the map to shreds, but if you like that type of chaos, be my guest. There should be a popup menu for the host just after he hits the "A" button to start match, it would look like this: [] Classic weapons [] Modern weapons [] Pack a Punch Perks: (list of perks that you can check off)
  10. Alter72


    @tankeo Yeah, the point of the relaxitave is the zombies stay close, but not too close, everyone seems to forget that if you sprint they would move faster, but maintaining their distance. Also you could have cups and paper fly around you for added effect.
  11. Alter72


    Lol in case of relaxitave the 115 could make you're body ultra dense so it would have a mini gravity field around you just like the earth has gravity so would you! :lol:
  12. Alter72

    PMC is Freemason?

    So wait, IW can get away with showing a child get gassed and an airport getting shot up? Well, I think activision is treating one (more profitable) company better than the other. Anyways I think there shouldn't even be a modern warfare, future would be fine but MW just takes what's going on now in the world and turns it into a shooter. Trey arch actually took creativity into factor and added what COULD'VE happened, making you think. On the military recruitment thing, I bet they only recruit Modern Warfare people, if you take a look at the game then it's pretty much a militaristic breeding ground for violent soon-to-be soldiers. Black ops is waaay more laid back and is about strategy, not reaction time. Lol I think the area taken up by china, Russia and the middle east will be a smoking crater the size of North america, but that's what happens when your main export is news. In conclusion I totally agree with you. Ps: often I start to think reality IS fiction, and vice versa. Someone's earned their [brains]
  13. I'll go first. My group (Fraggots) was on Der Riese after a brutal and profitable match we were at the pack a punch machine, I got my L115, our commander got his predator and our runner got his phantom from it. Our gunner puts his ray gun in it, but then suddenly for no reason the next round starts. Fraggot Commander: EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF! GET TO THE BASE! Everyone abandons our gunner who is swarmed from all 3 sides. I then turn around, dive in and save him. When we go back to the machine his ray gun is gone and all he has is an M16. So when we get to the base this is what happened in order. 1. Our runner can't handle the sheer amount of zombies and throws a monkey, the zombies make a ring around him and box him in. He shrieks and can't push through the zombies AND he is standing on the monkey, long story short: he gets blown to hell then mobbed. 2. About every zombie in the world runs through the small door our gunner is standing in, he doesn't even hold him for half a second, it looked like he got trampled. 3. Our commander desperately yells at me to save him, I sit back and laugh while he tries to hold back 50 zombies with a specter and cobra. 4. By now there's so many zombies on the catwalk I shot randomly and got 10 kill, no joke. I laugh uncontrollably as 20 zombies squeeze into the mesh room and maul me. Everyone rages at me for not making a miracle, they freak out and play MW3, I'm say DAMMIT, THIS CALLS FOR GOLDENEYE RELOADED. I laugh at their pathetic attempt to make me play MW2.1.
  14. Alter72


    Sorry, it was a misunderstanding, he sounded a bit forceful with the cowboy thing though
  15. Alter72


    I don't think you get it, the zombie would move FASTER when near a sprinting player making it hard to get away but easier to run backwards and shoot.

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