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  1. Anyone find it funny how they pull the same hype builder trick every year and it never gets old? Ziggymank is right, just watching all the "classified until 6 months are up" crap just tortures me. I think it serves me better not to chase after all the tacticus stuff that no one understands anyways. If you find it fun go right ahed, I just wanted to relax for a bit.
  2. Did anyone just realize that 4/6 avengers are just useless people with maybe a bit more strength or a bit more skill than an average person? Hawkeye: I'm gonna shoot my arrow at the giant worm behemoth thing.
  3. Did I just see a lüger broomhandle?
  4. WA3000, and I wouldn't be so quick to judge since there are freakin horses in the trailer.
  5. Welcome! I really don't know where to start, to actually have a zombie game that isn't cod would be great. What's the name of said project so we can monitor its progress?
  6. If you don't give me my WA2000 I will summon the 10 plagues of Egypt.
  7. If anyone talks about more it should by the guy with the MOAR KRABS avatar. Señior reverend captain Alter72 P.H.D. M.S.G. L.O.L. B.B.Q. W.T.F. MOARologist Okay, let's start out with an analogy. Halo = Normal person that lacks intelligence and is weak in mind. Battlefield = Super snobby elitist who thinks he's superior to everyone else and a total dibs**t Fallout = Psycopath wearing Oblivion's skin draped around his body whom he killed with a cattle prod. Cod = 1000 pound man who has to be lifted out of his house with a forklift and rolls around trying to flatten the other 3 who are pretty much innocent. Is MOAR better? Let's wait 6 months and see. I'm just waiting to see the flack I get from those comparisons. All I'm saying is you probbably have better things to do than zealously defend battlefield.
  8. In soviet Russia tankeo oppressed by You! Anyways I'm extremely disappointed with BO2. I understand though that there was no other option, WW2 is a long over fad by now, no one really liked the 60's idea, IW was already strangling the very life out of Call of Battle Modern Company. In a way it was either the future or WW1 and a ww1 game would suit the leigons of fanboys so badly the stock would plummet the hells basement. And wtf was the horse part??!? I don't think even the devs know what the hell that was about.
  9. Relax, the ray gun is a symbol of zombies. Taking it out would be like taking out the 4 original characters. Other than that we need more light snipers, pistols and shotguns.
  10. Yeah I agree with you guys. Most soldiers aren't carrying a knife at all times that instantly kills anyone it touches even if you stab his foot.
  11. X-COM enemy unknown Fallout tactics (FO3 is just oblivion 2 in my opinion) Red dead revolver (haven't tried redemption) Powder game (look it up) Lost planet 2 Any stronghold game Zombie estate (xbl indie) That's what I've played in the last 8 months or so. DID SOMEONE MENTION MYST?!?!
  12. Okay, I took one look at the trailer and I thought it was a fake one. What is call of duty anyways? I thought it was about fighting the Germans during WW2. All I can say is if I don't get dismemberment in multiplayer I'm gonna be pissed. Zombies is going to be pretty interesting though.
  13. Its an unholy abomination that must be destroyed.
  14. Lol I remember that episode Your banned for not having a picture of MOAR krabs as an avatar
  15. I remember metal gear on PS1, stoopid tank.

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