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  1. no afense or how you spell it tac but i watched a documentary on mars and if you dont have some sort of special suit the dust on mars is more than razor sharp so you would have approximtly 2.3 seconds if that to survive and no air supply and and brock and gary wouldnt be alive either even if the tornado part is correct and if i turn out to be wrong you have the right to yell "BUUUUURN"
  2. ive seen the show since it started and i absolutly LOVE the show i never even realised that jensen ackles was in smallvill till i watched the credits today
  3. heres tom kane(takeo) i know its kinda crappy but its what i found :roll: and heres nikolai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56XmhOS0 ... re=related enjoy:)
  4. heres tom kane(takeo) i know its kinda crappy but its what i found :roll: and heres nikolai http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56XmhOS0 ... re=related enjoy:)
  5. my theory wich no one believes i think because theres earth there could be another planet like it except more advanced or the same as us
  6. i never said area 51 wasnt built by humans im saying that there could be aliens there like being held captive or dead have you ever noticed that whenever theres a siting or crash our government has been the first ones there? andbtw anyone here about the real life zombie apparently a homeless maan !ATE! another mans face off and took !3! bullets to the head and there were two other incedints like this one!?!?!?!?
  7. what if zombies are real(highly unlikely) what if extra terrestrials are real? in Nevada there is a !SECRET! military base known as area 51 now why do they keep it so secret? my theory is that they found some sort of spacecraft and have turned that base now we know that theres somthing there because 1: they let camera people in almost all the other bases and the sign not to enter is so far away so youu cant see and since no mans land and call of duty zombies itslf came out people have wondered even more about zombies at area 51 (i dout this though but you guys can tell me what you think) bu
  8. ^^^holy crap man you realy thought that one out nice brains to you!
  9. best of luck matuzz stay sharp and make sure you make it back btw im thinking about joining the army do you have any tips?
  10. well the possibility of a dead man coming to life is highly unlikely but mad cow disease and other diseases can make you into something like that though heres some tips for when that happens viewtopic.php?f=25&t=21102
  11. tanked99


    i do like playing rampage(look it up) and a few other like pac-man and all of the other pac-man! :D
  12. tanked99


    i looooove my ps2 i have tons of games i have a wii a ps3 ps2 and ds so i have a few online games but not any major except for ps3 like cod bo/cod modern warfare's so i dot have a xbox though i only play that at my dads :D
  13. tanked99


    if any one has a ps2 i just want to congragulate you for not trading it in lol i play socom1/2/and combined assault i also play call of duty finest hour my name on it is tanked99 my clan tag for socom1 fos(faction of specialists) and socom2 ost(over seas terror) post your favorite games for ps2 and if you play socom send me a messag. sorry about spelling i babysat today so im tired lol
  14. whel im sure treyarch has some marvel fans since tank dempsey(steve blum) was wolverine! :D
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