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  1. no afense or how you spell it tac but i watched a documentary on mars and if you dont have some sort of special suit the dust on mars is more than razor sharp so you would have approximtly 2.3 seconds if that to survive and no air supply and and brock and gary wouldnt be alive either even if the tornado part is correct and if i turn out to be wrong you have the right to yell "BUUUUURN"
  2. thanks and if treyarc comes out with a zombie backstory or missions from each character in the zombie mode or maybe like play each map or another like texavery08 said would be sweet
  3. yeah i guess but it would still be cool for me id by it
  4. i personaly think we should have a zombie campaign where you start at the beginning of the experiments and and test and play it out and the game have all the zombie maps on there as an online or solo or however you play bonus leave a post and tell me what you think. :mrgreen:
  5. did anyone think that group 935 or the gang might just be in aether and it is a possibility that its either peter or...MAXIS cause we have no actual proof that he was killed he could have teleported! and is hiding or even stuck in kino
  6. turn it on this seriously needs published!!!!!
  7. these stories rock you should do more
  8. dempsey- fack you fido(killing dogs) richtofen- zere glorious screams hahaahahhaha jfk- oh say can you see BOOM by the dawns early light BOOM(nading i believe) richtofen again- eenie meenie minee SHOTGUN(buying SHOTGUN) nikolia-that hoar took my money(buying weapon) btw what the hell is the fourth wall that questions been bothering the heck out of me
  9. can ya blame him being mad richtofen took takeos memory

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