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  1. Loving the new site... Been too long since I was last on here, missed the community of zombie lovers we all have here!

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      We thank you for the kind words, the work is only half done. The team still have a lot to do.

      Glad to see you return, did you get the email newsletter and decide to come and have a look?

    2. Boom115


      Don't go leaving us again ;)

  2. MNM1995

    Origins Highest Round

    After several games in a row of not exceeding wave 10, I pulled a Wave 27 solo out of my ass! Even managed to build two of the staffs without knowing what I was doing. Came out at rank 5340th in the world, going to go back and try hit Wave 30 now.
  3. Very interesting, I like how you linked the fireworks to Richtofen and Maxis, it's like some kind of foreshadowing of their inevitable fight for power. Also, I don't believe that neither Maxis or Richtofen are 'good' characters- both have unclear intentions at this point, but it doesn't seem that either are good intentions. But, I digress. I like your link between the Weasel and the Devil, although I believe that the Weasel is actually the only 'good' one of the Mobsters. If you play on Solo and get to the GG Bridge, he'll question why they're going down again (as he remembers what happenes in the past like Annihilater already said) and after landing, asks why he's been given this fate as he isn't '"like the others" who are all murderers and psycho's. i think the Devil is making him remember everything before on purpose to prolong his torture, as he want's Arlington to know what happens and understand that he is dead but not give an explanation as to why only he can remember, so basically the Devil is torturing him in particular, perhaps because he knew that he could never deliver what he promised the others and wanted to make sure he suffered more for it but who knows. Also Annihilator, Lucifer is another name for the Devil.
  4. I would reccomend the Steam Room ragawaga as it is quite easy to loop on Solo. But like i said, ensure you have the Hell's Retriever first- so much easier with it.
  5. I personally quite like the Steam Room on solo, as it's fairly easy to dodge zombies coming at you. Plus, if you have Hell's Retriever you can predict something coming and just charge it up ready when approaching a corner, and if there's nothing there you turn it around and use it on your horde- simple! I also hate the spiralling staircase down... You wouldn't believe the luck I get there. Speaking of luck, me and my brother were playing split-screen down at the docks and on wave 8 we were trapped there. We had gotten Hell's Retriever but had practically concentrated solely on that so didn't have Jug yet. To make matters worse, Brutus had spawned in. I didn't know that the Retriever kills him in one (as we found out later) and got myself trapped near the guard tower trap yet somehow (and this still shocks me), even though I had been hit by Brutus and lost most my health, I was able to avoid the zombies that had chased me and Brutus and still got to my brother in time to revive him (out of Afterlife's). EPIC! Anyway bit off topic sorry. I also am not a massive fan of the roof- I find it too easy to get caught up there, same with the cafeteria really but the cafeteria is a little easier in my opinion. Steam Room for me by the sounds of it!
  6. Or maybe the Mobsters bootlegged drinks act as perks for this map? Explains the glow emmiting from random cabinets throughout the trailer.
  7. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    Okay man, i'll check it out tommorow when i'm on next. This could be something pretty interesting here...
  8. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    What's your Xbox Live GT MelGibson? I'll check out your recent games, because if that's true it'll debunk peoples theory's (or at least my own theory) that Russman may die.
  9. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    Apparently his voice becomes weaker if Maxis's side is complete, can anyone who's either done/ seen this confirm this for me?
  10. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    I wouldn't quite say he sounds although he's suffering, but I do agree that by the end of the game he seems a lot more upbeat than at the start, once his side of the EE is done anyway.
  11. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    that what I think the game wants to lead you to belive but I still think Maxis has his own agenda, he's not even truly the real Maxis, I'm told he's an AI so would his decision making be based on emotions or by logistics? I think he's out for revenge. He was betrayed, his daughter was imprisoned in the MPD and his last words to her before he got shot was something along the lines of "kill them". The apocalypse has happened, he's already sent missiles at the Earth whilst laughing maniacally. I think he wants to wipe the slate clean. So what you're saying is that maybe we are being lead to believe that Maxis is the 'good' guy and Richtofen is 'The Bad Guy', but actually it's the other way around? Interesting thought... Perhaps, whoever you side with in the end, the Earth will never return to its original state, either Maxis will desyroy it or Richtofen will control it. Pretty interesting stuff. And yes, you are correct, Maxis is an entity and this could affect his decision and motives later on.
  12. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    Perhaps Maxis is trying to help Samantha survive? Maybe everything you do for Maxis is to help the O4 on the Moon? Seeing as she's his daughter, this would make sense... Obviously Richtofen, who hates Samantha and Doc. Maxis would be trying to stop this and likely improve his powers and capabites (they already seem to have improved drastically since the start of BO2).
  13. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    Richtofen is the only voice in Samuels head at the moment. There has been no confirmation of another voice, and i'm not saying there there isn't one but i'm going on fact here and the fact is there is only one voice in Samuels head at the moment.
  14. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    Right at the end, when they start going down the elevator the coice sounds more like Richtofen, then at the end of the trailer when they come out of the elevator then all die. Richtofen is the one talking to him.
  15. MNM1995

    Maxis's EE for Die Rise interests me...

    True, though that perk isn't online anymore and is now only used on zombies, seeing as it hasn't been in the game since BO1 and besides that, my point was that when a player dies in Search, they don't come back till the next round/ game. Good thought, however seeing as in the Die Rise cutscene it's shown that the low, grumbling voice Samuel is hearing was just Richtofen changing his voice like Samantha did before. It could be that the zombie-like voices in his head are this new entity, but according to the CoD wiki it's Samule himself who is making these zombie noises, which I don't believe.

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