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  1. Basically, I believe The Giant is supposed too end the story for the original three characters (I think this has already been confirmed but I digress). Quite simply, my theory is this: After Origins, the survivors realised that although they had closed one loophole in the storyline by returning Maxis to Agartha and reuniting him with his daughter, another still remained- when Richtofen teleports Maxis and Samantha, Maxis will end up dead and Samantha in control of the zombies again, meaning that they group would have too travel to the future, to 1945, to prevent future Richtofen from enacting his plans. To do this, Richtofen offers to stay behind and, using the Element 115 on site, manages to craft a makeshift teleporter good for one visit. Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai travel to the point just as Richtofen has initiated his plan and they warn him not too open the teleporter as Maxis would live and the loop would continue. Richtofen doesn't listen and opens the teleporter, but past Richtofen is there. He decided to visit and see for himself, killing his future self too take all the research for himself and give him an advance in the past. Okay, so the final outcome isn't clear. Baring in mind this is based on the leaked intro for the map, but it's just an idea I had. What are your thoughts on this theory? Or any other theories you yourself might have? Comment away people!
  2. Loving the new site... Been too long since I was last on here, missed the community of zombie lovers we all have here!

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      Sadly, I did leave again... however I am back once more! I honestly didn’t expect my login to still work it’s been so long hahaha. 

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      Welcome back, little quite but we’re working on a few things though. Feel free to have a look around and get involved.

  3. I was very shocked and saddened to hear about this this morning. His Wave 151 run on Ascension inspired me to work harder and become a better zombies player, and for that I thank him greatly. It seems sad that (if Treyarch ever continue the zombies story) he'll never get to see how it truly ends, what really happens to the characters we've come to love... I mean, Yote was one of the first to take on the zombies reins and steer it towards the success and popularity it holds today. If someone can figure out a way to commemorate him at all (including Murder's idea of having his name on the new custom map) then please share it, but for me i'll be trying to beat my wave 64 record on Ascension (my highest wave yet) in his memory. Thanks for the great videos and for helping to build this fantastic gaming community up. Ladies and Genitals, let's say RIP Yoteslaya.
  4. This is a good theory. When I first heard those lyrics a couple of years ago, I thought it just meant that she was struggling to come to terms with the power she now wielded and how it worked in the Aether, but in hindsight and looking at the events of Origins, it could be that Treyarch had planned this and knew they could make the story as messed up as they wanted.
  5. This is a great song, looking forward too hearing it in the opening cinematic. Hopefully it's 4 minutes long like the song!
  6. What about if it's a perk that cuts the price of everything down? Like, for 30 seconds, everything becomes half price- perks, box weapons, weapons off the wall and their ammo, doors, the pack-a-punch machine and anything else they add in to this map new that costs money? Just a thought, it's a perk that could be considered OP but it's really going to only be effective in the early rounds, as in the later rounds who's going to need to pack-a-punch or buy perks on the cheap, right?
  7. I'm guessing we'll be able to hearthis song during gameplay too (like Rusty Cage in MoTD), but there's bound to be other songs there too. I would rather have a song by Clark instead of Malukah as I think she sounds too similar to Elena anyway and hearing a male singing was a nice difference in TranZit and Die Rise (at least in my opinion).
  8. Well with Avenged i'm happy, with Elena i'll be over the Moon (cue drum beat).
  9. Yeah of course being a fan of the band is going to sway your opinion on whether you're happy to hear about it or not, but even non-fans can appreciate the fact that A7X's previous songs in zombies have recieved a very positive response from fans, and that their return likely won't bring us bad news. Still waiting on Elena though...
  10. I have to admit, I do sometimes miss some of the WaW PaP'ed weapons. The Reaper was (aloong with many others) one of my favourite weapons, but I also remember the C300 fondly. Hell, I was even a fan of the M1A1 Carbine PaP'ed (cannot remember its name) because I liked the fact it became a full auto weapon. World At War Pack-A-Punch was good.
  11. It would ne great to see (or rather hear) Elena in the map again because I personally don't like Malukah much. It's not that I don't like her singing it's just that she sounds so similar to Elema (in my opinion), I didn't see the point in bringing her in to do the EE songs in the first place. I also really like Clark, and was hoping he'd stick around (Carrion was one of my favourite music EEs).
  12. I am reslly Hoping for some of these hilarious foreshadowing jokes, I can just imagine Nikolai claiming to never drink Vodka or never shave his beard, or Takeo making comments on what to do about his family's dishonour, or Richtofen saying him and Maxis are BFF's, or Dempsey saying he's never gonna fight in a war again or something like that, I think it will be very good and very funny if they pull it off right xD
  13. Anyone want to bet Tank will have a quote something along the lines of "Tank's on a Tank? Oorah!" No but I am seriously pumped now, glad the O4 are returning (even though I think character models have been reused again... Nikolai is the spitting image of Reznovs brief appearance in BO2, Dempsey looks like Mason, Takeo looks like Tian Zhao and i'm not too sure about Richtofen but still), WW1 weaponry (though not an armory like they said) looks fun, and A7X providing a song for it- all looks very exciting.
  14. Yeah I tried to link it but i'm on my phone so it's awkward. Finding out about the O4 was good, then that they'd be new perks, power-ups and wonder weapons was awesome, then the robot thing which sounds interesting, and then they put the icing on the cake by announcing A7X's involvement- gets me so pumped!
  15. As i'm sure some of you are well aware by now, A7X are going to be providing there song 'Shepherd a Fire' for the maps opening cinematic. I was just wonderig what you all thought about this? Personally, i'm happy. I'm a big A7X fan since Not Ready To Die actually and look forward to hearinf them in a map again, especially as it's a new song. Oh and before anyone says anything, I don't think this is going to be the music easter egg for the map, it only says that it'll be on the opening cinematic so there may still be hope for Elena's return yet. I presume they'll do it like Rusty Cage in MoTD and include the song in some way in the actual map though.
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