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  1. Heys Retro here and I was wondering what game modes you think will be in the new zombies mode
  2. If this has what call of duty has become then zombies has to have a new sotryline. NO MORE TIME TRAVELING! If they keep the the old crew ill be happy but i doubt ill happen :(
  3. Hey Guys Retro here and i was wondering what your preorder wishes were mine has to be access to all the BO maps hbu?
  4. Hey Carjul its crockpros765 from youtube nice to see ya around!
  5. I would enjoy seeing possibly a sandstorm that makes the visability poor and harder to see everything around you or maybe even a map that goes from day to pitch black night!
  6. Description: The crew has found out a way to go back in time and stop Maxis! What will happen in this Mansion of the Undead Areas: Front yard Alley Back Yard Basement Living Spaces Lab Top Floor Perks: NEW PERKS "Devils Dew" "Mechanics Malt" PERKS: Juggernog Speed Cola Double Tap Quick Revive PhD Flopper Stamin up Mule Kick Deadshot Daquiri Front Yard: A small compact area with 3 windows 1 door to the alley for 1000 Alley: small but good for lineing up zombies Backyard: Huge open space with a Water Fountion and garden Living Spaces: Huge but a good deal of furinutre for you to get stuck on Lab: About the same size as ascensions lab but slightly bigger Top Floor: Huge open area I'll add more later tell me what ya think;) ~RetroZombies115
  7. Hey guys Retro here again with a new perk idea called.. "Mechanics Malt" Cost: 3000 Effects: After drinking this perk your knowledge of mechanics will increase taking 25 percent off every door or trap purchase made with this perk! SO tell me what you think and leave me suggestions to make it better ~RetroZombies115
  8. Hey guys RetroZOmbies here and i have an idea for a new perk for the next zombies game it would be called "Devils Dew" Cost:3500 Effect: Once buying this perk the players ammo would become Dragon Breath rounds letting zombies on fire doing a small-medium amount of damage over time almost like buying the underbarrel Flamethrower for your gun So tell me what ya think guys;) ~RetroZombies115
  9. Very nice [brains] to you. but i think its quite possible whatever came out of that sheep is in face a Hellhound spawn or an infant hellhound. Is there any thing on the internet about what happend to the creature?
  10. Hi am new her my names RetroZombies115 but you can call me Chris and happy i'll be around the fourms to hear about all your zombies theroys and news! :)
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