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  1. While I think the normal survival mode should stay along the path of Mob of the Dead and Origins (campaign team > Zombies team), I think we need some better alternative game modes to keep things fresh. Grief and Turned were terrible. The pacing was the main issue. Grief was way too slow paced, and Turned was way too fast paced. My idea for a custom game type takes ideas from both of these, and also from the Infected game mode. I call it Pandemic. Basically, there are 8 allied players on a medium to large sized map. There are no rounds, however. The zombies come continuously like in Area 51 to keep things from slowing down. Each player only has one life, and if they are killed, they turn into a zombie slightly more powerful than a normal zombie, with a slightly different appearance so that the humans can tell them apart. The game continues until there are no humans left, and players' score is determined by the duration of time as a human and/or their points earned as a human.
  2. I'm posting this poll to various CoD Zombies related websites to find out what the general consensus is on the best Zombies map in BOII. Please feel free to vote and spread. Link to the poll: poll.pollcode.com/ozwtw
  3. So in BO2 we had a dedicated Zombies team making Zombies maps. The only problem is, the campaign team was able to make better maps (Mob and Origins). Let's face it, TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried had very little new to offer. They were super easy, had cheap gimmicks like the bank and permaperks, and pretty bland atmospheres. It wasn't like in BO2 where each new Zombies map was something totally different. This time around, they felt more like multiplayer maps, they felt like just a new arena to fight zombies in. The campaign team's maps, though, holy CRAP. Mob and Origins had some of the best atmospheres and backstories of ALL Zombies maps. They were hard too, and had unique and creative gameplay elements like the afterlife, generators, the plane, Brutus and the Panzer, etc. It seems like the Zombies team decided to pump out the maps in a way similar to how multiplayer maps are made, while the campaign team seems to have taken their time with their maps, and crafted them to perfection. I want to know what you guys think, is the spirit of Zombies gone from the Zombies team, and is it now in the hands of the campaign team?
  4. My pick would be Mob of the Dead. Everything about that map's atmosphere is perfect imo. The visuals are incredibly haunting and scary but not in a cheesy way, the mobster voice acting and the contextual music are spot on, the zombies look hellish with their red eyes and barbwire all over their bodies, and, perhaps most importantly, the dark backstory of the map gives it a depth that no other map has been able to match.
  5. The Zombies team created TranZit, Nuketown, Die Rise, and Buried, while the campaign team created Mob of the Dead and Origins. Imo, the campaign team, quite ironically, did a far better job than the Zombies team at making Zombies. The Zombies team maps were very bland and easy with few new features that didn't feel tacky, and the new characters were quite one-dimensional. The campaign team made maps that felt extremely fresh with new objectives, creative new features, amazing atmosphere and characters, while also making the maps challenging. Which team's maps did you prefer and why?
  6. MotD was called Alcatraz Island on the leaderboards but Alcatraz Prison on the globe. Are there any gamemodes besides Origins on this map?
  7. Jesus, how can they be SO bad at streaming? Are the using a dial-up connection or something? Technical difficulties happen, but going down two days in a row for hours at a time is just ridiculous. It's pre-recorded anyway, right, so why not just upload it as a god damn video?
  8. The stream appears to be live right now - a half hour early. They are playing multiplayer at the moment. Can someone who was watching yesterday take a look and let me know if it's just a repeat of yesterday's stream?
  9. This is why I like CoDZ soooo much better than the CoD forums, because people here actually express appreciation towards the developers, rather than just bitching about how PHD Flopper isn't in the new map or posting 3 threads about their brilliant "carnival" map idea. Props to you, and props to Treyarch for their awesome work on Zombies.
  10. You must have a mic (no squeakers), know the steps, preferably someone who's attempted before so they know what they're doing. We got to the target step on our last attempt. Message me on XBL: jameslieb1.
  11. Send me a msg - Gamertag: jameslieb1.
  12. Sorry to be the debbie downer, but I'm actually kinda disappointed that they brought PHD back. Much of the community (besides the 10 year olds at callofduty.com) was finally starting to accept that it wasn't coming back, and many people including me finally realized how ridiculously OP it was. I mean seriously, Ascension wasn't a fun map for the reason that the WHOLE map besides the PHD area was rendered useless because of how easy it was to train and flop there. Not to mention the ridiculously cheap M&S+PHD strategy everyone used. At least this time it's not as easy to get, it kind of seems to come and go spontaneously.
  13. Sorry that this is a callofduty.com type of thread, but I would like to know what time the DLCs come out. I know it's either 5 or 6 AM EST, which is it?
  14. Perhaps if you kill her in a certain way she'll drop a perk bottle, kind of like how you could get it if you killed the Minions in Die Rise with perfect accuracy.
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