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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to get some thoughts and opinions on the future of Black Ops/COD zombies. I really enjoyed playing BOII this year and enjoyed completing all of the easter eggs but it really bothers my mind wondering if they will continue Black Ops and the zombie story line or create a whole new COD all together. Honestly I think they should keep BO and continue the story line. So what is your thoughts on this? Reply's are appreciated ! - Danii
  2. Hello guys! My name is Danielle (Danii), im 17 and I have been playing Zombies since WAW.I have always enjoyed zombies over multiplayer and its something that I find fun and exciting. If I had to tell you my most favourite map it would be between Die Rise and Buried, both maps for me is my play style and the Easter eggs are awesome! That's about it, thanks for having me here - Danii
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