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  1. Does anybody here really like Infected? I find myself enjoying myself sometimes even more than I am playing Standard Modes like Domination or Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed. I was thinking if anyone here would like to play some Infected for fun in Modern Warfare 3, if your interested, here's a link to the 'Shadow Strikers' clan I have created viewtopic.php?f=48&t=19715
  2. Sorry to post this but where and how can I put pictures in my signature? :oops:
  3. Wow, I'm not a very high level at all but these are some awesome gun combos. Keep em' coming guys!
  4. Hi guys,can I have your honest opinion on this story. Please, if you want a sequel or if you like it, let me know right away A tall, emaciated boy walked down the narrow dusty road. He wore ripped jeans, a badly torn jumper beyond repair and black Vans in poor condition. In his right hand he held a heavy, iron hammer and in his right hand, a butchers knife. Strapped around his waist, he carried the burden of two Pythons, as well as a low supply of ammo. His round face and cold blue eyes, filled with utter hate and despair, protruded from his thin neck. His blond hair, shaking with dust dangled onto his forehead. This is John Highwind. John came to the end of the narrow road and came to a sudden halt, discovering the two paths that lay ahead of himself, used to making life or death situations he took the right path. The beasts were tracking him down from the east, it wouldn’t be long before the next crew of them would be on the attack. Johns old life was almost forgotten by him now, probably for the best. As for as he knew he was the only man out there, John Highwind VS the World, That was IF this still counted as earth. Crumbling sky-scrapers, dying flowers and mutilated humans, no, not humans but beasts… John knew that these were not zombies, zombies were reckless stupid individuals, these beasts possessed the same cunning, knowledge, agility and…. Courage, as humans once did. He could smell it, the same stench that stalked him around the cataclysmic atmosphere, death. John began to pick up the pace, it would be dark soon, and the beasts would be upon him. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted an old retail store, eroded by the acid rain that trampled on the lone building. John opened the door, as a creaking sound rang through the entire store. Emptiness. The store must have been looted years ago when the apocalypse came. John couldn’t remember his past but he could clearly remember the event that plunged him into this dark and lonely reality. The year was 2086. An unidentified aircraft had emitted a deadly gas that turned humans against each other, brothers turned on sisters, uncles turned on nephews, husbands butchered their wives. Utter slaughter. Finally when everyone was dead the creatures came, large black pupils, black as night, large green heads, on which a big mouth with razor sharp teeth lay, 8ft tall, and… foreign. And yet the creatures experimented on these dead humans, released gas after gas, until finally they got what was coming to them, one of their scientists had tried to unleash a toxin that would restore human capability, have access t the full 100 percent of their brains. He succeeded. But the toxin had a slightly more extreme effect, it restored human life and 100 percent brain accessibility, but over the years something dark had crept into these humans brains, death had become a craving for them and as well as that, they were determined to extract revenge on these cruel creatures. Even with their advanced technology, the creatures could not defeat these beasts, few escaped the massacre but those who did, have never returned. John began to set down his blanket and pillow and begin to claim the store as home, for tonight. But suddenly a noise erupted from the corner, a faint shuffle echoed by the tall building. John silently rose, his hammer gripped tightly in his sweating palm. And then they were upon him. Clawing, hungry and in many. John batted the nearest one on the scalp and came with another blow to the stomach, bones cracked with a sickening crunch. John then spun around and slit the nearest beasts throat, blood spurted all over him like a fountain. He couldn’t face all these beasts at once, as well as there being a lot of them, they were also smart and extremely skilled. The full capacity of their brains combined was too much for John and he began to retreat, slowly. The beasts began to circle around him, than suddenly he heard the battle cry that erupted from behind the beasts. Could it be…?
  5. Hello everyone, I havent been on this forum for a while so forgive me if this is awkward... Anyway, that aside, Ive just generally been wondering what gun YOU are most confident and capable with in Modern Warfare 3. As for me, I find my best gun is the PP90M1 and the ACR 6.8. I basically use the two different guns for different maps. As for long range maps, the ACR 6.8, for short ranged maps, the PP90M1. I actually prefer to use Steady Aim Pro and just do hip-fire with my PP90M1. Enough of my guns! Let's here about your guns.
  6. Sorry, I forgot to mention the ACR, it's an incredibly powerful gun as well.
  7. I was recently browsing YouTube and came across a video which states the Type 95 is the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JD5hUcr-6K4 What does everyone else think? I know that the Type 95 is an amazing gun but for me the PP90M1 is my best gun, I have also heard that the P90 is one of the top notch weapons also.. Tell me, what gun best suits you guys?
  8. Robert Bowling, creative strategist for Modern Warfare 3, Infinity Ward praises Battlefield 3 after GamesCom. . Don't you just love a little bit of rivalry between to amazing games in development, soon to be released. Even EA boss John Riccitiello said he hopes Call of Duty fails. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if it does! Battlefield 3 looks phenomenal. Here is the link from where I found this: ** http://beefjack.com/news/modern-warfare ... lefield-3/ ** Also here are links for the two trailers of the upcoming games, hope you enjoy! MW3 Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhgUjszS138 Battlefield 3 Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA378g_gD1I Regards, Legend.
  9. As you can see, on the cover of the moon picture showed after Rezurrections announcement, that their are two men on the cover. The man in the background *(Either Takeo, Richtofen, Nikolai or Dempsey) appears to be jumping and one of his arms has been torn off, as for me, the mans face looks like Dempsey. There is another man right at the cover and his helmet has been smashed and his eye is showing. It is notably red. There could be some confusion over this. It might be Richtofen, OR it could be Dr. Maxis. You never know.. Regards, Legend
  10. Listen, everyone. Black Ops was phenomenal, the storyline, the best we ever had in the Call of Duty series. The multiplayer was very successful, theater mode helped players upload videos with much more ease. Not to mention zombie, the zombies community has never been bigger, never has more people delved this deep into the zombie storyline, our anticipation for the next map was huge. But Black Ops 2, would it just be a continuation of the brilliant storyline, the multiplayer with a few extra perks and new weapons, the only thing that would really appeal to me would be the zombie storyline *(If there even is one, which there probably will be)* . I mean, what would we like better, Call of Duty Zombies or Call of Duty Black Ops 2? Regards, Legend.
  11. Well, this is actually really simple. If you weren't lazy and actually looked at the official Call of Duty website for yourself, you'd find out it says: Sorry. Didn't check out the facts properly. But I have heard it, that it's coming out at the same time. But by soon do they mean a month or a day? It's the final map pack for Black Ops, they should be fair. NOT STARTING A CONSOLE WAR. :roll:
  12. Guys, listen. I have heard numerous times that the new map Rezurrection that is coming out on August 23rd is out for ALL consoles at the same time. Is this just a rumor or is it true? I have a PS3 and would be really happy if it came out for all the consoles at the same time. No exclusive dates for different consoles, the map pack comes out for every console at the same time. Sound.
  13. Dude, just edit your old pole. You don't need to create a new one. :? Anyway, there is already SO many polls on this topic...
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