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  1. I'd love to be a napalm zombie. Just walking up to people slowly, sneaking up on people from behind. Then BOOM!
  2. Hijacked is the small boat correct? I hate the one with the big boat, but my favourite map would be Aftermath.
  3. I was playing the campaign yesterday and on the second level you have to infiltrate some sort of base in the mountains. Then you find a scientist who brings you over to something called a "Quantum Entanglement Device" (QED). Sound familiar to anyone? Is this just a reference, a lapse of memory or is it actually part of something bigger. Unfortunately, after continuing the campaign I found no other zombie references of this nature, in fact I only heard Quantum heard once more throughout it. I wish to conclude that this is simply a small reference by Treyarch, although I wish it was something more.
  4. Will it now be on black ops 2? Or will it be as a last goodbye to black ops?
  5. Thanks and Yea i meant 10th. It's for cancer research. That's great, virtually everyone has been effected by cancer directly or indirectly. Looking forward to the weekend now.
  6. Is it just me that's noticed it has the rounds as 32 yet the tally adds up to 17. Does anybody have an explanation?
  7. IAMChaosTheory - I'll be on from 09:00-17:00 GMT. I think it's great you're doing this btw, what charity is it for? Also I think you mean November 10th. :)
  8. So I was doing my usual black ops 2 news search and I found this. http://www.gameranx.com/updates/id/1048 ... -revealed/ So either this guy is talking out his arse or there's zombie emblems in black ops 2. A lot of the emblems are self explanatory in my opinion but I can't think what the fourth one might be, or what the last one could be for, although I have some suggestions. I think the last one is for travelling on the Bus while the fourth one is to do with headshots. I'm not great at in depth analysis, I'll leave that to you guys Edit: Nevermind, turns out what was "just released" was released ages ago, I'm a bit to hasty.
  9. Hasn't happened to me luckily but my friend lost all of his Halo Reach legendary progress so he had to do all them again.
  10. Don't you get a checkpoint after destroying 2?
  11. "Okay, now that we activated this grubby old switch (those three words are wrong I'm sure) in an otherwise technologically advanced moonbase the power is on. Who designed this stupid place?
  12. That's because the Flaks are just luck. I can destroy the one on the right easily, the one on the left is harder. I always miss with the panzershrek and then I just rush at it and rush back. It worked eventually. The second two are easier.
  13. Space zombies.... That would be one of the most awful choises imaginable for trayarch to do.... And the Greeks were LONG after the tower of babel.... Not to be rude or anything against you... But this is absolutely awful... I do apologize.... Lol yeah I woke up this morning thinking that was a stupid idea. I think I'll stick to looking at other peoples ideas and liking them.
  14. I got bored of MW3 about 3 months after I got it.. Yeah not long at all. So now I just play Cod 4, Cod 5 campaign, black ops and zombies and that has lasted me a lot longer than MW3 did. I'm still pretty pissed off they killed Soap.
  15. I finally finished this god awful campaign. I love it on any mode but veteran, if you gave me 1 million pounds I wouldn't complete this campaign on veteran again.
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