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  1. RadZakpak

    10/14 Game Updates

    Thankful for the quick turnaround from Treyarch. I see good support for zombies in the future. To be honest I didn't have a problem with the health. The zombies are not quite as aggressive as they were in BO3 so it felt balanced. But I think the points boost was very needed. I can see why it was the way it was, and still kind of is, but I just feel like after round 15 it was a slog without the means to buy any upgrades.
  2. RadZakpak

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    That blood imagery...
  3. RadZakpak

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    Love the part where Richtofen adjusts the painting of himself. Love this unique intro. Edit: Version with audio, not much different, just the intended jazzy music. Unfortunately some guy speaking softly in the background.
  4. RadZakpak

    Which map will you play first?

    Classified, then Blood, then Voyage and IX. I need to wrap up the aether story first before I can feel ready for the new story.
  5. RadZakpak

    BO4 Launch Trailer

    I'm actually really stoked this year for every mode in the game. Treyarch continues to deliver and I really enjoyed both betas released. Only time will tell how this game matches up to the rest of the Black Ops series!
  6. It appears I was wrong about a map in London. Still, it begs the question what these easter eggs were meant to be. It could be they were just there to show we are altering history with every action we take in-game. It's totally possible we will see more information about this easter egg in either Blood of the Dead or Classified. One thing that should be noted is that the paper appears pretty weathered, as if it were a pretty old paper, and we don't see a date or country of origin for the paper. My first thought was that the paper could be showing the events taking place in London during the events of "Five" and Ascension, considering the implication from the timeline and in-game is that zombies are appearing in many places around the world, and I'm sure Classified will give us some reasons as to why. But, why that paper from the 60s would be in 1945 Austria doesn't really make a whole lot of sense unless it was due to some weird timeline hullabaloo, and by now I'm sure Blundell has learned we are tired of that excuse. More than likely, though, it doesn't mean much more than we are screwing up time and space.
  7. RadZakpak

    We Want Your Suggestions!

    We actually do have one: https://discord.gg/4nnmqmH Come join, people are in it every day.
  8. Does anyone remember Nightmares? And how Deimos was the main antagonist, and we were so confused by the lack of connection to the zombies story. Could it have some connections with the Chaos storyline?

    1. Boom115


      I really hope we don't have call back to that dumpster fire.

    2. RadZakpak


      I really wish people would ask Jason the story behind the mode and what implications it had. Just a totally strange mode that doesn't really fit. It felt like a mod rather than a fleshed out game mode.

    3. Boom115


      Yeah absolutely, you could tell there were very limited resources dedicated to it's development.

  9. RadZakpak

    CoDZ 25 Hour Live Stream!

    Unfortunately by the time I get home and my game has downloaded on the 12th the stream will be nearly over. But I will certainly hop in!
  10. RadZakpak

    CoDZ 25 Hour Live Stream!

    Will you be on Xbox? If so I might be able to jump in for game near the end. Looking forward to the stream!
  11. RadZakpak

    If you wonder what the butterflies in Grief mean.

    It just makes me curious what Richtofen’s end goal is with Grief besides just having fun for himself. I think it is plausible that because the CIA and CDC are trying to get involved saving people, Richtofen is trapping them in this hellish cycle so they do not interfere with the survivors he is controlling, maybe even specifically Victis. After the bombs from the Moon came down, the timeline states there was a ten year period where Maxis and Richtofen competed for power over the survivors. Radios in TranZit and Die Rise from the CDC say to ignore the voices as they are tearing groups apart. So Richtofen may have plucked the CDC and CIA agents aside to keep them away from other survivors, and to torture them for his own fun.
  12. RadZakpak

    The CoDZ Forum World Map

    I would probably make them a short history of the location with dates noting events surrounding the location.
  13. RadZakpak

    The CoDZ Forum World Map

    I’ll work on some location descriptions when I get the time. Are you looking for descriptions that catalogue all the events surrounding the location with dates and such, or something else?
  14. No doubt the trailer should finally arrive then for IX. Can't wait for this song and any other collaboration A7X is having with BO4. On another note, Classified trailer soon as well? Even just some info on the map or a screenshot would be great.
  15. RadZakpak

    To Build Upon Foundations.

    I can agree about consolidating certain subforums. As it stands now there are 49 places to post, and many of them get no activity whatsoever. I know back in the day browsing forums of a similar format to CoDz this was the norm and people loved the variety of places to post because the communities were so tight knit, and people rarely left. But with places like Reddit dominating, people are more drawn to the simplicity of the subreddit system. /r/CoDZombies is a conglomeration of everything zombies related, all thrown together in a mish-mash of fan content, memes, news, and discussions; Some of it is good, while much of it is... well, bad. But that community has retention, and even during the off-season there was a decent amount of discussion every day at every hour, because it is so centralized and simple. It's the one place you go if you are a fan of zombies, and posts you wouldn't find in a more complex forum like ours are right there in your face, for better or for worse. I'm not suggesting this website should just be like Reddit, because I think this forum is a unique corner of the community with its own style. But consolidating subforums may be a good way for the forum to seem less daunting. If you look at my profile, it says I signed up for this website in 2011. 7 years ago! But everyone who has been here since then can tell you my activity here did not begin until maybe 2016-2017. The truth it, when I initially signed up after hearing what a great community there was here, I was intimidated by all of the different systems and subforums on the site. It felt like such an overload and I didn't know anybody here so I just never posted and didn't come back for a few years. I think CoDz can maintain a lot of its charm while simplifying its layout, even just a bit. Just my 2 cents and personal story.

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