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  1. We know that the Campaign events happen in the Original Dimension/Dimension 1, but we also know that some events in Zombies' Dimension 1 don't exactly happen the same way as they do in the Campaign. We have the 3 Moon rockets hitting Earth in 2025, and also the destruction of Earth in 2036. As you might know, BO3 & BO4's stories take place in 2065 and 2045 respectively making this not possible to be in the same continuity. We also have a small thing about the possibility of Polonsky surviving rather than Roebuck for the Campaign's, but that is not stated anywhere I can find. Also, the Nuketown in Nuketown Zombies/Alpha Omega being there even though it was presumed nuked in 1968-ish. So we obviously know that around like 5% of things that happen in Dimension 1 don't co-exist with the Campaign continuity. If you guys have any other differences, feel free to list others. I feel as though the Campaign events are a constant that happen in any dimension, as long as IRL history is followed (D63 and the fractures would be examples of dimensions where the Campaign events don't happen like they do due to IRL events not happening the same). Is it like how D63 was to D1 in the sense that it is the same universe until something happens in one of the universes that triggers the splinter? Just a very, very parallel and similar universe? What are your thoughts on this?
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