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Outbreak Season 6 Intel


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Requiem (5/5)

Documents (2)

"Page Six" (Location: ???) - Transcript excerpt from a CIA-DOD emergency meeting held on November 3, 1983 regarding the Morasko Disaster.


CIA-DOD Emergency Meeting [page 6]
Morasko Disaster - November 3rd, 1983

Weinberger: The President has asked that we find a quote "proportional response" to this incident. He has London, Paris, and Berlin on the phone wanting to know what the hell is going on, and I don't blame them. These, these - Halprin, what did you call it?

Halprin: Outbreak Zones. And them, Mr. Secretary, not it. There are five now. Starting in Morasko.

Weinberger: Right. Sure. They want us to know what the course of action is. Hell, I want to know what the course of action is. Meanwhile, I got NATO who wants to take control of the whole damn thing.

Casey: Well, that's not happening.

Weinberger: Then we need a solution, and fast.

[REDACTED]: Excuse me, Director, if I may--

Casey: I'm sorry, who are you?--

Hineman: I told you not to speak! Apologies, Director, my Associate doesn't understand there are protocols--

[REDACTED]: [REDACTED], Associate Deputy Director, CIA D&ST. I believe this may be of interest to you. A remedy to your situation.

[REDACTED] slides a folder down the conference table. Casey catches it. Casey reads. One minute passes. Two minutes.

Casey: This proposal, is it yours?

[REDACTED]: Yes, sir. A sub-group within the Directorate of Science and Technology. Internationally staffed, it would provide the illusion of involvement for our allies while remaining firmly under our control.

Casey: "Office of Requiem". Sounds a little ominous.

[REDACTED]: Then it is having the desired effect, sir.

Casey: Caspar, have a look at this. Susan, get me the White House. We may have something here.

"B-14 Wiretap Transcript" (Location: ???) - Transcript from wiretap b-14, recording of Major Carver's home line on April 30, 1985.


April 30, 1985

FROM: Secretary, Executive Office
SUBJECT: Requested Wiretap Transcript

Requested Transcript from wiretap B-14. Requiem Employee Major Mackenzie Carver - Home Line. Message recorded at 2314, 28 April 1985, left for SOD Grigori Weaver.

Carver: Alright, Grigori, I know it's late, but I did some more digging, and you know what I found? Next to diddly. Squat. It seems like every time I'm about to find something on the guy I get another blank page. One step forward. Two steps back. Off the edge of a fucking cliff.

Carver: And what are we back to? Well, he knows Russian. But does that mean anything? He also speaks French. And German. And Italian. Oh, and English, not that that counts at this point.

Carver: Oh, I did find one thing. Before Requiem, he was the Associate Deputy Director of the "Office of Extra-Regular Activities". Apparently, it was a "shadow" sub-group under DS&T, specializing in clandestine sciences. Not that that clarifies anything.

Carver: I mean, look: I met the guy. He's nice enough. But I still don't know his fucking name. Do you?

Carver: He's covered every track, erased every record. Hell, he probably monitors comms so he can scrub any mention of his name...

Carver: Actually. You know what? I'm just joking. Having a bit of fun. Just a joke. Silly old Mac! No issues here. Everything's all good. See you tomorrow.


Artifacts (3)

"Tesla Storm Canister" (Location: ???) - One of several interchangable canister for the W.A.N.D. weapon. When used, creates a lightning chain that connects to other operators, stunning and damaging undead enemies.



"Weaver's Eyepatch" (Location: ???) - One of Weaver's spare eyepatches.



"???" (Location: ???) - Personal mug of Requiem's one and only "Best Director."




Omega (4/4)

Audio Logs (2)

"Codename Whiskers" (Location: ???) - Peck takes a gamble and makes the call of his life.


Peck: Yeah, Central? Codename Whiskers, requesting immediate transfer to Argus.


Peck: What? "Code In?" You know who this. Don't be ridiculous.


Peck: "Lovely night, isn't it? Nothing like the Big Apple in wintertime."


Peck: Yeah, great. Just transfer me, fuckhead. He'll want to hear this.


Peck: Argus. It's Whiskers.


Peck: Yeah... yeah, it's Peck. Listen, I don't have much time. But I do have information. I know what Omega is planning.


Peck: What do I want? I want a clean slate. My burn notice destroyed. My record expunged. Let bygones be bygones.


Peck: No? What if I told you I can deliver you Zykov on a silver platter.


Peck: Yeah, that got your attention. Tuesday, 10am. Our old dead drop. I'll give you everything I have on Operatsiya Izbavitel.

"Lineage" (Location: ???) - Kravchenko seeks Jager's council on his new plan and inquires about Jager's family history.


Kravchenko: Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice.


Jager: It is my pleasure. Why the late night call? Trouble sleeping?


Kravchenko: There is a... "delicate" topic I wish to discuss.


Kravchenko: In 72 hours, Zykov will be in our custody. Soon after, we will face the enemy. The Forsaken.


Kravchenko: I had hoped you could offer some insight about what to expect... considering your family lineage.


Jager: Forgive me, Colonel, I am not sure what you mean.


Kravchenko: Come now. I have read your file. You are related to Oberfuhrer Wolfram Von List. The fabled leader of the SS unit Die Wahrheit.


Kravchenko: He faced similar entities, yes? What was its name? Ah, yes, Kor--


Jager: --tread carefully, Colonel. There are certain names best left not said aloud


Jager: While it is true my Great Uncle pursued certain... obsessions, I am afraid I was privy to little that would be helpful for our situation.


Kravchenko: Is that so.


Jager: Unfortunately, sometimes "the myth" is larger than "the man".


Jager: They were just stories, Colonel. Stories to scare children.


Kravchenko: How disappointing.


Kravchenko: That will be all, Doctor. Have a good night.


Jager: I can see myself out...


Jager: Some doors are closed for a reason, Colonel. Do not open this one.


Artifacts (2)

"Jager's ID Badge" (Location: ???) - Jager's official Omega Group ID.



"Contaminated Crystal" (Location: ???) - An Aetherium Crystal with unusually high concentrations of Dark Aether radiation. Report to Unnatural Sciences immediately for quarantine.





Maxis (5/5)

Audio Logs (1)

"I Am Alive" (Location: ???) - Maxis is given a new directive.


The Director: Hello, Sam. How are you today?


Maxis: I am alive. Yes. Still alive.


The Director: Are you scared?


Maxis: I am not scared. I have overcome much worse things.


The Director: I don't mean scared of being here. I mean... Are you scared of yourself?


Maxis: I am not a bad person.


The Director: You are a good soul.


Maxis: I want to believe that. I have to believe that.


The Director: You don't need to prove it to me. I know.


Maxis: Why can't you just let me go? Why can't you just put me out of my misery?


The Director: Sam, I would never give up on you. You don't know how much power you really possess... What your gift truly is.


Maxis: And you want to take it from me?


The Director: No... I want to help you learn how to use those gifts - for the good of us all.


Maxis: I don't understand.


The Director: The Forsaken is almost upon us - and... only you can stop it.


Documents (2)

"Ability Assessment" (Location: ???) - Requiem assessment report summarizing Maxis' various abilities. Heavily redacted.



14 April 1985



1. TELEPATHY: Subject has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to communicate telepathically with other individuals, including sending messages, as well as [REDACTED], Incident [REDACTED].

2. TELEKINESIS: During several sessions, Subject has used telekenesis to move objects weighing up to [REDACTED] pounds. This is highly dangerous, as Subject can move objects up to speeds of [REDACTED] miles per hour. In addition to inanimate objects, Subject has moved [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED].


4. TELEPORTATION: Subject has teleported nearly two dozen objects, including [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], among others. Subject has never teleported themselves (this is by design, thanks to the Aetherium-seal encasing the facility).

5. PORTAL-CREATION: Uniquely seperate from teleportation. Subject can generate a two-way portal at two seperate locations. Similar to Requiem and Omega teleportation machines, but without the hardware.

6. [REDACTED]: Under extreme duress, Subject was able to generate [REDACTED] completely vaporizing [REDACTED] on contact. Subject has difficulty manifesting this ability at will, and thus far has only been able to do so when under extreme emotional stress.



"Samantha Letter" (Location: ???) - Maxis writes a letter to herself.



The little-lost girl.
Sometimes I still feel like you.
I remember so little.
From before the Orphanage.
Sometimes I think that's a good thing.
Did we have a Mother?
Did we have a Father?
Did we have friends?
I'm sorry if something bad happened to you.
To us.
I just want you to know that one day you will be okay.
You will grow up.
You will get to live the life you choose.
I promise.
I was you.
And I always will be.




Radio Transmissions (2)

"The Boy" (Location: ???) - I just need you to know I'm sorry.


Maxis: His name was Samuel.


Maxis: And I - we will forever feel responsible for his death.


Maxis: I gave the intel to Weaver... the intel he acted upon.


Maxis: That's what we're all supposed to do, right? - Act on the available intel?


Maxis: That's just what Weaver did - ACT.


Maxis: Unfortunately... his actions resulted in collateral damage that neither of us will ever be able to forgive ourselves for.


Maxis: I'm sorry.


Maxis: I know he is too.


Maxis: But I still have a terrible feeling that the events of that day may yet come back to haunt us.


Maxis: I just need you to know...


Maxis: I am sorry.

"The Promise" (Location: ???) - I have seen the darkness. It is coming.


Maxis: I've seen darkness.

Maxis: I've lived through it - Even when I saw no hope for a new dawn.

Maxis: Even in my dreams I saw darkness.

Maxis: It is coming.

Maxis: The Forsaken.

Maxis: I will not - cannot allow it to consume us all.



Dark Aether (6/6)

 Audio Logs (2)

"Lost Souls: Piotr 3" (Location: ???) - There is a machine I have seen in my crossings. A fiery-mechanical dragon.


Pyotr: There is a machine I have seen in my crossings. A fiery mechanical dragon.


Pyotr: The Soldiers. They provide it with offerings of flesh. They are rewarded handsomely.


Pyotr: They do not realize. Every offering is another soul for him to consume.


Pyotr: They have made him more powerful than I thought... possible.


Pyotr: I cannot blame them. They do what they believe is right. They are following blindly.


Pyotr: I was once very much like them.

"Lost Souls: Piotr 4" (Location: ???) - The crystals. They take our memories. They form something new.


Pyotr: I have seen many things in my travels.


Pyotr: For all its horror... there is beauty in this deep, dark, Aether.


Pyotr: The crystals. They take our memories. They make us forget who we were.


Pyotr: But our memories do not fade. They are taken from us, and form something new. Something... magical.


Pyotr: Orbs.


Pyotr: I have seen many in my time here. So many memories. So many stories to tell. Memories of a Russian Scientist. Of an American spy.


Pyotr: There is one orb. It is different. Special. It is like me. It can cross between worlds.


Pyotr: It is filled with the laughter of a child.


Pyotr: I may never learn who the child is or what happened to them, but their memories... are powerful.


Artifacts (4)

"Empty Death Perception" (Location: ???) - An opened can of Death Perception. Likely used by an operator who needed perception so they enhanced their vision.



"PhD Slider" (Location: ???) - An opened can of PhD Slider. Used by an operator who was shaken to the bone and made all the zombies groan.



"Zykov's Mask" (Location: ???) - The gas mask of the Lost Russian.



"Archaic Goblet" (Location: ???) - An ancient goblet that feels oddly familiar.






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