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  1. For people that can't watch/have not seen the stream: - They talked about the new Gauntlet: Death-Con Five for Classified. Blood of the Dead "Hellcatraz" Gauntlet coming next month. - DLC 2 Coming next month, it is a Chaos map set in Delphi called Ancient Evil (Uninspired much?) EDIT: Story is that when the Chaos crew arrive, a Sentinel Trial is already in action and has been going for a very long time. Jason and Craig mention that there are people still running around that started this trial on the map. - Ancient Evil will be the last Chaos map "This season". Jason confirmed that this season will be two Chaos maps and two Aether maps, and that there will be a season 2 (Presumably why the next Call of Duty does not have Blackout or Zombies, they will put out a second season for this game.) This season 2 will also have two Chaos and two Aether maps. So DLC 3 will be Aether. - They talked about the new perk Ethereal Razor, which enhances melee damage and replenishes health on hit. There was a little gameplay with it. - You can earn an extra Black Market Tier Skip through the daily callings. - At the end they showed a Director's Cut trailer for Dead of the Night. It confirms the theory that the reason Godfrey turned evil was because, like Bruno, he was killed and then revived by the Scepter of Ra. Also for other Zombies-related news in Blackout: - Misty, Brutus, and other zombie skins coming to Blackout. We should be seeing Victis again soon... - Part of Buried has been added under the western Ghost Town. - There was a little tease at the end of the Operation trailer that is something Alcatraz related. It showed some characters dropping in to Alcatraz and then an Alcatraz zombie. This could be number of things. It could be a new Blackout mode that takes place at night, and is maybe more zombies-centric? It could be a new zombies mode like Grief where you start out by dropping into Blood of the Dead like in Blackout (Probably not.)
  2. RadZakpak

    An opinion about CoD's developers and the herd

    For background, my first CoD game was technically the original on my dad's PC back in the day, where I only played some of the campaign. Later when I had an Xbox 360 I rented CoD 2, 3, 4, and MW2 and played their campaigns some. But Black Ops was my first CoD online on Xbox Live. When I think of CoD I think of Treyarch. The aesthetic of their games and the gameplay are the pinnacle of the series in my opinion. To me Black Ops 4 is no exception, and I feel people are looking at this game with a modern perspective, while Activision controls development the same way they have been for 10 years. I can't fault people for feeling underwhelmed after this many entries in the series and no positive change in the business model. From the perspective of the gaming industry, Activision is way behind and is Anti-Consumer. EA is often hated for their business practices but people often neglect to mention the ways they have changed their games to match the backlash. Remember codes that came with the game that were required to play online? Remember paid DLC/Season Passes in Battlefield? Remember pay-to-win microtransactions in Battlefront 2? The difference between EA and Activision is that Activision has done nothing in response to criticism, but somehow EA gets put over the flames way more. I think too much blame is put on developers when just like a government there are layers to the management of a project, and crappy, anti-consumer business decisions almost always fall on the publisher for video games. Anyway, as for the three main developers, given what power they have, I think they all bring a unique flavor to Call of Duty. With the multitude of modes in Call of Duty from Campaign, Blackout, Zombies, Spec Ops, Extinction... it's kind of hard to compare all these games studios. Also one has to consider how many full Call of Duty games are under each developer's belt. Infinity Ward has 7, not including CoD4 Remastered. Treyarch has 7 if you include the spin off Big Red One. Sledgehammer has only 2, and showed up only recently. Is it fair to compare them all? Probably not. For me Treyarch Zombies has been and will always be my favorite. Setting aside nostalgia, it perfectly blends cheesiness with realism to create a unique universe and aesthetic not present in many video game properties. To me, IW Zombies felt like it tried to hard to go for cheese, but it lacked any substance. WW2 Zombies felt like a bore to me, and I hated the tone. Exo-Zombies actually comes pretty close to this, and I think given more time to flesh out the story and improve the irritating gameplay, Exo-Zombies could have rivaled Treyarch. But alas, we are probably never seeing Oz again... As I said, it feels unfair to compare zombies modes when Treyarch has had ten years to refine it and create good memories, while each other mode has only had one respective game. But speaking in terms of base gameplay mechanics, story, and aesthetics, Treyarch just takes the cake. Unlike a lot of people I liked the direction the Aether story went every step of the way, until about now... But I am giving Blundell the benefit of the doubt in saying I think he can end things in a satisfying way. The Storybook kind of depends on it. But if I had to rank the other modes, it would go something like this: 1. Exo-Zombies - A solid mode that actually made me buy the season pass for this game. This was the first non-Treyarch zombies so I had to give it a shot. I actually had some fun in this mode, and I think the first three maps are actually good, but Descent is pretty awful to play. I think Sledgehammer did not get enough time to make the gameplay less annoying and tedious and to better flesh out the story, as this was a late addition, the first DLC being having the first map. I wish they could have stuck with this story and world, but I understand why they didn't. 2. Extinction - Not really zombies, but fits a similar niche. I would have told you I hate this mode until about a year ago, and I still kind of never ever want to play it. It is just far too stressful for my taste unlike Black Ops and Black Ops 2 which were probably the most slowed down versions of zombies. But after watching a lot of Jr Rizzo videos on Extinction, I've come to appreciate its design a lot more, and I think I'm just bad at it. It's a truly unique Co-Op mode, and I think without Activison's meddling, IW would have stuck with this is as their Co-Op mode. 3. IW Zombies - I had an initial honeymoon period with Zombies in Spaceland where I really enjoyed it. I followed all the marketing and bought Infinite Warfare just for this mode. I liked the idea behind the map, being set in the 80s, with goofy characters as opposed to the somewhat seriousness of Treyarch. I thought it would be a great complement to the series, but after playing it for a month or so I became so incredibly bored and frustrated with the map. It really did not stay on my radar long, and I was never able to pin down why. I was so disillusioned by it, I never bought the season pass. The game still sits on my shelf, maybe I could revisit someday? 4. WW2 Zombies - I really hate this mode, and I feel bad that I do. I can see there was a lot of passion put into it, and a lot of people around here and Jr Rizzo seem to love it. But it is just so boring to me. The gameplay is pretty solid, but nothing special. The characters don't feel special. The locations the maps are set in don't feel special. It feels like a knock-off of zombies, thru and thru, without the personality of any of the above modes. I wish I felt the same way about this mode as many others do, but I just don't. I never bought the DLC, only watching videos on them, hoping I would see something interesting but I never did. The grey, washed out look only added to my lack of interest. I disliked this mode, the campaign, and multiplayer so much, that WW2 is the only CoD I traded in at the store. I never do that with games, because I might want to go back someday. But I felt no connection with this game. Am I biased? Yeah. But I'm willing to admit the faults in Treyarch Zombies as well, and there are plenty. I don't think the reason Youtubers and everyone else online only focuses on Treyarch is necessarily because they were the first to do Zombies. I mean, look at Treyarch and Infinity Ward. IW came first in the series and wowed everyone, but Treyarch put out some heavy hitters to change people's perception. I think none of these developers has gotten a chance to take a real, good crack at zombies. But I also think, ten years later, it may be too late. This style of game mode seems to be dying out when back then survival games were all the rage. The other modes may never be able to come out of Treyarch's shadow, and with Treyarch, they may all fade into obscurity given the way things are going.
  3. A new Storybook chapter is up! "Faithful Servant"

  4. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Chapter 12 of Book 1, "Faithful Servant" is now on the site! I have also gone back and made slight changes to previous chapters. I recently realized the Wunderwaffe DG-2 did not have its first prototype created until 1942, so previous references to the DG-2 are changed to be about the first version of the project.
  5. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    It’s my first week back from break and things look bleak in my math class but we will see.
  6. RadZakpak

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    Actually, now that I think about it, Richtofen had to have known the Shadowman was in there, surely? He’s read the same timeline as us and knows how the cycle must go this way when he brings the Summoning Key to the house. If he thought things were going to truly be okay once they arrived, wouldn’t he have not gone through with acquiring blood? This makes me wonder, is Richtofen also hearing the Shadowman calling to him to be set free? Like Maxis, he doesn’t have his soul. He could have been manipulated into freeing him.
  7. A new Storybook chapter is up! "Expansion"

    1. anonymous


      Not only is it a great joy to read you chapters, writing it down this detailed and chronological way also makes me actually look to the Storyline as logical, and understandable, instead of total Chaos. Love all your references to real life history, as usual, and the in-game references too. General Amsel, PaP'ed weapons and a D9-shared Verrückt? Wunderbar!

  8. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    New chapter for a new year! And plans for the future are still looking good. I hope this school year does not kill me. In the mean time... Book 1 Chapter 11: "Expansion" From the perspective of Doctor Maxis, we learn of Group 935's great integration into the Third Reich and expansion to new facilities around the world, from the perspective of Doctor Maxis. This one has a lot of fun little nods for the well-versed zombies, and real-life historians! Behind the Scenes: Originally, the next chapter was going to be "Funding", which was a chapter in the original Storybook that was grandfathered into the plans for the new Storybook with the timeline's help. But, my process for writing these chapters involves me thinking about the upcoming chapter for days trying to imagine how the entire chapter will play out, scene by scene, to best utilize the setting for world building, develop the characters, create interesting dialogue and interactions, and generally be entertaining while adhering to the canon. Will how ambitious it has gotten, I could not think of a good reason to keep the "Funding" chapter. The original was very lackluster, in my opinion. It was just Maxis telling Sophia to write a letter, and then there was a response to it to build the world a little. But I think this chapter accomplishes that, and much much more. So that is why the chapter was cut and its story woven into this one.
  9. RadZakpak

    VOIP in Blackout...

    I believe so, yes. I only play solo but I have heard weird noises through my headset only to find they are from another player’s mic.
  10. RadZakpak

    IX Public Matchmaking Issues...

    Welcome to the community, great to see some new faces! What console are you on? Haven't played much online but may just be an issue with servers right now.
  11. I know you are joking, BUT I remember it being pointed out around the first time we saw Monty how he is a direct opposite from the Shadowman. Both have English accents, but The Shadowman’s language is more refined and polite while Monty’s is rugged and he swears a lot. Shadowman dresses in a distinguished suit and top hat, with a well trimmed beard. Monty dresses similar to a homeless person, fingerless gloves, a scarf and ragged clothes, and his hair and beard are unkempt. Almost like they are two sides of the same coin or two ends of the same worm...
  12. There's a couple of references to modern stuff in quotes that I think are just meant as a joke and shouldn't be looked into too deeply. Namely in Ascension, where I believe both Tank and Takeo mention updating their Facebook pages when they PaP.
  13. RadZakpak

    The Wallwritings of Kino der Toten

    Lot's of great stuff here, and I am glad you made this thread. Something I immediately thought of regarding this Samantha writing is that Samantha should have never been at the Kino facility. According to the timeline, it was established on August 1st, 1940. On December 20th, 1942, "Accompanied by Sophia, Maxis is transferred to the Kino facility to focus on creating Germany's undead army. Samantha is left in Richtofen's care." Then, on September 24th, 1945 "Maxis returns to Der Riese. He orders Richtofen to do likewise so they may continue their work on the Matter Transference Device." Then September 27th, 1945 "Richtofen returns to Der Riese with Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, and Samantha." This means that Samantha was with Richtofen for nearly three years, and it is unlikely she ever went to the Kino facility before 1942, as it is meant to be a secret base, never revealed to Richtofen, and a child could not be trusted with that kind of secret, surely? Richtofen never tried to get that information from her in 3 years? And why would she be there before Maxis even transferred there? Probably not the original intention, but maybe these were the daughters of scientists there, as you mentioned, and this writing was there to torment the scientists by this JD. We have actually seen JD before, as it was written in some places in Der Riese. It is believed this is a reference to JD_2020, the real life community manager for Treyarch from 2008 to 2011, which fits right when these two maps came out. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Josh_Olin But in-canon, if the rest of these writings are from the Illuminati, then this writing may have perhaps been a threat from JD, a member of the Illuminati, as if stating, "I know about your families, and you will do as I say or they are in danger." It's a pretty far out theory, but interesting nonetheless. Do you have a picture of this because this sounds really interesting, and I had no idea about it! It made me think of Primis Richtofen, but I tried to think when he would appear in the original timeline. Then I remembered the one part of the timeline I don't fully understand that we don't know a lot about: This section of the timeline is the only mention of Primis in the original timeline, before any of the fractures. This means Primis was running around the original timeline for a whole month and we don't know what they were doing. I originally thought this was a setup for The Giant, but that fracture begins in October 1945. Is it possible the Illuminati warned Ultimis Richtofen about staying away from Primis Richtofen? This is strange, as Ultimis Richtofen was no longer in the Illuminati by 1943. Perhaps they needed to protect him for some other reason. But there's also the fact that Ultimis Richtofen did not know about the Kino facility until he arrived there accidentally. Could this be reversed, and it is a letter to Primis Richtofen about Ultimis Richtofen? Maybe Primis Richtofen was at the Kino facility, and contacted the Illuminati with a deal to kill Ultimis Richtofen for leaving them, using the gases the Illuminati lists? And by not knowing how he got to this time and place, they are referring to Richtofen ending up there in 1963, and somehow they know about time travel? It hurts my head to think about, but very interesting.
  14. RadZakpak

    Your character: the good, the bad andere the ugly

    I get the same impression from any girl who is nice to me all the time. I can never get it out of my head when someone is nice to me like that and it leads me down a mental path that only disappoints me. My self-esteem is so low that I feel anyone who is nice to me just feels bad because I don't have many friends or they are doing it to make fun of me. That's how a lot of people were in my high school and I find it hard to trust anyone who would say nice things about me. That would be a "Yes Man", and I fit this as well. I will bend over backwards to try and make everyone happy and when I fail I find it hard to forgive myself. A lot of times I don't even attempt to make a connection with anyone because I fear I will just let them down and make their life worse. I'm aware that what I think is often irrational, and that I have the capability to socialize but there is something in me that positively will not let me. I genuinely do not know how to connect with people and screw up first impressions. Pretty much none of my interests match up with anyone else's where I am from, and I never have anything to talk about with anyone so people think I am distant and strange, which, yeah, I am. I wish I was better and could have long, long conversations with people. Something about myself that drags me down is I don't like small talk at all and can't handle it. I can't imagine knowing someone and just talking about what's going on that day or simple things like what I am eating or anything like that. But I do like to talk, just about deeper topics. I could go on for hours analyzing myself and the person with me, talking about what makes us up, the meaning of life, the world around us. When it comes to movies, shows, and games I love to analyze characters and themes of the stories to find some real-life meaning and relatability. No one ever wants to have a first conversation like that, and so I just never do have that type of discussion. It's a reason I can't stand social media, because it is all so shallow. I guess my problem is I know a lot about specific topics, and care a lot about them, and when someone shows no interest in any of them I find it hard to connect. On the internet it is easy to find anyone who likes a specific topic, on forums like these. Youtube gives me video essays on all the movies and games I love, so it's ALMOST like a conversation on those topics. But there's the missing human, real-life connection that brings me down, deeper and deeper in a downward spiral. I've come to accept that there may be no one for me in my home state, but I find myself doubting I could connect with anyone anywhere else either. I lack the motivation required to form a real relationship and I hate myself too much. I don't know how I am supposed to find a job either with that attitude. I have visited a counselor at my University and talked about trying to better my social persona but it feels hopeless. Was just kind of rambling, this thread is a good place to vent and I'm glad you made it. It's nice to see that behind it all, we're all just humans inside.
  15. RadZakpak

    NEW "Gauntlet" mode coming in Update 1.1

    Looking forward to new content in zombies going forward! It's going to be an exciting year. Hoping for some genuine surprises that don't get leaked in advance this year.

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