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  1. I'd like to nominate @anonymous for the brilliant Leylines thread which has sparked some great discussion: I'd also like to nominate @Mattzs for his own brilliant contributions to the aforementioned thread, as well as activity in the Discord. And lastly I'll nominate @Lenne for these lovely UotM threads as well as consistent activity and responses to new threads.
  2. 1. I Am The Well - Old School vs New School, and you know what, I Am The Well continues to be a great listen. 2. Pareidolia - Beautiful, simply beautiful. 3. 115 - Still fantastic to this day, the quintessential zombies song. 4. Dead Ended - Raw and emotional.
  3. Welcome back, ladies and germs!. Here are the results of round 3... ... and the current bracket: Round 4 is here! RULE TIME! Below I will list the competitors in this round using numbers. You will make your own list of numbers, with your choice next to the corresponding number and optionally an explanation why. So for example if the match-up is: 1. Sam vs Eddie You would reply: 1. Eddie - Blue eyes are badass. After 1 week I will tally up the votes and write up a post for the next round. Let's get into round 4! 1. The One vs I Am The Well 2. Lullaby for a Deadman vs Pareidolia 3. 115 vs Abracadavre 4. Dead Ended vs The Gift Rock the vote!
  4. That's curtains for round 3! 1. The One (4) vs Coming Home (1) 2. Where are we going? (Blood) (2) vs I Am The Well (3) 3. Lullaby for a Deadman (4) vs Rusty Cage (1) 4. We All Fall Down (1) vs Pareidolia (4) 5. Beauty of Annihilation (1) vs 115 (4) 6. Abracadavre (3) vs Dead Again (2) 7. Dead Ended (4) vs Won't Back Down (1) 8. The Gift (4) vs Shockwave (1)
  5. Richtofen's eternal soul was collected from Dimension 2210 between Origins and The Giant, so by all accounts, all Richtofens should be soulless if we are following the rules. All this leads me to believe there are two, maybe three components to make a living being: 1. The Eternal Soul: Only seems to be collectible from one particular version at any time, and once it is collected, memories from all other versions start to bleed through to each other. As long as the Eternal Soul is present in the House, Dr. Monty can wipe away all other versions of that being. 2. The Soul/Aura: What makes each being special. While Richtofen can be soulless, his eternal soul stored in the house, there is still a special "Aura" present that makes him unique, and can be transferred between bodies. Richtofen has gone from his own body, to Samantha, to several Zombie bodies, and back to his own body. The Aura may actually look, outside the body, like the ghosts of Alcatraz. 3. Life Force: This may potentially be the same as the Soul/Aura, because for example, Zombies in Die Rise seem to be screaming out in terror, as if some part of their original "Aura" is there. However, I also point to Richtofen's empty body, which Pernell notes has "no brain activity", but is still very much alive. There is no eternal soul or aura present, but something is keeping it alive. This may also be what is collected in canisters, and what is given to ADAMs by the Elemental Shard.
  6. Very interesting thoughts. Thinking about the Vril Egg, its purpose was opening the MPD, creating that pathway between our dimension and the Aether. Maxis seemed to have his plan ready when Richtofen switched his body with Sam: by sending the Vril egg to Earth and destroying it, the link is thus severed. But sending three? Perhaps that was Maxis’ attempt at creating a paradox, to prevent Richtofen from ever being able to mend the rift. But, hear me out, could this be the reason Richtofen is able to revert Victis back every time they fail or die? Because they are now trapped in this paradoxical Earth? This reminds me of your thread where you asked how they got the navcard from Buried to TranZit. There are many hints at Victis having been through all this multiple times: “Reincarnation is key”, the deaths in the cutscene, round infinity, etc. So Victis could be in their own contained cycle. The Earth may have been literally, “Fractured”.
  7. I don't know about the Earth's appearance there, I don't remember it looking like that. But as for getting from Classified to Moon, on June 21st, 1963, Colonel Sawyer writes about the lack of progress on Schuster creating a teleporter to the Moon, despite being successful in making one to Groom Lake from the Pentagon. Sawyer actually speculates that Schuster is intentionally delaying the project out of fear of Samantha, and that Pernell now believes in Samantha and is actively assisting Schuster in delaying the project. I don't know that is entirely intentional, as Schuster does seem rather frustrated at the failures, and on August 3rd, 1963, after a failure, Ultimis arrives in place of the test subject. But importantly, Schuster notes that the test subject likely actually did end up on the Moon, just at some point in the far future. Turns out, Ultimis is from 2025 on the Moon. Anyway, Schuster cannot seem to perfect sending subjects to the Moon on the same date they are sent. In the coming months, the Broken Arrow program is proposed and approved, and focus of research shifts to combating Samantha. Then on October 18th, Dr. Lehman releases gaseous 115 and Schuster (possibly (god I hope not)) dies. Progress on teleporting to the Moon has slowed as focus of research shifts and the United States is actively trying to get the Soviet Union on their side against Samantha, there is no longer the race to the Moon for the time being. Okay I went a little too in-depth there, but all that to say, on the date of Classified, November 5th, there was little to no focus on teleportation to the Moon. However, that's where Richtofen needs to be. So teleporting from the Pentagon to Groom Lake, they fight through the night, only for Richtofen to find the teleporter still in a state where subjects are sent to the Moon, but way too far in the future. Present? Past? Future? It's all the same as long as the MPD is present with Samantha inside, so Richtofen just uses it as is.
  8. I think at some point also one of the characters in AO mentions how you shouldn’t get too close to your counterpart as it could be dangerous. I’m curious if it is because of this “aura”?
  9. Similarly, if Richtofen’s soul is in the House, how was Ultimis Richtofen able to transfer his “soul” from the zombie body to his old body before the Classified cutscene?
  10. Also interesting to note, there is actually a sign in New Model Industries that tells workers to drink perks to help with their work. Right in the middle of the room above spawn. That leads me to believe the Warden specifically imported the Wunderfizz perks to the island. Is it possible the BO4 perk machines are simply the Americanized Perk-a-Colas, since all three Aether maps so far have had American involvement? So the reason the OG perks would be fading in and out is because they actually shouldn’t be there in Mob? That wouldn’t explain OG perks in Five, but that’s a topic for another day.
  11. I was originally intending this to be for the wiki, but it can be multi-purpose. It is currently WIP as I’ve only added a couple real life events and info from Classified/Alpha Omega. No broken cycle stuff yet. And credit for the structuring and the transcript of the original timeline goes to @Monopoly Mac, I just copied his original and added to it.
  12. It should be noted that plenty of experiments were going on in the Pentagon with Dr. Schuster under the DoD well before Broken Arrow. Pernell was just the station chief at Groom Lake, where all the 115 for the experiments was. He had been proposing Broken Arrow for years, but after a visit by Sawyer and Schuster where Schuster goes on a rant about all the outbreaks going on in the past 20 years caused by Samantha, Pernell does some research and presents the evidence to McNamara, who then decides to set up this meeting after the Dr. Lehman incident. Then after the Five incident, the third outbreak, on November 19th the Broken Arrow program is created. Experiments with 115 were already happening across the country, but this simply folded them together into one company headed by Pernell. So the only real change that came with the Broken Arrow name is new, unified leadership. Here is an updated timeline I am working on, check out from 1946-1968 and the creation of Broken Arrow will start to make a little more sense: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EtGWoRLpXmx7Y28OcJB7j6TPJVMIONCF02_T_6ROpoU As for cleaning in a day, the President is coming, you need all hands on deck and plenty of security.
  13. Added the missing fifth punch card detailing Pernell's transformation into Avogadro... Imagine reading that sentence in 2012...
  14. I just wanted to make this quick post because I want to be able to reference it in the future, and I know I will forget this information. Also others may find it somewhat enlightening. Anyway, I don't know if there has been consensus on exactly when Classified takes place, we just know it was before November 6th, 1963 as that is the date "Five" takes place. But I have two pieces of evidence to suggest it takes place on November 5th: 1. The intro cutscene depicts Ultimis accidentally teleporting from Shangri-La to the Pentagon. As they arrive, it cuts to the Ascension cosmodrome, where Yuri has teleported Gersh, and is being teleported to the Pentagon by Samantha. Yuri then unleashes the dead, and Ultimis fights them off. Meanwhile, McNamara is in another room, prepping for the meeting on November 6th with Kennedy, Nixon, and Castro. Sam sends Yuri away, wanting him to come back to try and kill the attendees of the meeting when it does occur, as they are coming together to try and combat her. Anyway, suffice to say, it seems all of these events take place on the same day. Here is the timeline entry for November 5th: So for Yuri to be the one to release the zombies on Ultimis, it would have to be November 5th since the very next day is the "Five" incident and Yuri's capture. 2. Here is an excerpt from a document in Alpha Omega: The important line is in bold. So this is a couple of days after the "Five" outbreak, and it references this as the third outbreak at the Pentagon. The first was the incident with Dr. Lehman releasing gaseous 115 in the vents on October 18th, causing an outbreak. The "Five" incident is referred to as the "second outbreak in the Pentagon in as many days". Now, I'm a native English speaker, but I've never really heard the phrase "in as many days" and decided to look it up. Here is what it means: The phrase in as many days (or weeks, years, etc.) refers to how often something happens. Specifically, it tells you that the number of events is the same as the number of days. So in essence, Sawyer is saying the is the SECOND outbreak in TWO days, the second being on Nov 6th, ergo, the first has to be Nov 5th. So there is the definitive proof Classified takes place on November 5th. Does it seem a little implausible that they cleaned up the mess in one day and then allowed four VIPs inside? Perhaps, but the point is, November 5th is the intended date.
  15. This single line from this document is making me question my very sanity... and it was probably only put in as a quick nod without thought put in.

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