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  1. RadZakpak


    When I clicked the link and signed up for the site, everytime I go to the link provided it says “You cannot do this.”
  2. RadZakpak

    **LEAK** Revealed Easter Eggs & Important Info

    Some interesting information to analyze. It's very unfortunate how this information came out however, but that should probably be discussed elsewhere, if at all. I'm predicting this will be a celebrity map like Mob and Shadows, and my guess is the mansion may be the mansion of Alistair. Who knows how this will connect with the mythology behind Voyage and IX. Very excited for this if it is anything like Classified in terms of remake. I'm leaning towards this being an Aether story map since it's a somewhat important location in the story and using its layout in the Chaos story would be more confusing than this dual story already is. The question is who we will be playing and when it takes place. My prediction is it is either: A. A direct sequel to Classified with Ultimis going to Nuketown from Groom Lake, possibly to collect something or jump forward in time to 2025, so that they can go back to Groom Lake for the events of Moon to take place (This seems a little convoluted and predictable, however.), or B. We play as Victis, and this takes place between Buried and the comics, when they seem to just be wandering around trying to survive. If we go with option B there are way more possible openings that may make this map counter Classified in terms of tying up loose ends. For one, we can get a better glimpse at the world after Maxis has taken over, for another we can get some more history of Broken Arrow's work, maybe with more Russman and Marlton backstory since they were involved with Broken Arrow and Nuketown, respectively. It would be a great opportunity to introduce Primis Richtofen trying to contact Stuhlinger for the events of the comics to take place. Maybe a classic Victis wonder weapon could come back better than ever? (Jet Gun?!) So much potential there... Maybe even a secret cutscene where you have to glitch to round 150 (heh), and Primis led by Nikolai arrives to recruit Victis for the upcoming Great War. If this all happens... I want a medal. This concerns me deeply, and not in a "I'm entitled to more" kind of way. If Nuketown is an Aether map and DLC 1 has a Chaos map, that leaves three more maps to wrap up the entire ten year long Aether story AND wrap up the Chaos story in a satisfying way that leaves it open to Treyarch's next game. How will that be done? Will the DLCs be Chaos-Aether-Chaos- Aether? If that is the case, the new Chaos crew that we have just met in IX and VOD who they have been trying to hype up will only get one new map for the entire game's season. How about Chaos-Chaos-Chaos-Aether? That is a little better for the Chaos crew as they get a little more breathing room with two more maps, and one more Aether map after Nuketown is fine to wrap things up finally, but the wait time between Nuketown and this final map will probably cause a lot of the hype surrounding this "grand finale" to die out. Putting this finale earlier in the season may make the Chaos story weaker in stakes by comparison and no one will be excited any more. The only conclusion that can be made if this is to work is that there will be more maps outside the Black Ops Pass to come, and that is just a scummy business practice considering how much many of us zombies fans have invested in this game already. I wouldn't be surprised given the success of Zombies Chronicles, but not only would this hurt Infinity Ward's upcoming title, but it is a slap in the face to anyone who bought the pass expecting a story resolution. My guess is the story cutscenes present in the Specialist stories WERE from that campaign. It's a shame this had to happen, but to be honest the story doesn't seem all that compelling and BO3's campaign was not very fun.
  3. RadZakpak

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    I mean, Hellhounds didn't come into existence until Richtofen betrayed Maxis October 13th, 1945, and between then and Der Riese on October 28th, unless he had the time to invent the bomb and then create blueprints for it, and then test it on Hellhounds all while travelling to Japan and back, it doesn't seem plausible. I think the implication with these camos is that the new writing over the original blueprints is from American scientists after they seized them from Group 935 after the war. Also, Porter is German, or was at least working for Group 935 during the extent of the war. He died October 14th, 1945 and is in the Der Riese radio where the speaker kills himself by cyanide:
  4. RadZakpak

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw the camos. Really interesting they connected all the way back to those trailers. Also of note on the blueprints is on the monkey bombs it says “Does not work on Hellhounds” which is strange and makes me think the US must also know about Sam’s Hellhounds. Makes you wonder just how much they really do know about Samantha at this point. Also, on one of the Ray Gun blueprints there is a picture of presumably Dr. Porter.
  5. I think he did need the GPDs, considering he would even bother making the deal with the US and the Soviets in the first place. I think his goal was take control of MPD, then become immortal inside, and once GPDs get activated he has power. Also, about the MTD, there’s a quote in the CotD easter egg where Richtofen says the time circuits are broken on the teleporter behind the door and must be fixed, and that they went too far into the future (2011). So by the time he started his plans he must have been able to intentionally travel time?
  6. RadZakpak

    Classified Ending FOUND!

    Agreed, this is the kind of “easter egg” that would have been solved by those least expecting it which would have been cool and good for the high round community. But oh well...
  7. I've been combing through the Classified radios and ciphers trying to find any subtle hints or details that may have been missed. And I have not seen anyone mention the significance of this radio: Something of note about how this radio fits with the others in context: firstly, it is meant to be roughly two weeks after one of the reels in Classified in which Schuster and George Sawyer are arguing about building a teleporter to Griffin Station like the one previously used by Richtofen. Sawyer is rushing Schuster's work, demanding they must complete the teleporter, while Schuster says that it takes time due to the fact that if calibrations are not correct, the subject may be teleported through time rather than space. In the audio reel I've posted above, Schuster believes he has sent Private Hastings, along with four other men before him, through not only space but time as well. I firmly believe Treyarch is meaning to imply that the subjects Schuster is testing with are being sent to the Moon in October 13th, 2025, when the map Moon actually takes place, and that they are the Cosmonaut zombies we face in the map. This assumption is based on three key points from the radio: 1. Dr. Schuster seems to be confident that the subjects are being sent to Griffin Station, but that WHEN they are being sent is uncertain. 2. The reel makes it a point to include the detail that Schuster can't understand the Private in his space suit, as it sounds muffled. Much like the cosmonaut in Moon with his muffled radio chatter you hear when you get close. 3. Schuster jokes that Private Hastings and the others are, "just dancing around on the Moon somewhere in the far future having a grand old time!" Who else do we know who does that? Now, I obviously don't mean to imply that Dr. Schuster knows about the glitch in Black Ops that causes astronaut zombies to do a dance-like animation in place. However, that sentence is very specific and I would not put it past Treyarch to write specific lines like that as a nod to the player and a nudge to let us know the implications. It just seems like a very odd line considering how relevant it is to this theory. Also let's not forget the unique way that the cosmonaut spawns in, in a flash of light like it was just teleported, and its suit is in pristine condition, meant to trick players into thinking they are another player. Now, why is it a zombie when Private Hastings was alive before going into the teleporter? Simple, we already know a miscalibrated teleporter can turn a living creature into a zombie. Think of the initial testing on the MTD that created the first zombies. Or think of Fluffy who transformed into a zombie when she went through the teleporter. So, simply put, the cosmonaut zombies that spawn in the map Moon are freshly teleported Privates from 1963 being tested on by Dr. Schuster. This radio was a great, subtle way to give us the origin of this strange enemy that has never been explained.
  8. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Awesome! I would love to have a physical version of my book, when I complete one that is... One of these days.
  9. RadZakpak

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    So it's been a while, and with BO4 now in full swing, I want to take this opportunity to revive the project for those interested. I will update the OP with the new description as well. Link to the Storybook: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/story/prologue-nacht (NOTE: Attack on the Pentagon is now non-canon and I will have to rewrite it a second time after what we've learned in Classified. If you do not know, the CoDz storybook is an undertaking to interpret the narrative of CoD zombies (The Aether Storyline) into a book format for a more linear experience, as to say the storyline is confusing for new players is an understatement. Also I think it will give an opportunity to see these beloved characters in a new light at the forefront of a story not always about shooting guns and killing zombies. For those already initiated, you may remember I just sort of stopped in the middle of rewriting Book 1 following the release of the timeline, and I never really kept anyone updated. I would like to apologize, and state that the project is not dead. The story is expanding all the time through the games as the community discover new secrets, and so it is a little daunting to keep up with. Not to mention real life and the struggles of school. So, here's the plan going forward. With Classified and Blood of the Dead blowing back open the storyline, I've given a lot of thought to how I want to structure the storybook to accommodate those maps as well as future maps in the Aether story, which are bound to happen. Now, I've heard leaked audio and kept up with the story developments of Blood and Classified. Without spoiling anything, I can kind of see the direction Craig and Blundell are going with this story, and I think it would be foolish of Treyarch and Activision to NOT end the Aether storyline with Black Ops 4, allowing the Chaos story to take its place in the future. With the pieces seeming to come together through Classified and Blood of the Dead, I am led to believe we will see some spectacular finale to tie everything back together and end the story. This is a good point for me to start structuring how I want to lay out each “Book” in the Storybook, and I will share that here. Book 1: Told from a variety of perspectives, Book 1 chronicles the exploitation of Element 115 by Group 935 during the Second World War, which ultimately lead to the chaos pervading the entire story. Book 1 introduces Doctor Edward Richtofen, his superior and rival Doctor Ludvig Maxis, as well as Maxis' daughter Samantha. It also shows the war and experiments taking place behind the curtain from the perspective of American spy Peter McCain, as well as soldiers across the front, “Tank” Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, and Takeo Masaki. Book 1 will see the rise and fall into madness of the brilliant Richtofen, as he sets a plan in motion that will alter time and space permenantly, and have him come to meet his three infamous test subjects for the first time. Book 2: Set back and desiring power, Edward Richtofen enlists the help of Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo to complete his plan to enter the Aether. Through all the blood and gore from legions of undead controlled by Samantha, the group, together known as Ultimis, finds themselves sent jumping through time in search of key components to Richtofen's plan. As we follow Ultimis, we see the ramifications of Richtofen's actions on the world during the era of the Cold War, where Group 935 scientists are used between the United States and Soviet Union in a technology race. The unholy experiments perpetuated by Group 935 and Samantha's influence create chaos in the modernizing world as major powers meet in order to keep the peace. Ultimis fights for Richtofen's agenda, only to find they have permenantly damaged the Earth and created a rift between dimensions. Book 3: Following Richtofen's entering of the Aether, the world in 2025 is plunged into chaos from the fallout of the missiles impacting major countries of the Earth. Broken Arrow, the organizational successor to Group 935 in the United States created during the Cold War, is in part responsible for the post-missile civilization's falling apart. Former agent of Broken Arrow, known only now as “Russman”, wanders America, his memories inconsistent from the 115 exposure. Along his travels he meets Samuel Stuhlinger, a disgraced reporter with former connections to a flesh-devouring cult. Utilizing Broken Arrow's technology and wary of zombies and other survivors, they travel in search of solace in Hell on Earth. Marlton Johnson, an engineer contracted to work with Broken Arrow, who has only survived through his intelligence and knack for technology, meets Abigail “Misty” Briarton, a farm girl who lost everything and searches for somewhere better. As the four would come together at a zombie-infested bus station, they would be known as Victis. The world has plunged into a war between those on the side of Ludvig Maxis, his voice now a part of technology across the globe, those listening to Edward Richtofen's voice in their head, and the undead. Caught in this conflict, Victis must choose a side and find purpose as the world literally crumbles beneath them. Book 4: When Edward Richtofen began to meddle with Element 115, he inadvertantly split the universe into several different multiverses, with elements of each travelling and passing through one another. One Dimension 63 was home to alternate versions of Group 935, Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and Ludvig Maxis, now present during the first World War. Lost without her father, Samantha calls to the Ludvig of this dimension, enlisting his help as well as Richtofen and the three soldiers sent to capture him, in order to free her from the Aether. Together, Richtofen and his unconventional allies would become Primis, following Samantha's freedom, Richtofen would come to learn of his true importance to the state of the multiverse. Driven to put an end to the chaos ensnaring it, and to redeem the actions of his other selves, Richtofen comes together with the rest of Primis to collect their eternal souls and put an end to the reign of the Apothicons, an ancient evil responsible for Richtofen's corruption and the spread of Element 115 throughout the dimensions. Book 4 follows the cycle that Primis is trapped in, spanning throughout centuries and fractured timelines. Book 5: Stuck in an infinite loop, Primis Richtofen decides the only way to break this cycle and stop the evil truly perpetuating it is to betray a version of himself, and allow him to die. Moving forward, he allows the rest of Primis to view the Kronorium, and as Nikolai gazes on all the versions of the future and past they have been fighting through together, he now sees the multiverse as it truly is. Book 5 follows the culmination of every element from Books 1-4 as they come together to truly put an end to the evil that has allowed chaos the cloud every dimension. I'm hoping to have more chapters up when I have the time. My goal is to start small, and aim for 3 chapters in the month of November, and ramp up from there as I go on Winter Break. So be looking for that!
  10. Put this together in my spare time. Song is The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. Trailer is based on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 trailer. Hope everyone enjoys.
  11. We also have to consider this is a different cycle than we are used to, and this Richtofen is in some ways different from the one we've known, due to the lack of a scar on his cheek. It's possible he did not earn their trust quite as much. Also consider the fact that he has brought the rest of Primis into this Hellish Prison, and for once, he doesn't have a definitive way out. We saw in the intro how flustered this Richtofen was that the Kronorium had changed and the plan was off-course. It would be totally understandable that Primis would be tipped off about this Richtofen since he brought them there, accidentally trapping them, and still won't explain what is going on or why they had to be there in the first place. By that point I would have had enough of his shit. And I think they have seen many Richtofens before. My evidence for that is The Giant radios, in which Nikolai openly discusses killing many versions of Richtofen, though we don't know exactly where these radios take place. Also consider that they have seen Richtofen kill a version of himself before. And the biggest evidence for me is that they don't seem all that surprised when they see the second Richtofen at Alcatraz when they arrive. Just business as usual, those Richtofens. For me the biggest reason they would instantly trust this Richtofen more is due to him handing Nikolai the Kronorium. This is so much more information and trust than any Richtofen has given any of them before. I think they realized that if any Richtofen is to be trusted, it is this one. Also, Nikolai got a glance at the Kronorium, with the altered timeline, so I think he saw what had to happen, and while Templar Richtofen took the blood from his other self, Nikolai showed Dempsey and Takeo off screen what must happen if they are to set things right. And I actually didn't know that Richtofen knew. Curious what he thought would happen or what his plan was.
  12. Watched the easter egg near the end but missing some details. The Richtofen in Templar outfit appears when the playable Richtofen gets in the blood machine willingly. He was frozen in another cryogenic freezer behind a wall and becomes playable in the bossfight. Essentially Richtofen got in the machine to summon the Warden so Primis could kill him and they could escape. But he had no idea about the Templar Richtofen. They abandon him, as they are freshly from Zetsubou and the Richtofen they left had no plan and refused to share any of his knowledge with the group. The first thing Templar Richtofen does is offer Nikolai a look at the Kronorium, something the other would never do. Also consider how many Richtofens they have met in their travels. What’s another one on the pile? Templar Richtofen did save their lives after all. i’m actually not sure on that gem. I’m sure it will be explored in the future. Maybe even in the supposed Classified easter egg yet to be completed? I love this cutscene so so much. Again I reiterate how tragic Richtofen’s character is. He truly was trying to save Primis, including himself, but he was unknowingly perpetuating the cycle. He had to be killed to prevent him from keeping it going. Many people theorize that Templar Richtofen is a Richtofen who just endured the Great War after being sent from Revelations who decided to try to break the cycle. There, he formulated a plan to trap Primis at Alcatraz, stop the cycle from continuing by killing his other self, and with the help of the others track down Monty.
  13. RadZakpak

    10/14 Game Updates

    Thankful for the quick turnaround from Treyarch. I see good support for zombies in the future. To be honest I didn't have a problem with the health. The zombies are not quite as aggressive as they were in BO3 so it felt balanced. But I think the points boost was very needed. I can see why it was the way it was, and still kind of is, but I just feel like after round 15 it was a slog without the means to buy any upgrades.
  14. RadZakpak

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    That blood imagery...
  15. RadZakpak

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    Love the part where Richtofen adjusts the painting of himself. Love this unique intro. Edit: Version with audio, not much different, just the intended jazzy music. Unfortunately some guy speaking softly in the background.

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