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Everything posted by MysteryMachineX

  1. The guy in the Kino radios isn't Maxis... His accent is completely off, and he sounds older. But he isn't the handler either. Probably just some middle man. Honestly many radios have unidentified speakers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPf2Rd0Buco
  2. I mean, I have pictures above^. They aren't the best quality, but to me it looks like a resounding no.
  3. Man I keep thinking that I've heard all the radios. Would you be able to provide a link for this radio somewhere so we can listen to it? Btw, how does Origins Richtofen even know who Sophia is? I guess he just seems to know everything these days... Also, the guy in the Kino der Toten radios was probably 26's handler. He must've died in this timeline. EDIT Actually no never mind.
  4. Thank you, Lizizadolphin for the links to the radios. I confirm that the speaker of the Shi No Numa, Call of the Dead, and Shangri-La radios are all the same woman. Which is just.... IT MAKES NO SENSE. Who is this woman? How is she possibly in 1945, 2000, AND 2011? How does she just get teleported to Shangri-La? And she's fighting zombies by herself? NOT in a group of four?! What, is she adult Samantha? All the other children have adult selves. But that makes no sense either. Did she just make the Peter message for fun as she was doing her "research"? And what are these agents that come after her? US government? Oh and lol at Treyarch trying to approximate Brock's and Gary's voices without actually rehiring the actors. Thank you, Aquillan. That's a sharp eye you have to catch that. I haven't read those particular Shakespeare books, but you are right. I wonder why Monty would be reading them... Perhaps he was part of the play set up in Kino? Anyway, I rewrote those radios to match the prose. Interesting to note is that Monty skips two stanzas in the first one. Hm, why did he not say those lines? Here they are in case anyone wants to know. It goes where the static is: It is so bitter, it goes nigh to death; Yet there I gained such good, that, to convey The tale, I'll write what else I found therewith. How I got into it I cannot say, Because I was so heavy and full of sleep When first I stumbled from the narrow way;
  5. Huh I haven't heard these. Can you find any videos of them? Just so I know that they're real? Honestly I was kinda in disbelief that the ones I wrote earlier were real until I heard them. I don't mean to doubt you. I just like empirical evidence and don't have the capacity to check the game myself.
  6. Tac, I transcribed the radios myself from various Youtube videos. I figured I'd offer them here for you if you want to put them on this post. Plus the one you already have. Here are my thoughts on them, if anyone would like to know. The ones with Monty show a different side than how he current presents himself. If he truly is God or Devil, then surely he hasn't always been a old Caucasian British man. At least, I certainly hope Treyarch wouldn't be so prejudiced to propose God and the Devil are old white men. This puts him in a more religious context. And the interpretations of what he's saying could be quite... unnerving. It sounds like he's talking about the end of the world to me. The Verruckt one is from John Banana. You might like to know that I have loooooooathingly done a replace function on my script to fully change McKay into McCain now. Thanks CoD Wiki. Your brand of bad became acceptable. Just like the English language and SAT. =_= The Shi No Numa one is not spoken by Cornelius Pernell like it was originally. It is by a woman. I believe this is an alternate universe version of the radio, one where a woman was Peter's handler. I believe that it might've happened shortly before we saw his body fall from Zetsubou No Shima. She also words things slightly differently. The Five one has McNamara lying through his teeth. I don't believe for a second he's telling the truth. We saw in Five how the DoD was conducting illicit zombie experiments, specifically with gas zombies. So don't tell me it was an unknown threat, McNamara. But we get a sense of the fate that befell them. Fun fact, with Castro dead, I bet Cuba became integrated into either the USA or USSR. And Kennedy got killed just a different way. With Nixon dead and maaaybe McNamara having gotten rescued, I'd say it would be relatively likely that McNamara became the 37th president. The Call of the Dead one tells us the fate of the actors. Some say Sarah Michelle Gellar is talking, but that can't be. The woman refers to the entire production to be missing in the second part, and she refers to them in third person.
  7. Honestly, I'm not sure. I mean, I could see the Keepers as a reference to angels, whereas the Apothicons are a references to demons.
  8. Haven't we always seen the Keepers and Apothicons in the same places? In a war, opposite sides tend to stay close. Besides, two spaceships both flying in outer space aren't really in the same place. So that's just supposition. Even so, while the Keepers can traverse the Aether, they have free reign to enter universes. Something the Apothicons could only do by force.
  9. Huh that's a good point. But up to now we've never seen this black sun. It's always been a concept or an idea. Perhaps the Apothicon Sun and the Black Sun are not the same thing? Or what if the Keepers have a twist and turn out to be bad guys after all! *dramatic gasp*
  10. The idea of the "Dark Aether" is nonsensical. First, it is dark Aether. Throughout its development, zombies terminology has been conflated and confusing, even moreso with Monty at the helm. He not only confuses actual related terms but dumb ones as well. He has referred to space-time as a galaxy, universe, multiverse, realm, reality, and creation. It stands then that these terms are conflated. Given the grandness of such an idea, simple prepositions cannot fully describe it. Beyond. Beneath. It makes no difference. Essentially the Aether exists beyond/beneath/elsewhere/outside of our galaxy/universe/multiverse/realm/reality/creation. Aether outside of Universe. There is no cause to create an extra third step in Dark Aether outside of Aether outside of Universe. Doing so is pure speculation. Keeping it to a two step scenario is not just prudent; it's Occam's Razor. Think of it like space. There's space. Outer space. Interstellar space. Intergalactic space. Void. Really, they are empty space, at least in degrees. The Apothicons went to the darkest parts of the Aether away from the universes/realms, because they are dark evil beings etc. It is the "dark Aether" i.e. the dark corners of the infinite beyond. Like waaaay beyond. If the Apothicons lived on an infinitely expansive slice of bread, they'd live on the infinitely wide crust. Also, I only think there is one 115 sun. Shadowman has a quote, calling it the Apothicon Sun, marveling at it. In singular. That leads me to believe there's only one. Why are there stars? Maybe they are universes? Or maybe ask why are there floating rocks why not stars? Or maybe they're just stars leftover from the peaceful universe that was just torn apart? Or maybe an oversight by the devs? I'm not going to pretend like I know why. But I don't think them all being 115 suns is the only plausible scenario. Also, I don't think the Apothicon Sun is any type of Green Sun or anything. Apothicons are supposed to be far-off, not centralizing the grand scheme of things. i.e. the Apothicon Sun is their domain, their territory. You might wonder why a sun would be in a place called dark. But have you seen that thing? Compare it to our average sun. That thing is definitely a dark sun. Not bright at all cosmically. (You can look at it without going blind.)
  11. Yes. They mention the old stuff, and they try to connect things, but that's mostly to save face or wrap things up. TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried are nearly completely ignored. Honestly, I'm a bit offended that they don't make an appearance whatsoever in the new level. Seems like a conspicuous oversight, and I can't help but think it was a conscious decision that those three were excluded.
  12. This is interesting, but right now we've got two people whispering in our ears. I'm waiting for the ending so we can see who is telling the truth. Last time this happened, they were both liars. (Maxis and Richtofen). These are the possibilities I think might happen. A: Monty is basically God, and Shadowman is basically Satan. B: Monty is basically Satan, and Shadowman is basically God. C: Monty is basically Satan, and Shadowman is trying to overthrow him. D: Monty is basically God, and Shadowman is trying to overthrow him. E: Monty is both God and Devil, and Shadowman is trying to rebel against him. F: Monty and Shadowman might be reincarnations of the Germans?
  13. They look like the caves in Origins to me. Not to mention that even if it was from Buried, why do all the other maps get huge sections and Buried just gets tunnels in one spot? Look, I really like the idea of smashing multiple levels together. It's something I asked for since Black Ops. However, if they were going to do it, I'm just disappointed that they didn't try to go for the works, with one of everything. Instead they settled for half. And I can't help but think that maybe the exclusion of the last Zeilinski maps was a bit of a stab.
  14. Thus far, from what I've seen of the map, it has elements of Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, Kino der Toten, Shangri-La, Mob of the Dead, Origins, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, and Gorod Krovi. That unfortunately means it is missing Der Riese, "Five", Ascension, Call of the Dead, Moon, Nuketown, TranZit, Die Rise, Buried, and The Giant. : /
  15. I threw as much evidence as I could think of in that post. The Shangri-La skull isn't the crux of my argument. Even without it, it still stands. However, yes, I've always claimed it as such. It was the first direct proof of the involvement of Vril-Ya. Even with retconning the story, it should not be ignored. And yes, I'm familiar with body mutilation and the idea that it was just an extended human skull. I don't believe that skull is a result of that, because that still wouldn't account for the proportions of the skull's face, not just the height of the thing. It could be alien, but the difference between alien and Vril-Ya is allllmost semantics. EDIT: So I've been going through some of the quotes people have uploaded thus far. There's something interesting stuff. Apparently there was a universe where everyone only had one arm. Also, apparently the big blue thing in the sky is the "Apothicon Sun", and it is made of 115. Weird for dark creatures to have a sun? But I guess it isn't very bright for a sun. I mean those things are usually really bright.
  16. I didn't say preceding. After all, the Keepers preceded all, even the Apothicons. Therefore they would precede their derivatives. And while Nan Sapwe had eyes, most Keepers did not: Again, just an example of the many body variations the Keepers, and their derivatives, the Apothicons, have. I mean... Ancients have legs. LEGS. And actual eyes, not just eye sockets in their skulls. Not to mention the extended skull in Shangri-La. Also, this cipher Once the great war ended with the defeat of the Apothicons, the Keepers ascended to become the wards of all universes. shows that the very definition of the Keeper has changed throughout time. They were once not as they are now. In the Lovecraftian mythos, there's often many kinds of creatures, good, evil, and very evil. I'm simply trying to point of the variations of the Keepers that are being ignored my the majority right now. And, I'm calling them by the names they were called. Samantha called the beings in Origins the Ancients, and we're familiar with the Vril-Ya. I mean vril is a thing called by name. That happened.
  17. I've just been casually watching videos as they come. I haven't heard this. Does Monty say that Agartha is Aether? Is it not possible that the peaceful world Monty made for them that was then shattered was called Agartha? That to me seems more likely. That Revelations is the shattered remains of Agartha. But does Monty says otherwise? I mean, who I am to argue with God? Also, one thing I noticed. The Apothicon Servant previously had four names, one for each character in Shadows of Evil, yes? In Revelations it seems to have new names in a different format, I assume to represent each of the characters. Plus the upgraded form. I hope someone finds this out sometime soon. I'd like to write them down, but I don't play anymore. : / EDIT: Just looked up a video with Monty quotes. You're right. Honestly I think it was a dumb decision. Revelations introduces two locations for us to visit: A: A house in a peaceful world where all is happy B: The destroyed remains of realities in an empty void. Now what are these called? Agartha and Aether? NOPE! They're called IDENTITY UNKNOWN and Agartha/Aether!... Really? =_= Well, okay, roll with what God tells you. Agartha is simply another name for the Aether. And the universe with the house will need a new realm designation, to go along with all the other unnamed ones. What am I at.... Omicron? Btw, I still don't accept that Keepers, Ancients, and Vril-Ya are all the same thing. Their skulls all look different. Given, the Keepers once evolved into the Apothicons, I don't think it a stretch that Ancients and Vril-Ya are just another branch on the evolutionary tree.
  18. I haven't actually played it. Just seen in it in videos. And from my understanding, it is almost identical to Der Riese with the only major changes in gameplay being weapons and a new perk or two. You loved World at War Der Riese, right? Ask yourself, did Black Ops Der Riese revitalize your interest in it? If not, Black Ops III Der Riese probably won't either. If so, then maybe it will.
  19. Welcome back Jay. Anything in particular that brings you back? The end of the current zombies? That's why I'm here. Or is it the start of the new one?
  20. Yeah and we can also see the Cursed in Shadows of Evil looking at Richtofen. Something not seen in the actual game. I think these Treyarch videos take a little artistic license in their depictions that aren't supposed to be 100% fact. Case in point, the trailer revealed nearly 0% actual information. It is just meant to hype people up. It did show some gameplay, but anything story-related it said is stuff people already knew.
  21. Hm, that's an interesting idea about there being splintered versions but one soul. I'd accept that idea on one condition. Richtofen hinted at his quest to get their soul.s He hinted that he has tried and failed several times. This would imply that your idea doesn't work. However, one way to resolve this is to suppose that if the body with the soul dies, the soul goes to the body in another splintered reality.
  22. @Syphillis Something I wanted to point out. The inhabitants of the house didn't just come from the Origins universe. After all, which universe is Samantha from? The only possible choice is the rebooted one of The Giant.* However, Maxis was with her. So there. Monty didn't have to craft a body, he just used that one. How is it soulless? And why does a brain not contain a soul? Because of some deus ex machina all split universe clones share the same soul or lack thereof or whatever Monty tells us. *unless you theorize that the people on Moon survived.
  23. Lately with Black Ops III, I can usually find something to not be happy about, rightly so in my opinion. However, this prologue looks absolutely amazing. So many answers. So much story progression. More so than the past three intros combined in my opinion. So yes. Cool. Very cool. Let's see how the map itself holds up, and, more importantly, the ending. Also, bonus points for finally seeing what young Maxis looks like.
  24. I don't believe that most things in the past of zombies were written with a multiverse in mind, or any type of real conclusion. It has bad writing, as you said. However, if we are to take in the story as whole, zombies lately is injecting things into the story. Whether or not the people in Buried know it, a multiverse is shown to exist, even if they are unaware and solely revolve around their own universe. But the very fact that we're talking about Agartha means that were talking multiple universes, realms, whatever you want to call them. When Richtofen brings up his body, Maxis brushes him off, as if Maxis knew something Richtofen didn't. The very fact that Maxis apparently knew something about Agartha, and his belief that Samantha was there, shows he found out about something that we and Richtofen did not know. What could this be? I propose it is what lead to do the actions he did, and it has to do with more than one universe. I can't say precisely what it was, nor do I care to. But I believe it drove him to break the barriers between the worlds so that he could get to Agartha, see Samantha, and destroy the world. We are then shown "another" world, Origins, where Samantha claims she is in Agartha. If I were to hazard a guess, I would suggest Maxis somehow found out about Samantha's claims to be in Agartha. We know this traveled universes so that the ones in Origins could hear her, so why not some microscopic leak of info, just enough for Maxis to find out in Buried? But again, the "how" of it isn't important. What's important is the result. Buried Maxis attempted to open the gateway. However, despite his attempt, Origins Maxis was the one who succeeded. I believe that's because Buried Maxis had already smashed it, so to speak. The comic could change this completely. Who knows? But this is what I've been going with for now.
  25. I believe that Buried Maxis in the end shattered the barriers between dimensions, spawning millions of alternate worlds. It was then Origins Maxis that opened the gateway that allowed passing between worlds. Both Maxises were motivated to do anything at all costs just to see Samantha again. And Giant Maxis managed to actually see Samantha, so in a way it worked. But now they are unsafe due to the damage they caused. It doesn't surprise me that the Maxises all say similar things, as they are all the same person with the same motivations, just different situations.

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