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  1. Interesting info about development process and new features. Props to Mark Lamia & David Vonderhaar for doing an interview so soon after the world reveal trailer. Shoutout to the rest of the Treyarch team as well for being part of crafting such a wonderful series in an already saturated FPS market. Activision, you done good too. Hope y'all enjoy as much as I did!
  2. I'm from Ontario, Canada and downloaded Apocalypse through the Zombie Store.
  3. Hello I was playing SOLO Buried yesterday and PaP 3 of my guns. I put an upgraded Galil in the fridge. I had made it to round 27 and during the game I built the NAV card table and inserted the card from Die Rise. It accepted the card. I go to play Tranzit today, no longer have the NAV card which is normal. Went in the farm fridge to swap out a weapon and there was my PaP Galil from my Buried game yesterday. I thought the weapon stored in the fridges were map specific. Can anyone clarify or test out as well? Cheers
  4. Available in Canada (Ontario)
  5. Faster Internet don't fail me now; here's hoping I'm in the top 5 to play Buried right away whereas I was 14th for Die Riese.
  6. Shangri La was partially underground....
  7. hey i'm BuddyKhryst on XBL/PSN [email protected]/Black Ops/Black Ops 2 for XBOX & Black Ops 2 for PS3 + all available DLC No mic presently for the PS3. I do respond to repeated jumping up and down or melee attacks at objects as a form of communication. Last night I attempted and succeeded from one game to get Hells Redeemer and Golden Spork on Solo. Took a break to eat and I died on Round 36. Keep calm and bombs to the zombz! - BK
  8. A placeholder is up as an ad from the main menu screen. Clicking on it brings up another screen to watch The Replacer Video, Revolution Preview Video, Buy Season Pass and when you click on Buy Revolution Now you can get it for -1 MSP. LOL Update:** -1 now replaced with 1200MSP; I'm 6% already downloaded. I'm in Ontario, Canada for those are wondering where it has been released in their country.
  9. Doing some exploring in Tranzit on solo (as Samuel) and I came across a part. This was located across from the door you have to use a turbine on in Town where the mystery box can spawn. I've seen a friend pick this part up before in split-screen. Any thoughts?
  10. I'd like to think it's a connection to Vril. Look around in the starting area in Shangri La and you can see V's on the architecture around the door that you open to go to the power. The 31-79 JB gun I believe is Vril technology. Treyarch staff have tweeted about various book titles or authors: Vril, Gary Zukav (The Dancing Wu Li Masters), Birth of Life and Death (Krishna). I believe contextually these link somehow to the zombies backstory. One day before BO2 comes out I will post my thoughts more in depth in relation to the hints Treyarch has provided for us. Cheers! GT: BuddyKhryst Looking for people to complete Shangri La & Moon easter egg achievements. Please send me a message b4 adding me so I know why I am adding you.
  11. Character with glasses looks like the one from the Shangri La loading screen in the top left corner.
  12. "31-79" mystery box weapon anyone...anyone? Vril connection possibly as well
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