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  1. ​Oh no, every map would be a bit ridiculous but I felt every now and again, to shake things up, it would be nice. In fact a different way to start each map would be great. The first one like normal, the next like Verruckt, another somewhat like Moon but perhaps with more of a reason to be there rather than "Quick, run to the teleporter!". It would be great to not start every map the same. As much as I adore zombies, when starting up a new game I feel quite bored already because all the interesting stuff takes time to get to. ​Exactly! Teamwork for a common goal and to shake things up. It ju
  2. Obviously with the inclusion of proper full on objective based Easter Eggs since Der Riese, zombies has always had a team element to it where you work together for rewards (perks, weapons, etc) however the teamwork aspect has more or less be there from the start. Now before you go calling me Captain Obvious because zombies is a co-op based game mode, what I'm referring to is actual, helping one another out teamwork. In the original Natch Der Untoten map, I always found myself playing with randomers online. And without fail, everything single game, everyone would open the box room, open the st
  3. Mocking, dude, this is a fantastic theory, I love it! I love the idea of it being in hell. I can't believe I never pieced it together like this before. Mind you, I feel ashamed to say that I'm not 100% up to date on all easter eggs and lore to do with Origins. I need to research/play it some more. ​Whether this has been debunked or not, I love this idea. It's clever! By the way, what hidden pictures and mound are you refering to? I'm not sure I know of/have seen these.
  4. 2- I am sooooooooooo glad to hear that. I was always getting told that everyone hated MOTD. In fact, most of my friends seem to. Maybe they just don't have taste, ha!​ 3, 4- I know Origins and following maps shared these qualities, I just mean Mob of the Dead played to ALL the things I wanted to see in future maps well. I did originally make the video where I used examples from Origins and Buried too but it came out at about 20 minutes long... So I sadly had to cut a lot! 5, 9- Granted but I felt, and I think it's fair to say we can agree, the Black Ops 2 maps did absolutely nothing for the
  5. Oh, yes, granted, I agree - the quotes do give you the general idea of the previous games but even still it all seemed too much of a coincidence for those quotes to link together as well as they do, I though. Ah well, it's fun to speculate! And thank you! I was terrified I was going to just some newbie that no one pays attention to. So thank you for the warm introduction! ​True, but if you don't try you'll never know, ay? Besides, who doesn't love a good Treyarch challenge? Even if the odds will never be in your favour...
  6. Mob of the Dead was one of my absolute favourite maps from Black Ops 2. It was great! Everything about it was perfect! Here's a video I made, for anyone interested, where I talk about why were should have more Mob of the Dead-like maps in Black Ops 3.
  7. So, I was rewatching the Black Ops III teaser the other day when it suddenly hit me. All the quotes featured in said teaser seem to be quite coincidentally link. They all work together and seem as though these specific quotes were chosen on purpose. What if the quotes were chosen to hint towards something that will happen in the Black Ops III campaign? Treyarch are very good at hiding Easter Eggs and clues in plain sight, so could this be one of them? Perhaps I'm just clutching at straws here or shooting in the dark but it made an awful lot of sense to me. What do you guys think? I made a vi
  8. Welcome to the forums MrTEPDuck :)

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      Thank you for the friendly welcome!! :)

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