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  1. Did anyone ever come up with an explanation for the strange symbol on the wall near quick revive? What is its purpose?
  2. The main difference between the two is in the current picture you cannot see the Moon. Maybe Treyarch was afraid that it was blatantly obvious there would be a map on the moon.
  3. Why did Treyarch change the Ascension picture when selecting maps? I remember it was originally bright and colorful but then they changed it around the time Call of the Dead was released. Just wondering why Treyarch felt the need to change it l?
  4. Lamia and Zielinski probably hid dick pics deep in the fog on Tranzit.
  5. I bet you'll have better luck finding things on Black Ops 1 and 2 maps. We were so focused on solving the big Easter eggs that we missed out on little things.
  6. After reading this thread a couple years after the fact, I'm shocked so many people had nice things to say about it. Die Rise is horrible, even its name seems like a bastardation of Der Riese. Why have elevators without elevator music? Everything added in Die Rise could be used to screw your self. In hindsight, I assume that after Tranzit anything different was considered a good thing. Seriously what was Treyarch thinking about from Moon until Mob of the Dead? The maps in between were horrendous.
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