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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

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  1. The only reason I can see that the Original 4 would go there is the giant 115 meteor outside the map near the storage hut.
  2. Did anyone ever come up with an explanation for the strange symbol on the wall near quick revive? What is its purpose?
  3. The main difference between the two is in the current picture you cannot see the Moon. Maybe Treyarch was afraid that it was blatantly obvious there would be a map on the moon.
  4. Why did Treyarch change the Ascension picture when selecting maps? I remember it was originally bright and colorful but then they changed it around the time Call of the Dead was released. Just wondering why Treyarch felt the need to change it l?
  5. Lamia and Zielinski probably hid dick pics deep in the fog on Tranzit.
  6. I couldn't care less if it has Grief or not. Never really played it.
  7. While playing Der Riese the other day, I noticed the writing on the wall Return thru Aether. I've seen it a million times but it finally made sense to me. The "Crazy Place" in Origins is Aether right? Anyways is Return thru Aether written on the wall on any of the other maps with the original characters? If so we could probably see similar "remakes" of those maps in future DLC.
  8. Couple of things. I hope that it is Nazi Zombies, it's just more satisfying. Another thing I'd like is to see Rictofen and the gang to return. The post about Der Riese was interesting. Der Riese is where zombies started, maybe we'll get the Der Riese that Treyarch always wanted or the gang returns to Der Riese and the map is expanded and reimagined. With 3 years of development I definitely expect more than 1 map on disk *cough Tranzit cough*. I can't wait to see what Treyarch is able to do with the Power of the Xbox One.
  9. Oh yeah. It's been forever since I played Ascension, I forgot Gersches could be used for teleportation. But my point remains intact, in Der Reise and Shi no Numa every thing is explained for the most part. But then you go to maps with shrink rays, ninja crawlers, the Avogadro thing, where they just exist in the map and have no real explanation.
  10. Keep the original characters but nuke the hell out of the storyline after Moon. Really after Kino they stopped explaining how the characters got there. How did they go from Kino to Ascension? Ascension to Call of the Dead? CotD to Shrangri-La? The Moon? The BO2 storyline is even more wild. Why is there a old west town underground in the middle of Africa? Why does Die Rise exist (I have a personal vendetta against that map). Wipe the slate clean and start again with the characters we love. Maybe that's what they tried to do with Origins? Regardless? I'm pumped for some next-gen zombies, AW jus
  11. After reading this thread a couple years after the fact, I'm shocked so many people had nice things to say about it. Die Rise is horrible, even its name seems like a bastardation of Der Riese. Why have elevators without elevator music? Everything added in Die Rise could be used to screw your self. In hindsight, I assume that after Tranzit anything different was considered a good thing. Seriously what was Treyarch thinking about from Moon until Mob of the Dead? The maps in between were horrendous.
  12. Do NOT add cyborg elements or cyborg zombies in any way. Treyarch Zombies is perfect as it is, with the AW Exo-zombies being a nice change of pace mainly because it is the only COD Zombie experience on the Xbox One.
  13. New Characters, I cannot stand any of them. (Not including the guys from MotD) Fog Denizens- I hear their screeches in my nightmares. Stupid boss zombies-Panzer thing and the electro thing specifically. ninja crawler things----horrible idea. useless perks like who's who and buckcherry or whatever it was called, Just bring back PHD. buildables seem unnecessary and tedious Zombies needs to return to its roots with a map based on survival, not just a big scavenger hunt. I like Origins but at times it seems like a chore to get everything. Im tired of all the one and done wonder weapons,
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