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  1. Yeah, this is one of the few games I play lol Zombies only for me
  2. Well you can defiantly justify the price. 60$ game+ 50$ seasons pass+ bonus content + coasters + Box + functioning perk mini-fridge worth at least 80-100$. I was gonna try and wait till christmas to get BO3, so it would have been about $100 to get the full experience with PS+ and the season pass. Getting this is $250 total plus tax, and while I do get a shit ton with it, add that to the 2 other games I'm planning on getting myself this year and it adds up to $370 plus tax. Without a job, that is a shit ton, and while I do have a decent amount of money in the bank, I can't be spending that amount. Gotta think about how I use my money. I'm gonna try and work out something with my dad since after all, I do get a pretty useful minifridge. You just have to get your priorities straight man lol. BO3 is the only game you need along with a mini fridge lol
  3. I didn't mind the price you get the game season pass fridge dlc things to set your cup on lol It would be cool if they would keep coming out with different editions like speed cola and double tap and had mini fridges to go with them. and you can always use more than one fridge!! lol
  4. I was lucky enough to get one! I had to wait at Gamestop when they opened the day after e3. the store only had 3 for xbox one and 2 for ps4 I got the last one for xbox one lol I am pumped to have the mini fridge ! Its tempting to sell it for double the price but then I won't have that bad ass fridge!
  5. Does anyone think they will restock before the release date? And on ebay do you think people will pay a ton if they don't? People are all ready paying $500.00 bucks! Let me know and if you guys need a good zombie player add me tresstheman xbox360 I'm a weekender usually
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