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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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Call of Duty Zombies Library - In Conjunction With Pinnaz



Status Updates posted by way2g00d

  1. Is it worth getting COD BO4 season Pass or should I just buy the classified zombies add on? I care about Zombies and black out. Not so much about mp. I recently purchased Bo4 and started playing, so far I love it.

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    2. way2g00d


      How many zombie maps are out till date? Just classified right?


    3. InfestLithium


      DLC 3 and DLC 4 are Aether maps. Not sure how much you enjoy Aether compared to Chaos but getting Classified alone is already a plus. Assuming you get the last two DLCs I'd say just buy them separately to be honest.

    4. Lenne


      Dead of the Night is the first map which got released back in december and in march there will be the second map.

      Dead of the night in my opinion is very good.

  2. Is there an EE guide for VOD? Just curious. Not asking anyone to make one. I completed this last night, so I wanted to check back on few steps. Is there a place you guys recommend? 

  3. How are you Pinnaz. Long time no talk. Let's get some cod games going. Are you still around on psn?

  4. Hi Guys! 

    1. anonymous


      Way to good to see you again. And that wordjoke was way to bad.


      Good to see you again!

    2. Lenne


      Hey, hey, hey hope everything is going fine and you are doing good, way. Really nice to check back in. ❤️

    3. way2g00d


      It is good to be back. I am back in cod playing black out mostly. But I enjoy playing zombies content. Mostly playing with randoms for now, I don't know if any OG players are still around. Chopper, Eye, InfestLithium, Grill, Flammen, Superhands. Damn. 

  5. Anyone here play destiny/?

  6. Anyone still play Destiny on PS4, add me. way2g00 is my psn

  7. What are everyone's thoughts on Cross platform gaming for COD? Next COD game might support this, if Sony and Microsoft hold hands and co-operate. Microsoft really want to seek Sony's attention this time with this trick. Fingers crossed.

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    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      With the exception of PC. Sorry guys you're just too OP. 

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Well heres the thing, I have my Playstation account and my main system being the XBox One, it's not that technically difficult to be able to pair the accounts, so that stats, available gumballs, guns etc are all available on all the different system and prestige levels etc are the same no matter what.

      I've got two different prestige levels, two different gun setups and we should be able to have them available no matter what system.

      What am I more interested in? I'm more interested in them bringing back the fantastic stats site they had and releasing an API for it, so we can utlise that API and start auto awarding based on the stats from in game - it's utter nonsense that they removed it, it's even more idiotic that they never had an API with it in the first place.

    4. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      *Makes subtle unfunny minecraft api joke

  8. BO 3 is under $25 on pc on amazon

    1. way2g00d


      Actually it is for 26 something if you order PC disc version of the game..

  9. Tried Xbox one matchmaking last night, and i have to say it is very messed up, takes forever to find people and once the game starts and someone leaves, host migration is even worse and kicks you out of the game or leaves you alone 99% of the times. Vent over.

    1. Dopey Legend

      Dopey Legend

      Yeah, I have had the same problem. Even when I get into games I only last 5 rounds them people leave and host migration and boom! Back to the main menu. 

  10. Yet to play the map. If anyone likes to team up my gt is way2g00. I will play tonight around 7 central. Might solo for a while to get used to things. Then co-op.

  11. Who is up to join forces for awakening dlc on xbox one?

    1. way2g00d


      If we have more people I might actually consider taking a day off.

    2. Tac
    3. NaBrZHunter


      Yep. Heck, I could take a half day maybe? :D LMK...we gotta be serious about this. ;)

  12. Anyone have luck playing xbox one games on laptop? If so, please message me. I am unable to add my device. 

    1. NaBrZHunter


      I didn't realize you could! 

  13. Thank you @Hells Warrrior for fixing the theme. You are awesome.

  14. Guys, how do I change background? I want to change it to something that is not black? #paintitblack

    1. Ragdo11706


      If your talking about your background here, if you go to the my profile tab, once you see your page in the upper right hand corner of your banner, you should see a pencil & landscape looking image. 

      Click on this then you should be able to apply whatever image you want, if you choose the image from your gallery, it will be very limited as to what you can use. It's best to post it on imgur or imageshack then use the url from that (took me a while to actually realize you could actually do this). 

      However, if your not talking about that particular background, I apologize for wasting 5mins of your life.

    2. Boom115
  15. So much anxiety of not being able to play the new dlc on xbox.. thankfully my kids are keeping me busy enough... and say hello to m new full complete pioneer elite home theater.. that costed me a grand.

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    2. way2g00d


      I have not. I tried a couple of times to complete it with friends but we failed. I think there were 2-3 steps left in the end. We made it past the protecting the flag step where we need to kill the shadow man. Would be more than willing to do it with you and anyone else from CoDz. I am kid-free after 8 central. Skype : Sharpshewter Twitter: way2g00. I prefer skype over Live chat. Sorry Craig, didnt want to make this into Friend finder :)

    3. NaBrZHunter


      Cool! I'm not a fan of it, but I'll do it if it's required and just to have it on my resume.

      But yep, after 8 generally works for me as well. I'm NaBrZHunter on pretty much everything. Not a very highly contended username. lol

    4. Tac


      Hey Way, is it cool if I join?

  16. Bored with COD, although i have been enjoying multiplayer, time to play another game until the dlc arrives for xbox one. Any suggestions for cool xbox one games? Don't say Hangman.

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    2. way2g00d


      will check it out chop

    3. MixMasterNut


      IDK if you'd be into EA Star Wars then.  It's a gorgeous solid MP shooter though.  I got bored of Shadows of Mordor quick. Lots of fun at first. But the missions got repetitive.

    4. way2g00d


      tried to do cod campaign and got bored in first few missions.. will try out shadow when i get a chance...

  17. Bl. Ops3 + Nuketown DLC (PC Digital Download) $35 @ CDKeys.com in case someone is interested..




    Read this page.. it has most of the details.. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. way2g00d


      I was also told that you get extra 5% off if you like their facebook lol.. Cool.. Ya thats why i posted that.. Were you able to get it just fine.

    3. shirtlesservice


      Yup, just awaiting download and installation now, Ill do it when I get back from work, thanks dude!

    4. way2g00d


      you are most welcome. 

  18. Bl. Ops3 + Nuketown DLC (PC Digital Download) $35 @ CDKeys.com in case someone is interested..

    1. shirtlesservice


      Ive never gone through this website, is it legit? will my game work with steam?

    2. way2g00d


      check your page.. I posted another link..

  19. COD Ghosts for $3 at toysrus if someone wants it. ps3 or x360 only.

  20. Is there a thread that explains how to easily find out which door has juggernog. I was going to create a thread or post for it. But I decided not to. Should be known already. @Hells Warrrior how do I easily search for existing threads, I kee getting an error. I also tried google.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. way2g00d


      I would not mix strategy guide with things we know thread. Could be a separate thread. 

      Another suggestion is that we highlight or sticky these threads on top. 
      People come to the site just for the sake for information. The easier it is to find, more chances they comeback and recommend codz to their friends. It would be great to see Black ops 3 zombies maps section first, right under announcements for better visibility instead of having to scroll all the way down.

    3. shirtlesservice


      alright, so a thread on stuff that just needs to be common knowledge for the map then? perks, rituals, the swords type of thing?


    4. way2g00d


      ya sure sounds good ... 

  21. Wacthed the EE for AW zombies new dlc. Not as appealing and it seems like Moon's easter egg from treyarch.

  22. Got Suros Regime last night from Nightfall!

  23. Missed Red death by 1 strange coin, this is going to haunt me now. Got that coin next day first thing when xur was gone. How you guys like red death? Is the health regen significant?

    1. Naitrax


      Yes, Red Death is great. Absolutely tears in Crucible - 2 burst to the head if all 3 shots land, nice base stability + unflinching makes it to hard to land headshots, pretty much never a 4 burst.

      The best part about though is the health regen. It allows you to win an engagement with no health and round the corner into the next one with full health.

    2. Naitrax


      The 9,7% base damage increase on Pulse Rifles also makes it very viable for high-level PvE content. If you don't have a Gjallarhorn for HM CE, Red Death makes you useful in the fact that you'll be the most survivable on the team.

    3. way2g00d


      I know that's why I wanted it badly. I spent all my coins the week before on heavy ammo from xur. :( I hope zur comes back with a enemy locking rocket if not better items ;)

  24. "Omnigul is wicked and desperate. keep your light safe, Guardian! " -Eris

    1. DeathBringerZen


      I hate the Omnigul strike. The last part where you take on Omnigul is a mess.

    2. way2g00d


      @DeathBringerZen it is my favorite strike at the moment, last night I got into ROC lobby with 2 titans that kept generating orbs, with my praxis fire and abyss defiant, she was down in like 2 mins. If you still hate her, there is a room in the back where you can camp and take her down, but it is a slow process, the fastest way is to just use your sparrow and skip through all the minions and knights, ogres and wizards. That's what I did for nightfall. I agree this is a time consuming strike.

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