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  1. Wow nice! Thats crazy being able to get to those rounds on dead ops! Im trying to get better at dead ops because its really fun but im not beast enough to get that far. The guy I play with normally has 2 bar when playing and thats not so good for dead ops.
  2. I am a little upset about that. And honestly though these are gonna need alot of changing! Ascension round 99 should be world record but the console lag made the time not right for some reason.YxdLh752wdE Cotd 71, not a record but its higher than 70! And my highest is 77 but didnt record it.qOiGJuOCchU Shi no numa 78! QpZOkCQWsFc
  3. Actually relaxingend didnt make this strategy, how I know this is I actually used this to 79 a few months ago! That doesnt mean I made it though, this guy steinhoff777 made this strategy first and relaxingend is just saying he made it. Also relaxingend didnt make that upstairs on five strategy either, I remember posting that strategy a few months ago also! :o
  4. I like most of the maps, the only maps I really dont like are moon and sometimes kino. I dont like moon because there are a ridiculous amount of glitches on it and it makes going for high rounds feel pointless because everyone will just think you glitched it. I dont like kino much because I have terrible luck with the box on that map and running traps is to slow to even be fun to me. Other than that I really love every map, I would say probably the best are all the classic maps and ascension though.
  5. I would say either COTD or shangri-la because both of them are semi hard(eveything is easy to me though). COTD can take 20 hours to get to 70 and has terrible frame rate lag so only the best can get far on it.
  6. I play zombies to try to take leaderboards, I have only taken shi no numa once though but thats because I always get booted offline by ip booters before I can take a leaderboard. I can see why you dont try to go for high rounds if it took you 9 hours to get to 38 on five!?!!?!?!?? It doesnt even take me 2 hours to get to 40 on most maps. How could it even take you 9 hours to get to 38?!?!?! That would probably put me at about 60 on five. I really think I should make a video on how to get to high rounds fast.
  7. I think shi no numa would be an easier one, im worried about der riese though. I have ALOT of time to play zombies, like I could play all day every day if i wanted to.
  8. Thanks, all I have to do now is 99 on shi no numa, der riese, kino, and moon.
  9. I finally got to 99 on ascension and timed our death to be at 2hrs 59mins 58secs and it showed up as 46secs. YxdLh752wdE
  10. I want one thing very much for black ops 2, for them to fix all the problems of high rounds in black ops. Im talking about g spawn errors, frame rate lag, traps and teleporters sometimes not working when you try to buy them, blank shots and everything else. Heres an example of framerate lag for those who dont know what it is. YxdLh752wdE As you can see even with the claymore out I had terrible framerate lag!
  11. Ok well trying to be less blunt about this, I just think having something shoot at you in a game like zombies would make it so much less fun. I already hate having even just the cosmonaut! I mean if you could always kill him in one hit then it would be ok but when you throw all your qeds and hes still alive it just gets really annoying. I could only imagine the glitches that would come with some guy shooting at you then taking points...
  12. Just a video of me getting to round 70 on shangri-la. We actually made it to 72 but for some reason it said the black ops servers are not available?!?!?!? So heres the strategy we used and its probably the fastest way to get through the rounds on this map. zZOYQF6AZfA
  13. Or if you want to get there in about 2 hours you can both sit by the lander in spawn and just kill them off with ray guns as they come. This is called spawn killing because you kill zombies as they spawn. That way rounds dont take forever to do. And once you get to 40 start using this merging strategy jvmLFwTg5X0
  14. That would take FOREVER!!! Why dont you just run the mpl or ak74u?
  15. It would be way to laggy to do this. I played a four player game to 30 on kino and I was having worse frame rate lag than I was on 90 on ascension.
  16. I was just wondering if maybe shooting three shots on land would do more damage than two in the water? Or maybe even three shots in the water? It would be nice if someone could get exact damage.
  17. I think it could be kind of useful still, with mule kick you could get the v-r11, ray gun, and scavenger. You could use all the scavenger then use the v-r11 strategy and kill off the crawlers with the raygun to try to get drops.
  18. I hope someone big on youtube trys this for a high round and puts my channel in the description. It would help me get some more recognition for this.
  19. I dont know what it would do on land actually. I just tried it in the water. the scavenger actually wouldnt help much past 55 or 60 anyways, but it would be better to use just scavenger for the first about 50 rounds.
  20. So I thought of this V-r11 strategy for solo. What you do is shoot one zombie twice in the water and it will explode killing all the zombies! You could get 100+ using this strat! It would take a long time still but not as long as using the ak74u. l78NGC114T8
  21. I dont want to sound mean here, but this is a terrible idea. The highest round I have been to without running a "train" is 41 on ascension just camping in the spawn with rayguns spraying away then throwing gersches when we ran out of ammo. But after about 40 you have to run because you cant kill the zombies fast enough and you will get overrun. And just to let you know 77, 64, and especially 55 arent even high rounds. you probably just dont know how to kill them fast enough to make the rounds go by fast. have been to 60 on ascension on co-op in 3 hours then lagged out.
  22. I really dont like this idea, it just wouldnt feel right. Also when your on extremely high round where only traps and wonder weapons kill how are you supposed to fill it up? Well only one player would be able to fill it up.
  23. I used to always hold claymores but now I just deal with the lag. And when a teammate goes down it gets much worse because they cant hold a claymore while down. And 99 on five on co-op? I really dont believe that at all. If he did there is no way its legit. I will believe on solo though.
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