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  1. Here is my opinion: If they can do it, I think it would be cool if they could track which matches you were in so if you just so happened to be disconnected, you could reconnect to the same match you were in before within 15 minutes or so. This way, nobody can purposely lag out or disconnect and then rejoin when it's a lot later in the game. Also, randoms could join already started matches up to round 5? After round 5 no more joining. I think that would be cool.
  2. Handguns to me would not include ray gun and winter's howl because they are wonder weapons. As for the OP's question, I don't know why the CZ75 isn't available, but the m1911 is very obvious because at any moment in time you could buy the gun and upgrade it and there you have the mustang and sally which is an extremely good weapon. They want you to have to work hard to keep it through all the rounds leading up to the pack a punch availability. They want it to be a challenge because without mule kick youre basically confined to 1 gun, because the m1911 becomes virtually powerless quite quickly in zombies.
  3. Lol So what you were saying about how you want more maps like COTD and shang...basically you just want maps that are harder to survive on? Or maps that take longer to clear each round? Both?
  4. Yeah I really have to agree....I really think that's Richtofen. Yes he is missing the hat, but as somebody said earlier, in moon he didn't have his hat in his pocket ready for when he didn't need a P.E.S. But I am very sure that we will have the option of playing as other people than the original 4 when Black Ops II rolls around.
  5. That seems like an interesting idea, but someone earlier said it for me: The catacombs are really just too narrow for zombies. You need a hallway with enough room to get around a zombie or 2 at least. But the pros are obvious, I REALLY like that super creepy feel. The bones and everything, it's very freaky. The last time I felt that way was on the original world at war maps, ESPECIALLY Der Riese. A massive amount of the zombie storyline that exists today was revealed in Der Riese. I got it the day it came out, it was late at night when I played it, the zombies were scary, the radios were freakin me out....it was a riveting experience. I would really like to see one of those maps that is dark, gloomy, has a lot of secrets and scary stuff hidden within it...let's get back to that point where zombies is scary again. In black ops, I kinda got the feeling of like "yeah man let's go kick some zombie ass" especially shangri-la. It was daytime, they didn't scare you really. It was just time to slay some zombies. I want to have a map where it's scary. I want to feel scared again, as funny as that sounds.
  6. I do agree with you, aside from cutscenes at the beginning (like five) I also think that the story should really be told through easter eggs and stuff that you find in the map...like all the clues in der riese.
  7. Wow, thanks a lot for the link, that's pretty sweet. I'm not worried at all about how zombies will change, as long as there is the original mode (survive as long as possible with 1-4 people) I really am open to changes. I am actually very pleased with Treyarch for going out on a limb and just doing this whole future thing, and changing multiplayer and zombies a lot. It takes guts to do that for these guys because their business depends on it. Super excited for it to come out and to see what they changed.
  8. I'm about to sound like an idiot, but has it been confirmed yet that 8-person zombies will be available?
  9. Yeah I also kind of have to agree, moon wasn't the greatest. Scale of 1-10 I'm saying 4 or 5. Now I'm sure a bunch of people will disagree with me on this but five was my favorite map. To me, I loved the concept, and how the cutscene in the beginning set stuff up, it was pretty badass too, playing as "real life" characters. Come on, shootin zombies as JFK? I liked it. To me, I can't really formulate an opinion on my favorite map design at the moment, I should probably replay most WAW and BO maps and decide which ones I like most. What I do know is that I really liked the system they *kind of* had going. I regard kino as the first map. 1st map, original characters. Five was the 2nd one to me, and that was different characters. 3rd, (dead ops doesn't count) was ascension: normal characters. 4th, COTD, new characters. You see? until moon. originals again. I mean, I know that was a very important map for the story, so they needed the characters, but I really like having real life characters. It's pretty fun to take the persona as somebody you only knew from TV or from history, put it into a character form and then throw you in the driver's seat (rather, gunners seat in this instance). Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  10. OMG IM SO EXCITED!!!!!! Its hilarious because I start gasping and just repeating "oh my god" over and over and over.... everybody in my house is giving me the "WTFBBQ" stares. I'm such a nerd but I can't help it.......it's so exciting. EVERY TIME.
  11. I couldn't agree more with this ^^^^^ I really thought the cold war was awesome. Think about it, we had never seen it before. It was basically an all new gun set. It also went back to world war 2 times with guns in zombie maps and also in the campaign of course. Also, they captured the cold war era so well, especially in Vietnam. During the Khe Sanh mission, the waves and waves of vietnamese infantry was so accurately depicted, I was thoroughly impressed. I have the highest hopes for the next Call Of Duty game. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a continuation of black ops in the same time period, but on the other hand, Treyarch could very well surprise us and throw yet another era never seen before in COD. Even if they went back to world war II, I would be super excited just because COD has come so far and all the updates and new ideas that have been implemented in previous installments would now be put into an older time period. All told, my biggest hope for the next COD is that it can be in any time period, as long as it pertains to, and continues the story built in black ops. The black ops campaign was the most amazing and enthralling campaign I have ever played, and I really hope it continues.
  13. I dont want to sound mean here, but this is a terrible idea.
  14. So you're clearly a really good zombie player, but those high rounds weren't boring for you at all? To me, it really got old after a while. Maybe I just have a short attention span. ***side note*** just realized that you were playing co-op, I have never gone very far in co-op, nor do I even play it that often. I don't have friends that like zombies/know how to play it well at all, and randoms basically suck every time. I'll give co-op a shot and see how that is.
  15. What's happenin' zombie slayers? Of course, as a major zombie fan, I HAVE to put in my 2 cents when it comes to the development of the next Zombie game. I was in love with Black Ops Zombies the first time I ever played "Five", which still is my favorite map ever created in the history of zombies. I can see you typing now, please, save your arguments for which map is the best, for later. Right now we must discuss the future of Zombies. I was one of those guys who went on ridiculous solo runs that went more than one sitting, more than one day. I made it to round 77 on Ascension, round 64 on Kino Der Toten, and round 55 on Moon. Being at higher rounds like that, especially during my Ascension game, I am on the side of many other zombie commentators on YouTube, it is grueling. Yes, we want to have that high round game in our arsenal to prove our skill, but it is very painful to get there. We have to run trains for sometimes more than a half hour on end, just to beat a single round. Train, Thundergun, train, Thundergun, train, trap....it's too repetitive. For those reaching higher rounds, there has to be something that keeps the game interesting. I know the game is about survival. Type survival into a thesaurus, you may find endurance. I realize that higher rounds require endurance, and to sustain a level of play that will not lead you to death. If you're good enough, you can run the trains without dying for a long time, and that proves you're good at running trains and all, but I think there needs to be another aspect to it. So, I'm not here to complain and leave Treyarch to solve the issue. There could be a simple resolution to this: Simply, make the zombies smarter. Although zombies are portrayed as stupid, brainless, and dumb, I think a little intelligence would make the game interesting. Players can agree, zombies gets really exciting when you're gunning them up, but at the same time you're weaving in and out of massive packs, darting past them in a narrow hallway, and pulling "mad zombie jukes". If you were to update the zombies' AI, you could get it so that they would refuse to get in a pack and would attack you from a formation that does not allow running trains. Zombies would spread out and instead of stupidly grouping together, they would radiate outward, to cover a larger area. Now players are forced to squeeze in between 1-3 zombies multiple times to get to a safe shooting area, instead of running one quick loop and having zombies mindlessly lope in pursuit, ripe for the picking (of heads). To me, it is most exciting when I have to navigate in between a lot of zombies to reach a certain point (like the elevator on Five) and you cant just train them so easily. Hopefully this will make the game more difficult, and therefore the best players might be getting to round 25ish instead of 70's, 80's, 90's and of course 100's. Thank you -- Jmasta7
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