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    Disappointment in Zombies

    Yeah I also kind of have to agree, moon wasn't the greatest. Scale of 1-10 I'm saying 4 or 5. Now I'm sure a bunch of people will disagree with me on this but five was my favorite map. To me, I loved the concept, and how the cutscene in the beginning set stuff up, it was pretty badass too, playing as "real life" characters. Come on, shootin zombies as JFK? I liked it. To me, I can't really formulate an opinion on my favorite map design at the moment, I should probably replay most WAW and BO maps and decide which ones I like most. What I do know is that I really liked the system they *kind of* had going. I regard kino as the first map. 1st map, original characters. Five was the 2nd one to me, and that was different characters. 3rd, (dead ops doesn't count) was ascension: normal characters. 4th, COTD, new characters. You see? until moon. originals again. I mean, I know that was a very important map for the story, so they needed the characters, but I really like having real life characters. It's pretty fun to take the persona as somebody you only knew from TV or from history, put it into a character form and then throw you in the driver's seat (rather, gunners seat in this instance). Anyway, just my 2 cents.
  2. OMG IM SO EXCITED!!!!!! Its hilarious because I start gasping and just repeating "oh my god" over and over and over.... everybody in my house is giving me the "WTFBBQ" stares. I'm such a nerd but I can't help it.......it's so exciting. EVERY TIME.

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