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  1. I left a couple of months ago, right around when mule kick was added.
  2. Welcome, buddy. There are plenty of people here who love zombies as much as you do and you should try to find some players in the "team mate finder". See you around.
  3. Welcome to the forum, it's good to see more people people join from Socal.
  4. BO gameplay is way better and i am just happy that the original maps were released with BO's movement of the character. It's also a good thing i started playing zombies with black ops becasue i would have never got the hang of zombies if i had started in WAW. One more thing, i always seem to get stuck in WAW on small objects or the wall which is a pain in the ass.
  5. LOL this cracked me up. Ill check out your video in a bit and leave a comment.
  6. I started playing on WaW. You just proved my point.
  7. Practice* It's really easy and it depends on what map you play because some maps have more spots than others to train. Kino is one of the easiest but there are tons of youtube videos to help you become better at this. I will try to find some videos to help you out.
  8. Welcome to the forum. 42 on Natch? that is really impressive.
  9. The weapons will depend on the time the game is set in. I think it would be cool if they added the AK-47 and for a melee weopon i would like to see some crazy ass sword.
  10. Ah ok, thanks for the info.
  11. I actually left because the site would never load and it always kept freezing but now the site seems to work just fine. I was reading some threads and i thought i read that Carbon isn't here anymore? can anyone confirm that?
  12. Weird, I haven't seen this happen before. Did you take a picture? I will have to youtube this.
  13. I prefer the Thundergun for many reasons, i think the only people who would pick the DG-2 over the thundergun are people who started playing zombies on WAW.
  14. I would recommend you buy a used pvr on Craigslist, i found one for 90$ and the person probably gave up on the youtube thing so he decided to sell it dirt cheap.
  15. I've had this happen once and i was just happy it was at round 20ish, i would have been PO it was on a higher round. Not sure what causes it but i doubt Treyarch would take the time to fix this since they are done with BO.
  16. I love double tap and i consider it one of the top 3 must have perks. I hate that they put mule kick on every map instead of double tap and i would have loved to see it in Ascension.
  17. As much as i love the original characters, i think it's cool when new players are introduced. If they used the same characters over and over it would get boring.
  18. You do need a decent/fast computer to record or at least you do for a Hd pvr.
  19. Group them in the war room and take the teleporters until you get to the top floor.
  20. Great guide, i am trying for 300+ and it's way harder than i originally thought.
  21. I was at COD XP and i missed the zombie panel because we were going for #1 at the zombies competition, i regret missing the zombies panel.
  22. Welcome broski. Is PHD your favorite perk?
  23. Welcome, amigo. Carnage was pretty siiick.
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