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  1. If you need a picture I would be glad to provide. If people need convincing... :twisted:
  2. These may or may not have any significance, these are just some events that interest me. I may have found something, this is all in 1908. On June 30th the "Tunguska event" occured also known as the Russian explosion, occurs near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Siberia, Russian Empire. I have no idea how this can be related but it just seems sort of special. Also someone named Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev was born on the second of September, he was a Russian astronomer/astrophysicist and died in 1983. All in 1909 here. On May 27th, a meteor crashed through the roof of a house in Shepard, Texas which for some reason intrigues me. All in 1910 here. On April 20th, Halley's Comet is visible.
  3. Probably, but I think it will probably more likely as to be Mason. Since Woods supposedly was taken to a concentration camp on Hanoi, he probably died there as a prisoner. I have no clue. ;)
  4. I actually found the wire by accident while playing solo, so I'm pretty sure that's a yes.
  5. Thanks man! Your alley train is a point maker in solo.
  6. Hacker just helps you with things, it doesn't boost your rounds or anything. Don't camp with the hacking device, it's used for helping lower the score of items, removes your perks for you, changes powerups, rebuilds doors, etc.
  7. Good idea, I'll see if I can find a video or make it myself. In the meantime let's find more Moon Easter Eggs!
  8. Thanks! I also posted the video. if your saying this is your Video you are SO BULLSHITT! this is obviously order 115 I don't know why I'm getting some hate for this find. I didn't say I made the video I simply discovered it. My friend told me about this, I looked for the video, found it, and posted it without claiming it mine. Simple. Carnage, out!
  9. Hello, fellow CoDz members my name is Carnage and I'm happy to be a part of your awesome forum! I've been following your posts and topics without my say in it and I finally gained confidence that I'd be accepted gratefully. Anyways, I'll be posting in a steady pace whether an amazing find or not and I wanted to stop by and say my hello! I'll see you guys in other posts! Carnage, out!
  10. That's not very nice. I didn't know that it said something different if played in reverse, so not old to me. I think it's cool! Thanks, and don't mind the trolls too they love your replies.
  11. LOL that's what I posted above yours a few moments ago. But I wonder if this was purposeful or pure coincidence that they included this supposed Easter Egg.
  12. I agree, since this also refers to "Coming Home", the hidden radios, and possibly Apollo 18, heh. (If you didn't get that joke watch the full trailer for Apollo 18 the movie.)
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